366 The Snallygaster

Chris stared at the flawless golden scabbard holding the diamond-encrusted golden hilt of Rosaline's personal Dagger. Chris recognized it instantly, it was the same dagger Rosaline fought with when they were dueling.

"Princess Rosaline, I—" Chris was speechless.

"I hope you are not planning to refuse, Lady Christina. It will be a great insult if you refuse my request and the dagger," Rosaline said with a smile, showing that she wasn't serious about the insult thing.

However, Chris didn't refuse. She wasn't going to, she was just surprised.

"Thank you," Chris took the dagger and felt the warm buzzing energy and magic under her fingertips. It was truly fused with Rosaline's power and considering how powerful she was, Chris knew the dagger will help her.

"Good luck, Lady Christina. I will be waiting for your return," Rosaline patted on Chris's arm and with a respectful nod, she strode out of the room. 

For a moment, Chris stood in the middle of her room, then she hooked the dagger on her belt and checked herself on the mirror last time. With the Sword, Dagger, and Wand she looked like a warrior. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew she was ready. Everyone believed in her. She just needed to believe in herself. Whatever was at the Southeast fort, she will discover it, no matter how many obstacles were there.

She was going to get answers tonight. 

Chris pulled out the talisman she left with her friends before leaving Hogwarts. She wore the talisman and it dangled on her chest. 

"Ginny, Luna, Colin, meet me at the South Gate of the Castle."

Eight horses were waiting at the South Gate of the Vampire Castle when Chris reached there. The coolness of the night washed over her and the clear sky allowed the full moon to give enough light. Oziyat, Gweneth, and two more Vampire guards were already there. Oziyat didn't want to take many people in this task, considering he couldn't disclose much of the secrets to them, but Gweneth insisted that she will accompany him with two more trusted guards.

"Good evening, Christina," Oziyat smiled seeing Chris. "You look remarkable."

Looking at Oziyat's smile, Chris remembered what Rosaline said. For a moment, she thought of talking to Oziyat and plainly explaining, that she didn't see him as more than a friend, but then she changed her mind. Everyone needed to be focused, right now. This was not the time. 

"Yeah, you do," Colin said behind Chris.

"Thanks," Chris smiled at her friends. "You all look nice too."

Colin and Luna were also looking great. Colin wore a white shirt and black pants, while Luna wore a pale yellow knee-length dress, both made of the same enchanted material.

"If we are done gawking at everyone's dress then we should leave," Gweneth said loudly as she mounted a horse.

Oziyat glared at Gweneth but she ignored him.

"What's up with her?" Ginny said through her talisman.

Chris shrugged at her and climbed on a black horse. After they all had mounted their horses, Gweneth led them out of the castle walls.

"Don't mind her," Oziyat said steering his horse beside Chris. "She is just on the edge with everything."

"Did you tell her everything?" Chris asked.

"I can not, even if I want to," Oziyat sighed. "It a closely guarded secret among the monarchs for a reason. I hoped she would understand but she is really mad at me."

"But she still came," Ginny said riding beside them.

"Yeah, no matter what, she is loyal. She always has been my friend. I knew she would join me," Oziyat explained.

They increased their riding speed as the forest started to get thicker and the light got blocked by the big trees. The cold wind swatted on their faces and Chris felt her heartbeat increase. Though her memory was foggy of that night, she knew they were getting closer to the fort. And then they were there.

The fort didn't look much different than the last time but Chris knew this time it was different. This time she wasn't alone and distracted. 

No one will die today.

"It's going to be hard to fight the Snallygaster in this bare minimum light," said Ginny as they started to dismount the horses.

"We will manage," Colin reassured.

"How about this?" Oziyat smiled at Ginny, holding out his palm, and a big bright fire orb danced above his fingers.

"Still —" Ginny was about to complain but stopped.

Following Oziyat's lead, Gweneth and the other two guardians also made fire orbs and their surroundings significantly got brighter.

"Better," Ginny mumbled.

"Okay, let's go," Chris said stepping forward. She held her wand tightly and her posture was tense.

"Christina," Oziyat rested his hand on Chris's shoulder. "We are with you. It's going to be fine."

Chris looked at him and her friends, who all held her gaze looking determined. Chris let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She gave a firm nod and walked towards the half-collapsed fort.

The inside of the fort looked a little brighter than the last time, as Chris marched inside. The moonlight illuminated the place mixed with the fire orbs. But the dark oppressive feeling was there just like the last time. So much so that as soon as they stepped in, it dimmed the fire orbs in the Vampires' hands. And even though Chris could feel the magic enchantment working through her clothes, the oily darkness coiled around her, trapping her magic. The vampires looked shocked at their dimmed light orbs.

