Harmony Book

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Living in a house filled with five siblings is definitely hard, especially when you're the 'middle' child. You know the one who always gets the blame for everything? Who always feels left out? Meet Harmony April White. She's a beautiful, oblivious, insecure teenager. All she every wanted was to be loved by her own mother. The only way she finds peace is with music, of course nobody acknowledges that except for her best friends; Chloe, Tyler and her Grandma Cherry. Harmony used to think there wasn't much to live for in this life, of course that was until she met Carter and his family. He made her smile, he made her giggle, more importantly he made her believe she was happy. She thought her summer would go on like every other, little did she know. As a huge family secret unravels, she begins to question not only the ones closest to her, but herself too. Follow Harmony's story filled with shocking revelations, new found love, and more. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2022 Ethereal