405 Familiar People

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"Vampire Prince?" Hermione's eyes widened in shock.

"Yeah, he is the Prince of Vampires of Titian," Chris confirmed to the crowd and turned to Fleur. "But how do you know him, Fleur?"

However, Fleur totally ignored her and addressed Oziyat, who was looking intently at her, trying to remember where she knew him from.

"Do you not remember me, Preence? We met at your Crowning Ceremony!"

At this, Oziyat blinked recognition flooding his face as he smiled.

"Lady Noemie's Granddaughter, Fleur Delacour, of course. Forgive me, with everything going on it took a moment to recognize you."

"No, no, I understand," Fleur smiled back at Oziyat, then noticed the surprised look on everyone's face and clarified. "My Grandma Noemie is Veela. She often got invited to Royal Vampire Ceremonies."

Fleur's explanation wasn't a big help to others, who looked very confused by the Vampire Prince and Fleur's Veela Grandmother's connection to the vampires, however, Chris understood and took this opportunity to speak.

"Anyway, as I was saying," Chris got everyone's attention back. "Oziyat is a Vampire Prince and this is —" Chris tugged Sol out a little bit. "And this is Sol, his nephew. They are with us. I promise to tell the whole story but for now please know they are on our side. So can they join us inside?"

Chris looked at Bill, who looked a bit hesitant. Oziyat shook his head.

"There is really no need for this, Christina. As I said I can take care of myself. I don't want to impose —"

Oziyat was interrupted by Fleur, who jumped up looking a bit offended.

"Of course, you and your nephew can join us, Preence. How could you theenk I would let you stay somewhere else after recognizing you? Do you really theenk so poorly of us?

"Of course not, Lady Delacour," Oziyat gave a charming smile to Fleur. "I just didn't want to look presumptuous and take advantage of Christina's and Ginny's generosity."

"You aren't doing any of that Prince Oziyat," Ginny supplied and Oziyat shot her a grateful look.

"I agree with Ginny," Fleur nodded and turned to Bill. "It would be rude to ask them to leave, eesn't Bill?"

Bill looked at Fleur, Chris, and Ginny. Seeing the reassurance on their faces, he nodded.

"Let's go inside, everyone."

Nobody else said anything and all of them piled inside the cottage which was small but beautiful. Chris had barely stepped inside the small kitchen when she almost ran into someone.

"Chris!" Tonks squealed and Chris's eyes widened noticing a bubblegum pink-haired Tonks holding an equally bright pink-haired baby in her arms.

"Tonks, is this—?" Before Chris could finish, Tonks hugged her with one arm while holding the baby with another.

"It's our Teddy," Tonks said grinning as she introduced them. "Teddy, baby, do you know who this is? This is Crissy, your Godfather's friend."

"Godfather?" Chris asked confused.

"Harry," Tonks answered and looked around for Harry. Spotting him, she called out, "Harry, don't you want to meet your Godson and wish him Christmas?"

"Coming Tonks," Harry grinned widely as he started to make his way towards them.

Chris wondered why Remus and Tonks choose Harry as their son's godfather when Sirius was still there, but before she could think about it more, the baby, Teddy reached for her with his chubby hands.

"Oh, look he wants you to hold him," Tonks said happily and leaned Teddy forward so Chris could take him.

"Umm . . . Tonks, I don't know how to hold babies. . ." Chris looked at Teddy nervously.

"Here, let me show you," With a reassuring smile Tonks passed the baby to Chris and adjusted her arms to hold Teddy securely. "Here hold him like this, support the neck. Yeah, perfect."

Chris carefully held baby Teddy with both of her hands and she couldn't help but smile as giggling happily Teddy reached for her hair and tried to grip it.

"He is so cute, Tonks," Chris said warmly looking at the baby in her arms.

"True," Harry agreed and Chris looked up to find him standing beside her, staring at Teddy as well. His grin got wider as he held a finger in front of Teddy and he tried to grip Harry's finger. "Hi, Teddy. It's so nice to finally meet you. I'm Harry, your Godfather and though this is the first time we meeting each other, I promised to be the best Godfather there is."

"The best? Harry, I thought that title was mine," Sirius said appearing beside Tonks with a big smile but as soon as Chris looked up at him, she gasped.

Outside in the dark and with everyone she didn't notice but now that they were face to face, Chris couldn't believe her eyes. If Chris already didn't know Sirius so well, she wouldn't believe it was him. It was because of the long gruesome scar that covered the entire half of Sirius's face as if the left side of his face was slashed off.

"Sirius, your face! How . . .?"

"Oh, this?" Sirius chuckled waving off Chris's shocked look. "Got it in Order business. A sign of my bravery. I'm a true Gryffindor, after all. But don't worry, I plan to repay this with full interest."

Bewildered Chris turned to Harry for a better explanation.

"It was Snape," Harry grimaced, and immediately Chris felt her blood boiling.

The entire fight with Snape the day he killed Dumbledore flashed through Chris's mind. Snape. It was always Snape. How did Dumbledore trust him? He was still working for them. Voldemort and Malgino. Chris looked at Sirius and the way it was cut, it looked painful, and the way Sirius would have to carry this scar for the rest of his life made Chris awful.

"It was actually the night all of the Order members were bringing me — " Harry tried to continue but Teddy's giggles stopped him.

All of them looked down at Teddy and found him changing his hair color to Chris's dark brown, which turned Chris's frown into a smile.

"He is a Metamorphmagus like me," Tonks explained though it wasn't needed, Chris guessed it the moment she saw Teddy's pink hair like her mother. "And I think, he really took a liking to your hair Crissy!"

Tonks booped her son on the nose, sending him into another fit of giggles, and Sirius and Harry laughed.

"I think Teddy and I would get along just fine, isn't it Teddy?" Chris whispered grinning.

⟦To be continued⟧

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