Harry Potter : A Better Ronald Weasley

A primordial entity who is a fan of human works decides to do justice to the secondary characters of his favorite human works. After TWILIGHT with Jacob, she decided to take an interest in the World of Harry Potter with the case of Ron Weasley. I'm lazy and I don't own any characters in this work and not even the cover photo. The story will be based on a different Ron through the events of the films and films only, if you want something else please, there are other fanfictions about HP. And I haven't read the books so there will certainly be things that escape me. English is not my first and I don't have a publisher So bear with me . This story is an English adaptation of the fanfiction written in French on another account. Good reading if you are still here

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Chapter 1 : Ronald Bilius Weasley

In a dimension unknown to mortals and even gods, three primordial entities were sitting on what looked like a long white sofa with a table full of drinks and food in front of them, further away there was a giant screen. The three entities were Reality, Death and Eternity.

 Death : I'm still overcome with emotion from your previous story with Jacob in TWILI! What do you have planned for the future?

 Eternity: How many times are we going to tell you this?! It's "TWILIGHT"!

 Death : I don't care, it's not my language.

 Reality: Calm down both of you, after improving Jacob's case I wanted to see if we could do the same with The Hunger Games but I changed my mind. Let's stay in the fantasy world theme.

 Eternity: What work of your precious humans are you thinking of?

 Reality : Harry Potter…

 Death :…


 Reality: What?!

 Death : We got bored watching these movies for retarded children! There are borderline characters, they are there to enhance this kid with glasses.

 Eternity: I agree with him, even his friend the redhead was written to serve as a showcase for the main character, his best friend!! What cruel writing and…wait I just understood.

 Death : Will the little redhead be your target?

 Reality: Bingo! You quickly understand, I am proud of you my brother!

 Death: Fuck you!

 Reality: This kid's writing is really unfair as the best friend of the main protagonist of the story. You know my vision of friendship!

 Eternity: You've never had a friend, stop talking nonsense.

 Reality: Okay so what!?

 Death : Please start your story edits and stop talking! You remind me of a certain old queen when I came to pick her up.

 Reality: Okay, you know the drill. We will only follow the events of the movies with a different Ron Weasley. He will have a blessing from me and the story will have the same direction since he knows nothing about future events unless he himself wants to act differently.

 Eternity: Wouldn't it have been better to send a soul from the modern world into his baby body?

 Dead :…

 Reality :…


 All three: AHAHAHAH!!

 Death : (laughs) This shitty idea...

 Eternity: Admit that's funny. He already knows the future and everything.

 Reality: Besides, that's not the point. I just want this little one to no longer be a step on the protagonist's staircase but a true friend who will stand by his side as an equal or even more, a rival!!

 Mort: You see, it's very interesting! A friendly rivalry, I want to see that with these kids.

 Eternity: What about the girl with them?

 Death: The creator of this story has spoiled her enough, it's going to stay as it's supposed to be and that's it. You can start the story.

 Reality: Okay, you don't like Hermione...

 [Alternative reality]

 On July 3, 1979 in the county of Devon in the southwest of England, Molly Weasley just became pregnant with her husband Arthur for the one who would be their 6th child.

 The first signs of pregnancy had not even shown yet when a spectral shadow had approached her during her sleep and entered her body through her respiratory tract, the thing went directly to bind itself to the child forming in the woman's womb.

 [ The entities]

 Death: See? This sadist is doing it again! At least Jacob was already born when he did this but this one is barely forming in his mother's womb!!

 Eternity: He's right, seriously you should stop doing it like that. It's disgusting.

 Reality: It's okay, I get it. Now shut up...

 [Alternative reality]

 Exactly nine months later, on March 1, 1980 in the Burrow, the Weasley family home, Molly gave birth to the child she was expecting in the presence of her husband and a family caregiver.

 Little Ronald Bilius Weasley was born with the physical characteristics specific to his family, red hair, a fairly pale complexion but what made him unique from the others was his bright green eyes.

 The birth of the child was a cause for celebration as the birth had gone very well and the child was in excellent health.

 The baby aroused not only the joy of those around him but also wonder because of his incredibly beautiful eyes and his older brothers did not stop trying to see him.

