13 Chapter 13: Notice and classes

William held his broom tightly but ignored the insults, Harry didn't hold back he wasn't William and he didn't have a lifetime of experience, Harry was hot blooded and easy to provoke, he quickly got on his broom and floated into the sky even when his teammates tried to stop him.

With Harry in the sky there was no need for William to go up, he himself had no interest in trouble and it was in the original story for Harry to get on that broom, he had to become the seeker of the Gryffindor house quidditch team.

Some noticed how William was walking away silently with the broom on his shoulder but didn't give it a thought after all the focus right now was on Harry and Draco's battle.

The flying lesson had finally ended with Harry Potter joining the Quidditch team as a seeker on Professor McGonagall's recommendation, William's existence had gone unnoticed again or so the reincarnated young man thought.

The passage through the common room was quick, he only went for his book as usual and no one paid attention to him, the next class was charms.

In the hallway before entering the classroom he met Draco and his followers, the four people stared in question until Draco laughed sarcastically "You are a pureblood and heir to the Rosier house my father told me so. Not only are you not part of Slytherin but you are also in Gryffindor house just like the Weasley traitors, the hat said it was because of your courage but I know that's not true, you don't have a shred of courage, you're just the usual cowardly Rosier"

"Another blood traitor like all the Weasley's, your family must be ashamed, I will write to my father to tell me what your grandfather's reaction is, I will tell you all about it in the great dining room, look forward to it Rosier" Draco entered the room laughing but William himself said nothing just stood there with a carefree smile on his face, he did not care in the least about the comments of a boy like Draco.

William entered the class selecting a seat at random and his luck was such that Ron was next to him, the class was delivered by Professor Filius Flitwick an expert in magical battles, a wizard of half-blood with goblin ancestry.

As the class began Professor Flitwick introduced himself in front of everyone, he quickly did a review of the course and the regular class began, the incantation to begin would be Wingardium Leviosa the levitatory spell, a simple incantation in the eyes of many.

William looked through the books on the table to learn a little more about the spell, the history, the use of the spell, the imitations, flaws, what it actually affects, intonation and wand movements. William himself hadn't realized that the class was already in progress when he was in his book and if it wasn't for Ron's complaints he hadn't noticed the demonstration made by Professor Flitwick.

"Don't forget the exercise we practiced, remember to flip and flick" said the little professor waving his wand "ah and remember to say the words Wingardium Leviosa."

They all nodded at the professor's words and focused their attention on the feathers on their tables, William set to work concentrating only on what he was doing and eliminating all outside noise from his mind, a biological skill gained during his first life in an attempt to study amidst the sound of the big cities.

William extended his wand to the front when he saw in front of him two marks he had never seen before, they were segmented lines like the ones he had in calligraphy when he was a kid, like in video game tutorials.

Startled William looked all around but it seemed that no one else saw it, not that he wanted to interrupt so he just followed the lines with his wand which were ideal for the incantation.

"Wingardium Leviosa" said William in a muffled tone of voice, the feather in front of him started to levitate slowly surprising not only William but everyone in the surroundings.

"Look everyone Mr. Rosier did it, very well done Mr. Rosier" exclaimed Professor Flitwick excitedly but William did not pay attention to the professor but to what was happening in front of his eyes.

Words were not enough to explain what he saw in his eyes, he was finally understanding what was in front of him, he had seen it many times before in his video games when he had leisure time.

[Incantation Wingardium Leviosa 30% mastery]

[Host is suggested to read more books regarding Wingardium Leviosa].

His eyes didn't fail him, he could see it, an advertisement for a system, he had no one to explain what was going on but he really didn't need to now, he could intuit why other people couldn't see what he saw. The mind's eye was an example and even when he had doubts he was more excited about what was in front of him.

The class was still around him, everyone was trying to do the same, many did not succeed but William did not care now he had another goal, his destination was the library, he had to experiment more with what he had in front of his eyes.

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