552 Time Lord Technology

Edward did not leave the universe and hid somewhere to analyze the data he had just acquired. With Morgana's help, he swiftly categorized things and focused on the more important information they had.

Edward began with the course Cosmic Science and Higher Dimensional Physique, one of the main cores that all Gallifrey who wish to become Time Lords must pass.

With this course, Edward was able to see the evolution of the Time Lords' understanding of the universe and time from their infancy until the peak of their powers,

"Hew, that was a lot," muttered Edward as he finished.

"Hehe," chuckled Morgana.

"What is it?"

"Although you never admitted it, a part of you always believed magic was superior to science and technology. Now, can you say the same?"

Edward smiled in embarrassment as he knew she was right. The Time Lords have truly pushed the boundaries of science and technology. A perfect example of their accomplishment is the Dematerialization Gun–a weapon that can erase people from time, making them feel as if they had never existed in the first place. He could only do such a feat after controlling Time Rules.

Furthermore, the Dematerialization Gun was not the only method the Time Lords created to manipulate reality and erase a person from time.

"Once we finished analyzing this universe's data, science and technology in the Empire will almost catch up to magic," commented Edward.

"That is true,' nodded the little elf before continuing their work. Their next focus was on the Tardis and its engineering marvels of using time energy. Edward learned many things in the process, even making great strides in understanding and applying Time Rules.

As soon as he finished, he began to work on Project OMN Gate, or his attempt to create a gate or portal that connected two universes scattered in the Void. Edward's path will not follow the Magus and leave the Astral Universe for the Void.

Instead, he will open portals to other universes while keeping his original one as the main base. As such, he needs high-level technology that can bypass the danger of the void.

This project was nothing but words on paper for many years with little to no development. That changed after Edward got his hands on Rick Sanchez's portal gun, and he made great strides. His idea is to create a portal liquid that combines Rick's technology with Void Energy, allowing him to navigate the infinite void like it was his back garden.

After studying the development of Tardis's technology from the earliest prototype to the nearest novel, he had new ideas to try. The Void Portal Liquid he will create might function similarly to the Time Vortex by creating a unique Time Tunnel or Void Tunnel between two universes.

"This could work," said Morgana as she looked at the new development of this project. "But it's not enough."

"Yes, but it's good as long as we make improvements." Edward was confident he might succeed after this Time Tour he was going on.

"What's next?"

"The Time Lord's biology," explained Morgana before showing him a blueprint, and Edward's eyes soon focused on them.

"They are truly the definition of a Time Race," said Edward excitedly. The Time Lords can look into the past, present, and future through the time energy weaved into their DNA and every cell in their bodies.

They have a terrifying immunity to Time Stop and any temporal-related anomalies. More importantly, they can change fixed points in time, making them acausality.

Not to mention their ability to regenerate as a way to heal, granting each Time Lord 12 lives.

"These Time Lords are true Time Lords," commented Morgana, and Edward understood what she meant. Time Lords can alter a timeline instead of creating a new one in their universe. All the time lords in this universe have this ability.

"If my guess is correct, these Time Lords are immune to the rules of the Time Guardian," commented Edward with envy.

"There is no need for envy; we have their Life Code so that we can copy."

"True. Add them to the Ultimate Magic Body," nodded Edward with excitement. Once he creates a perfect way to break the Soul Limit, he can condense his Ultimate Magic Body, thus acquiring one of the best magical talents in the Omniverse.

"Okay, but we have to deal with the issue of regeneration."

The flaw in the Time Lord's regeneration is that they will acquire a new face and new personality.

"The regeneration process changed their DNA slightly while also altering the chemicals in their brain, hence the change in appearance and personality. We should have absolute control over our bodies so the problem won't be an issue. However, there is the possibility that the process affects the soul."

Edward did not think the Gallifreyan could not deal with such a simple issue. This universe's law of physiques does not deal with the soul but the brain. However, he was different and needed to prepare for this eventuality.

"Let's run some tests," said Edward, and they immediately experimented. The result was similar to the Time Lords in the universe. The clones did not change appearance because of the mana and [Aura] inside their bodies.

"Their soul changed, which led to a change in personality," commented Edward. "Even their Mana Imprint changed. What's the reason?" He had experimented on the relationship between time and the soul, and such an anomaly should not appear.

"Time is living," suddenly said Morgana.

"Are you saying time in this universe is a living creature?"

"Not exactly, but more along the line, it has a slight consciousness. So, during the regeneration, the consciousness will affect organic matters, including the soul."

"Do we have time energy from our universe?"

"Yes, but they should have been corrupted by the laws of this place."

"Try it and see."

The experiment proceeded, and the result was the same. However, Morgana was proven to be true.

Edward grunted as this experience was a lesson to learn. In the future, they would not allow everything they brought to a new world to adapt so that they could do experiments like this.

"Let's wait until we leave to continue this experiment."

"Okay. So, what's next?"

"There are still a few things to do," Edward commented before proceeding to the next step. They stole Darlek's technology, which was on par with Time Lords. If the Gallifreyan's technology was based on space and time, the Darlek's tech was based purely on destruction—including the eradication of space and time.

He stole from the cybermen, who were the pinnacle of robotics and cybernetic technology. He took a sample of the creature known as the Silence, who had a natural talent for memory wiping and hypnosis.

Finally, Edward made a great effort to capture Weeping Angels, one of the scariest races in this universe. One touch by these statues-looking creatures will send you back in time while feeding on the time energy of the life you could have lived.

He was interested in their ability called Quantum-Locking, which turned them into statues as long as someone looked at them. He believed if he could harness this ability, it would be perfect for his Assassin Squad.

Imagine a group of assassins that were invisible as long as you looked at them. Although it sounded like a normal invisible spell, it was more. In the magical world, there were many ways to "look" at someone —including through fate. This ability would work on all of them.

Once that was done, Edward hopped in his city and proceeded to his next destination.

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