Harry Potter and the White Death Eater

Life does not usually lead people to the desired path even when the efforts are immense. After a death full of pain our character is reborn in a world of magic and fantasy but unfortunately he is in the worst place of all, he belongs to a family of Death Eaters.

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Chapter 33: "Saving the day".

"Don't be silly" William could hear the horrible and chilling voice, he opened the door slowly and extended his wand to the front looking for the right moment to act. Inside the room stood Harry in fear and in front of him stood Quirrell without his turban leaving Voldemort's hideous face in full view.

"You had better save your own life and join me.... or you will meet the same end as your parents... they died begging for mercy..." said Voldemort in his chilling voice that made William's body tremble.

"Bullshit!" exclaimed Harry out of nowhere causing Quirrell to flinch.

"How touching" mumbled Voldemort "always consider bravery? Yes my boy, your parents were brave.... I killed your father first and he fought bravely.... But your mother didn't need to die... She was trying to protect you... Now give me that stone, unless you want her to die in vain."

"Never!" exclaimed Harry backing up a few steps.

"Get him!" commanded Voldemort causing Quirrell to pounce on Harry.

"Come here Potter!" exclaimed Quirrell as Harry closed his eyes in fear but before they could touch Quirrell was hit by an enchantment pushing him backwards "Who's there!" exclaimed the cowardly old professor

William stepped out from the shadows with his wand extended "stay away from Potter, Quirrell" William's tone was cold and serious, but his mere presence made everyone startled.

"William!" exclaimed Harry, he didn't understand why William was there but now he could only be thankful in his mind.

"Rosier, I really didn't expect you to show up in this place, I guess you also come for the philosopher's stone" mentioned Quirrell with a smile on his face "but you don't need to look for it anymore, Potter has it in his pocket and Voldemort is here, you can help him in his resurrection just like your father would have wanted"

"true" nodded William making Harry's whole body tremble as their gazes met.

"I have to talk to him" Voldemort's cold voice gave an order and Quirrell could only obey by turning around "A Rosier" whispered from the face of the greatest dark wizard of all at present "William Rosier I suppose... your use of magic is truly splendid just like your father in the past. No, your talent is better than your father's.... Evan I remember was one of my greatest servants, he chose to fight to the death rather than be captured as far as I knew, his courage was as great as the Potter parents.... Now you can honor his memory, bring the stone before me, help me bring it back to life as it should and I assure you that you will be powerful enough to reign as my servant, you will take your father's place and be my disciple."

William lifted both shoulders with a normal expression "sure, I really wouldn't mind being a disciple of a great wizard, if only you had said that I would have accepted it but"


"But talking nice things about my father and thinking I'm like the rest of the Rosier's was a bad argument, I'm not like the rest of my family. I am unique among all wizards."

As soon as William was saying his words Quirrell extended his wand and opened his mouth "Avada Keda-!" Quirrell was ready to send the killing curse and end William's life, he himself considered himself loyal to Voldemort as his master and listening to a child insult him was a sin but he didn't count on one small detail.

Before he could finish his curse from the tip of William's wand flew the flipendo charm.

"How?" asked Quirrell, getting up after being thrown a few feet away.

"simple" smiled William with satisfaction, seeing Quirrell and Voldemort on the ground gave him a strange feeling of pleasure "my wand has a thunderbird feather, it protects me in the face of danger and the rest you should already know."

"Yes..." complained Quirrell "he can send spells to save his master, but he shouldn't be able to select the right spell, for that he must have awareness of his surroundings."

"It's a dual core wand" William extended his wand again "both cores are simple or not so practical but joined together they are invincible. Thunderbird feather and a Fairy core."

"certainly not normal, a Fairy isn't useful for anything besides decoration."

"But in this case it saved my life."

Quirrell stood up again as if floating "but you'll need a lot more than a two core wand to stop me"

William craned his neck "I estimated it would be this way so prepare some counter measures" William's wand glowed red and purple "Potter take the stone, warn Snape, bring reinforcements, I'll buy time"


"Run!" William's shout brought back Harry who gave a loud gulp and ran out of the room leaving the white-haired man and the professor behind.

"The stone!" exclaimed Voldemort causing Quirrell to go on the attack but William stepped in the way throwing flipendo at the enemy.

"Your enemy is me" said William confidently "you can bet I'll be a tough nut to crack, you won't have time to resurrect before Dumbledore arrives."

Voldemort let out a roar full of anger and Quirrell quickly began the siege against William, the attacks between the two were cross but William was losing ground with every passing second, Quirrell's experience, spells and power were superior to what a first year student could learn but William was calm he just had to hold on longer, until Dumbledore returns to the castle.

A couple of minutes later it was William who was hiding behind a pillar, his breathing was ragged, the magic circulating in his body was minimal.

"William, you little traitor" Quirrell called angrily, following Harry was impossible. Every time they tried to leave the room William would attack from some point, his own mission was to prevent them from following Harry.

"FLIPENDO!" exclaimed William as Quirrell was about to leave the room but Quirrell easily shielded himself and returned a curse that ended up disarming William sending him far to the ground.

Quirrell floated over to where William's body rested on the floor "Rosier you were brave I admit, braver than your father and grandfather but weaker than either of them...I admire your initiative and so I will use you as my new host."

"I still... I can fight" William raised his upper body to a sitting position "I can take you out with ease"

"Yes?" asked Voldemort "I would like to see you how you are going to do it"

William was calm, he kept his smile full of confidence taking in his hand a small bag "with this" from the bag came out the big snout and the sharp teeth.

Quirrell took a step back but it was too late, Norberta's fangs were already in the professor's abdomen "Ahhh!" shouted Quirrell struggling to get free raising his arm to invoke a curse.

From the other bag came out the little Griffin who was still not flying, Pruna simply ran and leapt to rip Quirrell's hand off.

It was impossible for Quirrell to fight Norberta in such a small place, Pruna on the other hand was close to William spreading her wings to protect her master.

"ROSIER!" exclaimed Quirrell fighting for his life but it was impossible against the dragoness, seeing that he was now safe William closed his eyes and dropped to the ground.