23 First Day of Class

The next day, Edward got ready and went to his first class. He was teaching 3rd year first, while he had another class in the afternoon and the rest of them were scattered throughout the week.

After entering the class, Edward saw all his students were already there waiting for him.

"Good morning, class."

"Good morning, Professor," replied all the students in the class in unison.

Edward then took out his wand, and with a wave of it, the pile of books on his desk floated from their places and each student had one book flying to them. The books were called:

"Introduction to Alchemy, written by Edward Bones."

After each student had a book of their own, Edward started to introduce the study of Alchemy:

"Alchemy is composed of two categories: the first one is the study of the four elements and their composition, the study of the transmutation of metals into gold, and the search of a panacea rumor to be able to cure any malady.

"The second category is the study of the invention of magic items. This class will only focus on the second category as only some of the most powerful Alchemists can study the first category, not to mention the number of resources needed to do so.

"Professor, can you turn metals into gold? After all, you are a Grand Alchemist," suddenly asked one student, who did not raise his hand.

Edward looked over at the person who asked the question and saw that it was two of them.

"You guys must be the Weasley Twins!"

"Have you heard of us?" asked both Fred and George at the same time.

"Of course," replied Edward. "Professor McGonagall did warn me about you two's antics. Additionally, I knew your brother Bill when I was in school. Although I was two years older than him, we often talked and he mentioned some of the things you guys have done back home."

"Fred, it seems that our legendary escapades are known far and wide," proclaimed one of the twins while looking at the other.

"That's true, George. Even the famous Edward Bones knows about them."

"Okay, you two need to calm down so that I can continue with the class."

"But Professor, you have not answered the question," said another student. But this time, it was one from Ravenclaw.

"I will answer the question, however, from now on, if anyone has a question or wishes to say something, please raise your hand first."

All the students quieted down and began to listen. After organizing his words, Edward continue:

"Yes, I have managed to turn all kinds of metals into gold. Unfortunately, this change has never been permanent. It can only last for up to 6 months. According to my knowledge, there is only one Alchemist alive that is capable of doing a permanent change of matter."

"Yes, Mr. Davies, any question?"

"Is that Alchemist Professor Dumbledore?" asked Roger Davies from Ravenclaw.

"No, it is not the headmaster. And if any of you are curious, go find the answer in the library. Now, let us get back to class."

"To make any magic items, you first need to understand all the different materials and how conductive they are, and how to process them. However, this aspect of Alchemy is pure memorization, and we will deal with the procession another day.

"Today, I will guide you to the creation of your first Alchemical Item."

With a wave of Edward's hand, two things appeared in front of each student. One of them was a circular plate, while the other resembled a quill-like object.

"Who among you knows the Protego Charm, raise your hand?"

Only three people in the entire class raised their hands: the Weasley Twins and Cedric Diggory.

"I completely forgot that under Minister Fudge's rule, the education at Hogwarts has been quite subpar recently. Well, you guys should know the Levitation Charms, right? If I remember correctly, that is the first spell that you learn in the first year."

All the students nodded their heads.

"Okay, what I need all of you to do is to take your Enchanting Quills, and write the incantations for the Levitation Charm--Wingardium Leviosa--on the circular piece of metal. Remember, when you are writing these words, do not forget to remember the feeling you have when you use the spell."

After saying these words, Edward did a demonstration to the students; he engraved the word [Wingardium Leviosa] on the metal. Following this, the metal plate started to levitate on its own.

The students became excited and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, they soon realize that things were more difficult than they imagined.

For once, the enchanting quill did not always write the words that they wanted it to. They had to concentrate deeply before it could function properly. Secondly, if the magic power was interrupted during the process of writing, then all the previously written words would be wiped away.

Not to mention that the students have to deal with certain resistance from the metal plate itself.

As such, Edward walked around the classroom, giving pointers and pointing out the mistakes the students made. However, despite the many failures, they seemed to be having fun.

By the end of class, many of the students managed to finish their engravings, thus making their metals plate levitate from the ground. Of course, the majority of them only levitated a few centimeters, while the best of them could only levitate a few inches.

After class, Edward did not give them parchment papers for homework, but gave them the metal plate and enchanting quill and asked them to practice on their own. Furthermore, he also asked them to learn the Protego Charm as this would be their next practice.

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