5 Bank, Wand and Mind

Time was relentless and the months passed in an instant, soon the long awaited day arrived.

Adam was on the sofa in the main living room of the mansion, in his hands he held a letter with a large H.

George, who had just delivered the letter that arrived this morning, was surprised to see Adam's condition.

Adam trembled slightly with excitement as he held the letter, as a fan of the Harry Potter books and films, it was impossible for him not to be moved by this moment, after all, what young person has never dreamed of receiving such a letter?

' I don't even need to read it to know what the letter asks' he laughed when he realized that he knew practically all the content by heart.

Adam opened the letter and just ran his eyes over the text to confirm that there was nothing unusual.

When he finished reading, he opened a smile and asked Grini for an envelope, paper and a quill.

After the house-elf brought what was asked of him, Adam quickly wrote his reply, expressing his happiness, and confirming his choice to attend Hogwarts.

Then he asked the family owl to send the answer to the school.

George laughed seeing such excitement: ''So when do you want to go to Diagon Alley?''

''Tomorrow'' Adam replied without much thought

George and Adam arrived at Diagon Alley the next morning.

Adam was excited, this wasn't the first time he had come to Diagon Alley, last month he took a week off and did another walk alone where he explored some of the shops in the alley.

He mostly spent his time visiting candy stores and the book store, as well as buying some herbs and potion ingredients.

His excitement this time, was why he would finally buy his wand, yes he could use wandless magic, but he still couldn't help but feel excited.

''Let's buy your wand later, let's go to the bank first'' said George

Adam nodded and followed close behind, surveying the large white building.

''Gringotts Bank,'' he muttered.

The old butler took Adam to the bank where he introduced him to the Davies' Gringotts account manager, Varp.

Varp was a long-nosed Goblin, as greedy as one of his kind could be.

The Davies family account at Gringotts was as old as those of the most prestigious families present in sacred twenty-eight. And although the family has always kept a low profile and many common wizards are unaware of its greatness and fortune, the Goblins knew well how great the family's wealth was.

Thus, Adam witnessed a funny scene, when he saw Varp being so courteous to him and George, even though the Wizard and Goblin relationship was not the best, the goblin and money relationship was enough to change the old goblin's attitude.

''I hope your experience with the bank is the best it can be, young sir,'' Varp said, smiling happily at the thought that the Davies family vault was finally being used again.

Since the Davies family left England a decade ago, the vault has been closed.

Of course the Goblins weren't unhappy that no money was coming out of the vault, but rather sad that nothing very valuable was going in, he clearly remembered that this family had a lot of valuable and ancient objects, with no movement in the vault he didn't get the chance to see more these items closely.

With that in mind he asked the young winzard.'' Young Mr. Davies, would you like to visit the vault?''

'visit the vault? I think it would be a good idea to check it out' Adam thought.

''Okay,'' He said confirming.

Seeing the positive response, the Goblin smiled and said leading the way: ''so let's go''

Adam followed, but stopped when he saw that George looked hesitant.

''What's the matter, Uncle George?'' asked

The old butler shook his head as he replied, his voice missing: ''Young master, you can go alone, I'll buy the rest of the items on the list and wait for you at the wand shop.

Adam raised an eyebrow, studying the old man.

'Why does it look like he doesn't want to go to the vault? ' Adam asked, but did not find the answer.

Shrugging he agreed.'' Alright, I'll meet you at Olivanders. ''

Following the goblin, Adam followed the long cart tracks.

The cart was so fast that Adam could barely see the vaults they were passing, all he knew was that they were going deeper and deeper.

Adam's mind was awestruck and in shock as they passed the thief's fall, and proceeded to the family vault, where an old white and yellow bone dragon kept it on a chain.

'Now I understand why George didn't want to come… that's too much, if every time I need to get money I have to go through this, I would be the first not to want to come'

Varp was pleased to see the wizard's expression, but when he was about to make a comment, he realized to his surprise that Adam had already returned to his calm expression.

' what kind of self-control does he have? Or would it be ignorance? '

Without thinking too much about it, the Goblin took Adam to the vault past the dragon with a special method.

After the vault was opened, Adam was frozen in place.

''Rich, I'm very rich'' He murmured in a trance.

Forget the pile of Galleons he had in the Potters' vault, the scene in front of him was even more incredible than the one he had seen in the movies, in the Lestrange vault scene.

In the center was a colossal mountain of Galleons, Adam felt like Scrooge McDuck, and if he wasn't sure he was going to break a few ribs he would jump on the mound of gold.

There wasn't just the mountain of coins, items of various shapes and sizes made in gold and other precious metals.

In addition to some mysterious objects, which were on a shelf in a corner of the vault, which caught Adam's attention.

'I feel a strong trace of magic'

He studied the bookcase before realizing the Goblin beside him was doing the same thing.

Adam saw greed in the Goblin's eyes.

''Do you know what that is? '' Asked Adam approaching

The goblin quickly shifted his gaze, and answered after a moment.

