397 Going Back

"What are you doing?" Oziyat raised his eyebrows and came to a halt seeing Chris patting the Norwegian Ridgeback near the hideout, while Sol lay curled up on her lap.

"Shh!" Chris whispered signing at Sol. "He just fell asleep."

"Just fell asleep? He was awake?" Oziyat tried to keep his voice down but the news caught him off guard.

"Yes," Chris hissed at him, and even the Dragon, Norberta looked at Oziyat disapprovingly.

"Sorry. But why are you two outside?" Oziyat quietly sat down beside Chris. "Is he okay? How was he feeling?"

"He . . ." Chris sighed and stroked Sol's head. "He cried a lot, which was expected. But apart from that, he believed it was his fault his parents fought."

"But that's ridiculous. How —"

"I know but he is a kid, Oziyat. These things affect a child's brain in weird ways," Chris felt her voice shake as she spoke and a concerned look settled on Oziyat's eyes.


"Anyways," Chris cleared her throat. "He wouldn't stop crying, so I gave him some potions and brought him out here. I thought since he likes magical beasts, he would feel calm with a Dragon. I was right. After spending some time with Norberta here, he calmed down and fell asleep. Also, because . . . I gave him some sleeping draught but only because he needed it."

"But he would be okay, right?" Oziyat asked anxiously after a moment.

"Physically yes but mentally he will need time, Oziyat. You have to take better care of him. He would need a lot of support and love from you, Rosaline, and everyone he is close with," Chris explained. "And please don't expect him to be okay just within a few days. The kid just saw her parents fighting to kill each other. It's a horrifying place to come back from."

Oziyat let out a long breath.

"I wish we could give him the care right away."

"What do you mean 'you wish'?" Chris frowned at him.

"Christina, I couldn't get inside Titian. The border has been fortified and I have no clue who did that and even I couldn't get in. I don't know what's happening there. All I got is Rosa is alive but her energy was so weak. And I can't do anything about it. I am here, and Rosa is there alone," Oziyat ran a hand through his hair.

Chris breathed in relief. At least, Rosaline was alive, Sol didn't lose both of his parents.

"What about Prince Kale? He promised to be with Rosaline and she trusts him, right?" Chris turned to Oziyat.

"I don't know anything anymore. It's like everything I knew doesn't make sense. Everything is so out of control. I am supposed to be the calm, collected, wise Prince but right now, I am at my wit's end," Oziyat grumbled and he was right. He didn't look even a little bit like Prince Oziyat Chris had met nine months ago.

"Oziyat," Chris put her hand on his shoulder. "We are at war and this kind of situation changes people. Nobody knows how to react or sort their emotions. Everybody is worried. It's the most normal thing to do. Don't feel bad about that. Just focus on what you can do right now."

Oziyat stared at Chris for a long moment and his face showed gratitude and something else but before he could express whatever it was, Chris caught sight of the horizon.

"Oh, look at that, it's almost sunrise. You should get inside and I should take Sol inside too," Chris said carefully picking up Sol as she stood up. Sol remained asleep thanks to the sleeping draught.


Leyla and Charlie brought some breakfast after a while and they all discussed what they have found about Harry.

"They were last sighted flying towards the west but then no trace," Charlie said.

"So I guess we have a starting point," Chris said gobbling down some beacon and looking over the wizarding map of England Charlie had spread out.

"But we don't have an exact spot," Ginny frowned.

"But we have something. We can figure it out from there," Colin reasoned.

"I like that idea," Chris tapped on the map. "Now where you could be?"

"All three of them can Apparate," Ginny still looked skeptical. "They could have Apparated from the Dragon for all we know."

"I don't think so," Leyla argued. "It would be too dangerous to Apparate in mid-flight."

"So they probably got down somewhere and then Apparated?" Ginny suggested.

"If I was Hermione where would I go after this?" Colin stared at the map.

"Why Hermione?" Charlie asked surprised.

"Have you met them?" Ginny smirked. "Who do think calls the shots?"