 The same day he was born, a completely black newborn kitten with green eyes was found in front of the house by Charlie, the eldest child, and he took him in.

 The coincidence amused the family who decided to take care of him and very quickly, the kitten showed an almost unhealthy attachment to the latest addition to the family.

 A few days after Ronald's birth, his father Arthur received two of his friends who came to congratulate him and his wife on their child, they were Amos Diggory accompanied by his 3 year old son Cedric but also by Xenophilius Lovegood.

 All three men were heads of families practicing magic and their homes were quite close to each other, hence a relative good understanding between the energy of the Weasleys, the tranquility of the Diggorys and the eccentricity of the Lovegoods, especially since They went to magic school together.

 Three years passed quickly and the Weasley family realized one thing about Ronald, the latter was truly gifted.

 First, he showed the first signs that he could crawl at 3 and a half months after his birth and subsequently, he surprised others by taking his first steps at 8 months and in the same period he pronounced his first words.

 When he was two years old, he was already repeating the reading exercises of his older brothers Fred and Georges with their mother. Where for little Ronald it was all a game of imitating his brothers, his mother was particularly intrigued by the liveliness of her penultimate child because while Ron had celebrated his first year, Molly gave birth to her little Ginny who was born in the same time period as Xenophilius Lovegood's daughter Luna.

 When he was two and a half years old, he ended up getting closer to his brothers practicing with their mother and learned the preliminary reading exercises to the great joy of his mother.

 Molly and Arthur had already had a discussion about Ron and his ability to learn things very quickly and they knew that their child was some sort of genius or gifted.

 However, out of caution, they kept it to themselves without making too much of a fuss and waiting to see if, with the first 6 years, the child shows signs of his genius.

 At only 4 years old, Ron knew how to read and count perfectly and was already learning to write. He loved reading storybooks but also loved following his two older brothers , Fred and George in their games, jokes and fun; it was normal for a child to admire his elders.

 During this time, he showed great curiosity regarding magic and began pestering his parents about the subject.

 To Arthur and Molly's relief, Ronald only asked for information and not demonstrations of spells, he was more interested in magic itself at first before looking at its manifestation.

 Arthur very quickly developed a particular interest in Ronald and very quickly, he allowed Ron to have access to certain books in his library, much to Ron's delight. Unbeknownst to him, the child had a terrifying gift and it was the universal talent, it allowed him to learn and understand everything at almost instantaneous speed.

 Ron was an intelligent and calm child but contrary to the cliché, he did not stay away from his brothers and loved to play with them, learn from their tricks and he also loved to eat.

 Until he was 6 years old, despite his great intelligence, Ron behaved like the others and his father liked to take him on walks where he had already met Luna, Cedric and their parents several times. He got along very well with Luna and played together regularly.

 When Ron turned 6, an incredible thing happened the night after his birthday.

 While he was sleeping, Lucius his cat came near him and opened his little mouth inside which an intense spiral light began to shine which quickly sucked in Ron's body.

 Once that was done, Lucius climbed onto the bed where Ronald had been and laid down before transforming into a sleeping Ron as if he were a Clone of the latter.

 "AAAAAAAAAAAAH" Ron screamed into the spiral of light before falling into a completely white place.

 Frightened, he stood up slightly on the ground to look around him and as far as he could see, there were on this white marble floor furniture containing dozens of books but also a few large chests.

 « Where am I?! How did I get there? » Ron asked as he tried to contain the panic within him. He looked around and didn't see anyone.

 Getting up with his body shaking slightly, Ron wanted to move around and see if he could find someone or something when…

 « My old friend has finally found someone to succeed me. » A man's voice was heard behind him.

 "Ghaaah!!!! » Ron said without even having the luxury of shouting in surprise to see an old man with a long beard and a translucent body as if he were a specter.

 "Forgive me if I surprised you my child, I have been here for almost a very long time and I have somewhat lost my manners. The man said calmly and with humility which eased Ron's stress.

 Ron: You're a ghost! Who are you ?

 "I'm not quite a ghost but a living soul, I'll probably explain that to you later. It was me through an old companion who brought you to this place and if you wanted to know my name then I am Ambrosius Merlin and this place is my library, where all my knowledge is…and Moreover. He said to Ron before smiling kindly at the child.