''I couldn't say all of them, but some, like that dagger and the ring, are items made by us Goblins. '' His voice held a slight trace of anger, which though well hidden Adam could hear, but didn't care.

A slight smile formed on Adam's face upon hearing this.

' In the future, when I come for the HufflePuff cup, I already know 'what to try for a bargain'

He knew the greed of Goblins, especially for items made by another of their kind.

But that was something for the future, Adam knew he was still too weak, and he wasn't going to seek to make such a risky move now.

Adam didn't take long in the safe, after returning to the surface he filed the paperwork to open a safe in his personal name, after which he transferred a large amount of Galleons and left the bank.

' In the future I will need some money for personal projects, it would be terrible to have to go to the main vault every time.'

Adam felt that doing so would be more practical, so he decided to open a personal safe. George had already made it clear that even underage Adam represented the family's will, so he had no difficulty opening a safe and transferring some coins.

''Time to buy a wand'' he smiled and walked towards the famous wand shop Ollivanders.

In front of the store, George was patiently waiting when he saw Adam approaching.

''How was the vault trip?'' he asked with a cheeky smile.

Adam rolled his eyes and took the opportunity to make a joke; ''Exciting I would say. The dragon broke its chains and I had to fight the creature valiantly.''

George smiled ''since you're here it looks like you won'' he said joining in the joke.

Adam puffed out his chest proudly and declared ''Of course, I didn't even break a sweat''

Adam and George stared at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing.

Those who saw this scene could never tell that this was an elite pure-blood family.

''Enough of the brat jokes. Let's go buy your wand,'' George said, straightening his suit.

Like a small gentleman, Adam also fixed his suit.

They both entered the shop, and a bell sound announced their arrival.

The moment Adam stepped into the store, a startling scene unfolded.

Old Ollivander opened his mouth to welcome the customers, but before he could speak his eyes widened at the events.

In the silent shop, the sound of boxes shaking sounded at the same time.

All the wandboxes shook in response to the young wizard's arrival, it only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to shock the three wizards present.

George was shocked by the scene and Adam was no different.

'Fuck, am I that badass? ' He was sure the wands reacted to his arrival.

But what bothered him the most was that look coming from Old Ollivander, those big blue eyes that looked at him with interest and curiosity, as if he saw something abnormal.

''Fascinating, shall I say, sir?'' said the old man approaching Adam, until he was a little more than a meter away, facing him.

Adam didn't back down.

''Davies, Adam Davies'' Said introducing himself.

''Mr. Davies..'' Murmured the old man.

'Very good Mr. Davies. What's your dominant hand?" he asked, following standard procedure, but his eyes always scrutinized Adam.

''On the right''

Soon Adam had all his measurements removed.

After measuring everything, Ollivander left and returned with a brown box.

''Ash tree with a unicorn core. let's test it'' he said opening the box.

Adam took the wand under the watchful eyes of the two wizards, but nothing happened.

'I can feel something, but it's like it's not right' he thought

In the next few minutes Adam tried out a few more wands, but they weren't all right.

What Adam found funny was that Ollivander didn't seem bored with the process, but more and more interested.

Soon the old man brought out another wand.

The wand was long and dark, with some patterns carved into its length.

The moment Adam held the wand a white light shone from the tip of the wand illuminating the entire store.

'This feels good, this feeling' he thought, from the moment he held the wand he knew it was the right one, he could feel it, like a connection.

George had a satisfied expression, after so many years of seeing the wonders created by Adam, he expected no less from the moment where Wizard and wand came together.

Ollivander was even more smiling.

''Excellent'' said ''An interesting combination Mr Davies.''

Adam couldn't resist and asked '' Sorry sir, but what's interesting? ''

The old man took the wand back and said watching.

''Acacia and phoenix core, 32cm. Acacia is a fastidious wood and tends not to suit incapable wizards, the phoenix feather in turn comes from a proud and loyal magical animal, it is said that wands with this core can act on their own.''

The old man continued. ''Remember Mr Davies, no two wands are alike, and yours is a surprising combination. Be proud, from the Lord I expect nothing less than the extraordinary''

''Thanks'' replied Adam, while a doubt passed in his mind

'Does he give a similar speech to every customer? '

After paying seven Galleons for the wand, the pair left the shop and Diagon Alley.

Back at Davies Manor, Adam spent the next few days practicing some wand spells.

Again a tree on the property fell victim to his attacks. The only difference was that now, unlike six years ago, the tree could barely stand.

''With the wand my focus is much more accurate, plus the magic waste seems less too,'' muttered Adam analyzing the differences between wandless and wandless magic.

After a week of testing Adam came to certain thoughts.

'' Because the wand's ease of using magic, the wear and tear on the body, mind and magical power is less, it seems useful when used by young people, whose control is poor. As long as you pronounce the words correctly and wave the wand correctly, the magic happens."

Adam has gone over this entire thought of his several times since he bought the wand. After trying both, it became even clearer to him that wand use was a notch below wandless magic, of course the requirement was that the wizard mastered such practice, if he didn't, his spells would be nothing more than small. tricks.