"Wizard Magic," muttered Gweneth.

Hearing her Chris looked at Oziyat surprised, who nodded looking equally shocked.

"But how—" Chris began but Luna spoke,

"Can we discuss that later? Because I think the Snallygaster has found us."

Everyone followed Luna's gaze and saw the black Snallygaster was about to strike.

"Shit!" Ginny exclaimed loudly as Colin and Luna created a big shield around them and the Snallygaster's claws grazed the shield.

"Don't slow down. We can overwhelm it if we attack without stopping," Oziyat announced and the fight began.

Chris and Ginny fired all kinds of blasting spells they could remember, while Colin and Luna tried to control the large tail of the beast, which was thrashing violently, and the two Guardians were trying to attack its wings. But Oziyat and Gweneth — Chris never saw Oziyat fight but she didn't guess how good he was. With an impossible speed, Oziyat jumped on the rumbles on the collapsed ceiling and from there he jumped up, Chris had no clue what he was holding but he was hanging from the wall while throwing fireballs preciously at the Snallygaster's face. Gweneth looked equally skilled as she pulled out two thin and sharp blades and rushed towards the beast. All of their magic was weakened but together they were still stronger than the Snallygaster. But something was very wrong.

"Oziyat! I think we have a big problem," Gweneth shouted suddenly.

Chris looked over her and saw her pulling out her blades from the Snallygaster's leg. But there was no blood, only black tar oozing out of its wound and the injury didn't slow down the Snallygaster even a bit. It looked like it didn't even feel it.

"Okay, I know we don't know much about Snallygasters but Chris, Snallygasters don't bleed black," said Colin looking horrified. "Not even the black ones."

"I know," Chris screamed back, dodging its tail.

"Christina, we can't subdue it like this," Oziyat said from above throwing another batch of icicles, which bounced off of the beast.

"I know!"

Chris knew it. She already guessed what was going on as soon as she saw the black blood of the Snallygaster. The dark oppressive magic, a thousand years old black Snallygaster, why didn't she realize it before? It had Malgino written all over it. As the fight raged on around them Chris looked at everyone. No one was making any progress. While planning for today, Chris didn't want to harm the creature but now she knew there was no other way. 

Gweneth broke into another series of deadly blows which just resulted in more black blood and an unbothered beast.

"Gin, cover me," Chris shouted as she ran towards Gweneth.

"You got it," Ginny shouted releasing more powerful spells, which barely touched the Snallygaster but distracted it enough.

"What are you—?" Gweneth looked surprised as Chris jumped up on Gweneth's blade and held onto the Snallygasters body. She started to climb it but the beast was moving too fast and too forcefully. Chris almost fell but the next second Oziyat caught her.

"How did you get here?" Chris asked as Oziyat pulled her up. They were above the feathery wings of the Snallygaster. Only then Chris noticed how the rocks and tree branches were molding themselves to hold Oziyat in place. Right, elemental magic.

"If you change your plan, at least inform us, Christina," Oziyat said holding her tightly by the waist.

"The heart," Chris pointed at the chest of the beast. "Can you get me there?"

"Are you sure?" Oziyat looked worried as they swayed trying to dodge another swipe from the Snallygaster.

"Just get me there," Chris insisted looking down, where her friends were getting tired. "Our magic won't hold forever, Oziyat. We need to act fast."

Oziyat looked back at the branches holding him and nodded. He jumped and landed on the Snallygaster's back while still holding Chris. Then he pulled out a sword from his belt.

"I think, we will have only one chance. Are you ready?" Oziyat asked.

Chris nodded as the Snallygaster almost overthrew them. Oziyat grabbed Chris with his left hand and stabbed the beast at the side of its neck. He swung himself and Chris holding on to the hilt of his sword and Chris ended up hanging in front of the chest of the Snallygaster.


Chris pulled out both, the sword of Gryffindor and the long Golden dagger of Rosaline and drove them through the beast's chest. More black blood oozed out and the blades crackled with energy. Finally, the wound got the beast's attention but it was too late. It started to collapse on the ground and Oziyat let go of his sword and pulled Chris away, leaping to safety.

The Snallygaster dropped with a mighty crashing sound. And everyone dived back. Colin shielded Luna with his body as the rest of the ceiling rained down on them. The guards pulled Ginny back with their vampire speed and Gweneth was already out of the way. Chris and Oziyat tumbled on the ground, their limbs twisted together, clothes dirty and torn, skin scratched and bloody but when Chris looked up at Oziyat, he was smiling.

"You were amazing," he mumbled before kissing her on her lips.

⟦To be continued⟧

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