"Okay, yeah, I can see that," Charlie chuckled.

"I think somewhere I think will be useful," Luna piped up suddenly.

"What Luna?" Chris looked at her.

"If I was Hermione, I would go somewhere I think will be useful," Luna explained. "Or somewhere no one can find them."

"Luna is correct," Chris gazed at the map again. "They were already seen, so Hermione probably wants to go somewhere safe if they don't need to go somewhere useful this instant."

"But we still don't know where that could be," Colin stared at the map, full of concentration.

Chris knitted her brows in worry, suddenly her bracelet caught her eyes and an idea occurred to her.

"You know what let's get there first, then I have a plan," Chris said smiling as she pointed at a random English village near London.

"You sure?" Colin asked just for confirmation, he didn't sound a little bit doubtful of Chris. He was already on board with her plan.

"Yes." Chris glanced at Ginny and Luna with a questioning look. Luna gave a small nod and after a moment of hesitation, Ginny nodded as well.

"Alright then, I will prepare the Portkey," Colin said looking confident. "Charlie, can I take the map?"

"Yeah, sure," Charlie answered.

"Okay, half an hour?" Chris asked Colin.

"Yes." Colin nodded folding the map.

"Then guys, we are leaving in an hour. Get ready with whatever you need," Chris announced.

As everyone started to leave to get ready, Chris turned to Sol, who was quietly sitting with Oziyat. Chris noticed he had barely touched his breakfast.

"Sol, why haven't eaten yet?"

"I don't . . . want to," Sol mumbled without looking up.

"Sol —" Oziyat shook his head warily but Chris stopped him.

"Sol, you remember what I said, right?" Chris sat down beside Sol. "If you don't take care of yourself then . . ."

"Then I can't . . . take care of . . . Mama?" Sol completed.

"Good. Which means eating food for energy," Chris patted Sol's head with a smile. "You would do it, right?"

Sol stared at his breakfast for a few minutes before turning to Chris. She smiled at him encouragingly and finally, Sol started eating.

"I have been trying to get him to eat for the last 20 minutes," Oziyat leaned towards Chris and whispered, surprise and amazement in his eyes.

"He just needs time, Oziyat," Chris whispered.

"Yes time and . . . probably . . . you," Oziyat muttered.

"What?" Chris thought she heard wrong.

"Christina, I need to think about something. Can you give us a minute?" Oziyat said lost in thought. Chris nodded and walked away.

After an hour everyone was ready to go and Charlie and Leyla said their goodbyes.

"You all go ahead and if anything goes wrong, Charlie and I will be there," Leyla said with a sad but encouraging smile.

Charlie hugged Ginny and then Chris, Luna, and Colin. "Be careful, okay? You could be very much wanted if you are seen."

"We know," Ginny said rolling her eyes.

"And don't forget Chris is still the most wanted person," Charlie remarked to be taken seriously.

"We'll be careful, Charlie," Chris smiled and saw Oziyat and Sol. "And Oziyat please take care of —"

"Christina, I know I said I should stay here," Oziyat said cutting Chris off. "But I realized you were right about him. I know it's a lot to ask but I don't think I can comfort him alone. He needs you. Can you help him? Help us?"

"I . . ." Chris looked down at Sol, who was staring at space without any expression. He looked so lost and Chris was already worried about him. She turned to Colin. "Do we have room for two more, Col?"

"Yeah, we do," Colin smiled at Oziyat, who returned it looking grateful.

"Sol?" Chris bent down and hold out her hand to Sol. "Want to go on an adventure before going back home?"

Chris's words caught Sol's attention. He looked up at her surprised but after a second nodded, clutching her hand.

"Alright then hold tight," Chris picked Sol up as Colin put a water pitcher in front of them.

"It's the Portkey. It will transport us to a riverbank, from there we can move," he informed and Chris, Ginny, Luna, and Oziyat touched the pitcher.

"Let's go."

⟦To be continued⟧

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