There was no harm in using the wand, but depending on it was.

If someone listened to this explanation, they would conclude that wand use was right and ideal for wizards, but Adam had a different idea, something only possible because he had already experimented with wandless magic.

When the requirements of a spell are met, the rest of the process happens in a predefined way, for example; when using the incendium spell, if cast with the wand, the flames would be standardized, based on the wizard's power, of course more skilled wizards could use more power, but there seemed to be a limit.

A wizard, no matter how strong, could not expend all of his magical power to raise a single incendium spell to a level that could burn a city to the ground.

But when the same magic was used without gestures or singing, using more imagination and will, this limit was extended to a new level, thus being able to deposit more of his magic, even in a simpler magic.

But it still couldn't reach the level, which Adam mentioned before, of using all the magic power in a single spell, but it was already a breakthrough.

Of course, he understood that if a spell like Fiendfyre was cast, the consumption of magic power would reach gigantic levels. The point Adam had in mind was, if it was possible, to expend the same amount of magic power as a Fiendfyre, to cast a simple incendium, thus increasing its power exponentially.

Adam still hadn't gotten the answer on how to reach that level. Or even if it was


''One day I will reach that highest level of magic,'' Adam said with conviction.

There was less than a month left for the start of classes, at that time Adam decided to focus more on his occlumency training, which he often neglected, largely because he believed that being a natural gave him that freedom.

Adam was walking down a Muggle street, an ice cream cone in his right hand, he looked like an ordinary young man.

He walked until he reached a bench under a tree in a park, where he sat and enjoyed his ice cream.

''When classes start I might have to keep Dumbledore and Snape out of my mind'' He remembered two great legilimens he would meet at Hogwarts ''it would be good to have an acceptable level of defense, that gives me at least time to react''

Adam knew that if both wizards wanted to get inside his mind, there was little he could do right now, so he was just thinking of creating barriers to let him at least know when he was the target of legilimency.

'It already has some barriers, but I doubt they can hold Dumbledore for more than a few seconds' He thought, deciding to increase his defenses he knew he would need to increase his mental form.

Mental strength was linked to how strong he could create these barriers.

So Adam developed a simple mind training based on endurance and focus.

So, during the next few weeks pre-Hogwarts, Adam enjoyed going to a Muggle establishment, he would look for a bench in the park, a coffee shop or just walk the streets.

He just stood in those places and let his legilimency travel through nearby minds. Knowing their thoughts, many of which never left their minds, to come true.

The mind is a fascinating thing, every person has dark and dark thoughts, which are well kept from the rest of the world, right there in their minds.

Women unhappy with their husbands, the employee who hated his boss, unhappy couples, betrayal and sometimes the desire to commit crimes.

Adam focused his eyes on a young couple of friends on the street, the young man, was all the time thinking if he should tell the girl his feelings, but he didn't, because he was afraid of losing what he already had.

Adam laughed, because what the young man didn't know was that the girl's feelings were mutual.

Sometimes Adam ended up in the mind of another wizard, which was very easy for him to do, after all most wizards didn't have a minimum of mental defenses, especially the young and ordinary ones.

Adam did this as training, but reading so many minds at once was exhausting, he got headaches and felt like he was going to go crazy with so many voices.

In those moments, he would pick a person on the street and try to focus only on his voice, he would focus on that voice and try to block out all the others.

After two weeks of training Adam knew the training was very effective.

''In addition to helping me close my mind and improve my legilimency, my focus and mental strength have increased a lot'' He murmured happily, realizing that he could now go even further in the range of reading minds.

Furthermore, he now had better control over his own mind, thus being able to better hide his important memories.

Adam was sure that even Dumbledore couldn't reach those memories in such a short amount of time.

But his biggest gain was something he discovered by chance during training.

''A large part of my power when using magic comes from the fact that I use my feelings as fuel, who knew I could use the feelings of others to reinforce mine'' He remembered happily when thinking about something he discovered while reading people's thoughts.

While in people's minds, Adam could feel the feelings they had at the moment, and if he went deeper into their minds, he could feel feelings that were hidden.

Those feelings reached out to him, their passionate hearts, their ambitions, their meanness, their rage hate and fear.

Adam focused on feeling them, understanding them, absorbing them and storing them in his mind, reinforcing his own feelings.

It was a useful method, but addictive and troublesome.

When immersed in the minds of others, feeling their deepest feelings, Adam felt powerful, he knew that a whisper from him was enough for the person to follow his desires, believing that it was his own idea, his own will.

If Adam didn't have strong willpower and his occlumency reached a stable level, he would have already fallen into this sensation, becoming hostage to his own feelings.

Or made the others hostage to his will.

Adam looked at the sun that was setting over the horizon, marking the arrival of night. That night was special, not just for Adam, but for all the eleven-year-old wizards, who suffered from anticipation of September 1st.

''So tomorrow is finally the day.'' He murmured, standing there watching the sunset, until darkness came.

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