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Harbingers Of Death


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Harbingers Of Death is a fantasy isekai-based novel. Max Addison, a teenager utterly obsessed with gaming is gifted the fast popularity-gaining VRMMORPG, Harbingers Of Death on his 17th birthday. This simple gift caused a great change in his life on the night of his birthday as he enters into a whole new world where he has to conquer magical beasts, demons, powerful ability users, and even players like himself. Finding out the game is not all it seems, he sets to become the last man standing to uncover the secrets of the world and the connection he has with it. THIS BOOK IS AN ENTRY FOR WSA 2023 [ If you find the story interesting, please do show your support as it will mean a lot to me ] My discord server: https://discord.gg/zsahn4yckr 20 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 20 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters


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