400 Finding Him

"Fergus! How? I thought you can't leave the temple?"

Chris almost shouted as Fergus suddenly materialize in front of her from thin air.

"Unless you want to wake all of your friends up, I would advise you to lower your voice," Fergus remarked looking amused.

"Sorry," Chris lowered her voice and looked back at the tent. There was a rustle and Oziyat poked his head out of the tent, his eyes alert.

"Everything okay, Christina?" Oziyat asked as his gaze swept the entire area, including over Fergus, but Oziyat didn't react. As if he didn't see Fergus. Chris frowned as she watched his eyes get back to her and he repeated, "Everything okay, Christina? I thought I heard you."

"He can't see me. Say something," Fergus said casually sitting cross-legged beside Chris.

Chris looked at him, surprised, and turned back to Oziyat.

"Christina?" Oziyat knit his eyebrows in worry.

"Yeah . . . I'm fine. Everything is fine," Chris's voice got a little bit shrill and Fergus chuckled. She calmed herself down, "Sorry, I was . . . just distracted."

"It's alright. I understand," Oziyat walked out of the tent and looked at the dark forest. "You know . . . if you want, you can talk to me. You are always here for me, I would like to be here for you too."

"I . . ." Chris hesitated. "Thanks, Oziyat. But I am fine."

Oziyat looked back at Chris and she gave a fake smile.

"Ok then," Oziyat sighed. "But if you are tired, I'm more than happy to keep watch right now, while you get some rest."

"Oh, that won't be necessary, Oziyat. I can keep watch for a while," Chris shrugged.

Oziyat's eyes narrowed as he opened his mouth but thought something and closed it.

"Alright then. Call me if you are tired." Oziyat gave a nod and disappeared inside the tent.

"He is not convinced," Fergus chuckled. "He will use his sensitive hearing to keep an eye – or, should I say, ear on you."

Chris glanced at the tent surprised but realizing that Fergus was probably right, she waved her wand with a sigh.

"What was that?" Fergus asked looking curious.

"A simple spell to avoid eavesdroppers," Chris whispered.

"Impressive," Fergus smiled and gestured at the tent. "He really likes you, doesn't he?"

"I . . . well, he is very sweet but. . ." Chris choked on her words.

"It's fine, Christina. You don't have to explain yourself. I know you don't return his feelings, considering someone else is in your mind more than you want to admit."

"How – how the hell you know that?" Chris almost raised her voice in shock but stopped herself quickly.

"Christina, almost 3/4th of my powers live in you, of course, I know how you are feeling and what's going on in your life," Fergus rolled her eyes with a smile.

Chris didn't reply and decided to change the topic.

"So is this another one of your tricks?" She looked at Fergus up and down and discovered his body was very shimmery and transparent than it was in the temple.

"As much as I like to take credit for it, in reality, it was all you. Your wish and magic created this portal, where you can see me even if I'm in my temple. And honestly, I understand why your powers summoned me. You are not feeling focused, are you?" Fergus looked concerned and before Chris could say something he warned, "And do not try to change the subject or lie. Unlike Oziyat, I'm not going anywhere and I know exactly what's going on inside your head."

Chris fell silent for some time as she stared at the darkness surrounding them.

"I don't know, Fergus. I don't know how I'm feeling. What am I doing? I don't have a plan. My emotions are all over the place, I can't shake off the things you said about not knowing the end and spending time with my loved ones. But I left someone, Fergus. Someone I can't seem to find now. What if he changed? What if he moved on? What if he hates me? What if I'm too late? And I hate myself for thinking like this when there is a war coming. I have people to save, people to fight and I am wondering about these stupid things." Chris closed her eyes and buried her face in her hands.

"Feelings are not stupid, Christina. It's your love for others that makes you – you. Yes, when you first entered the temple, I gave you a choice between your friends and your goal, but trust me, I know they are your strength. And the boy is one of the biggest supporters you have. Though I cannot answer your questions or cure your doubts, I think I can help you to reach that someone, who can," Fergus said quietly. Chris's eyes snapped to him and he continued, "Remember, what I told you, Christina, that unlike me, you have actually trained your powers and you have access to all of it? Maybe I was born the most powerful one but you earned that title with your determination, courage, and hard work. And I know how you can use that power inside you and find him."

"How?" Chris straightened up.

"Close your eyes," Fergus instructed. "Now think about him. How he looks . . . how he walks . . . how he talks . . . how he smells . . . and where is he right now?"

Chris listened to Fergus, her eyes closed but at first, she couldn't concentrate. However, Fergus's soothing voice helped her calm down, and finally, thoughts of Harry became clear in her mind.

How he stumbled onto her the first time they met, how his glass always needed fixing, how he used to listen to her talk about stars every Friday when they watched the sky together sitting in Gryffindor's common room, how he yelled at Malgino when he hurt her the first time, how he held her close after Dumbledore's death, how he asked her to go with him. . .

Suddenly, Chris's head started spinning as images flashed in her mind. A graveyard behind a church . . . a destroyed house . . . and a statue of a couple holding their little baby in their arms. As soon as the vision began, it ended, leaving a piercing headache behind.

Chris clutched her head as she opened her eyes. Her mind still replaying what she saw. The couple looked very familiar, with a man with untidy hair and glasses and the woman with a kind face — Chris gasped.

"I guess you have an answer," Fergus gave a big smile.

"I think I know where they are."

⟦To be continued⟧

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