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Happy Business life


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Su Yun, died in an accident... But when she suddenly opened her eyes, she realized that she was in the body of a 17-year-old pitiful girl named Su Yun. Her clothes and house look like those from ancient Chinese dramas. She was horrified when she got to know that she was getting married to a really old man. She was disgusted, but she could do nothing to refute her weak body. In a place where laws weren't focused on women at all, But somehow God took pity on her, and she was sold to a 21-year-old young man named Shen Yu instead. Although the fact that she was sold was heartbreaking for her, a strong woman like her didn't lose hope. After living with Shen Yu, she realized that Shen Yu wasn't a bad person. He never made any unreasonable requests and was a hardworking person. Thinking of how she grew up from rags to riches in her past life, she was determined to make something for herself and Shen Yu. She started a small food business with Shen Yu. It wasn't as easy as being said. A certain shopping system followed her to ancient times. Making her life luxurious to certain extents. Thinking back then, this transmigration was not as bad as she first thought. "Let's get richer than them all!" ***** This is original work. It's mainly focused on ancient businesses with modern knowledge. Characters: Su Yun (17), Shen Yu (21). [Good-looking, clever, loyal wife X strong, protective, but equally silly husband] Genre: romance, slice of life, drama [Arts used in this book aren't mine but taken from Pinterest; I respect the artists.] My Discord server https://discord.com/invite/2PQTnMAF


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