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This Fanfic has an overpowered MC so you if don't like an overpowered MC Please Be Aware before reading. Axel Woods was a man reborn into the World of Halo as a Genius. He was given no superpowers nor special abilities. Only through his intelligence would he strive for greatness and become the most powerful person in the Galaxy.

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Chapter 75

2535 August 10th

A few days had passed since the battle over Actium had ended. The planet was finally rid of Covenant presence and back under the control of the UNSC. Reconstruction efforts were already being put into place to help the planet recover from the invasion.

Logistics and supplies from other core planets were set up to support the regrowth of the planet. From the outer colonies which contained most of the UNSCs food production, civilian transport ships were allowed to travel within UNSC controlled space lifting the previous restriction placed on them before.

This was a way to limit the overextension of the UNSC fleet and allow for the people to travel between the colonies once again. Bringing back trade between the colonies and allowing for Corporations to operate on a wide scale across every colony.

However, to limit their influence, ONI Section One was put in charge of monitoring their activities to ensure that they continue to operate within Human interests and to benefit the development of Humanity.

If they were found to be abusing the rights granted to them to influence the political affairs of the UNSC or to manipulate officials, civilians, and military personnel in any way, then they would be subject to their assets being seized by Axel.

With the restriction lifted the economy of the UEG was expected to steadily rise and stabilize. And to improve that development Axel had created the Civilian Research and Development department to enhance Civilian technology.

The entire department would be a civilian based research department under the UNSC to develop and distribute new and advanced civilian technology. The department would be allowed to give Companies the rights to produce and distribute the new civilian technology in exchange for a small percent of the projected income.

Though at the same time the Civilian Research and Development department would be competing against the various civilian corporations and companies who also develop their own technology.

At the same time, a few politicians within the UEG have started to voice their complaints about the military government which has effectively stripped the UEG of all their authority and made the military humanity's primary government.

They claimed that the war was not as bad as it was initially and said that the war was already under control and the UNSC didn't need to maintain a military government to protect humanity.

Their claims were voiced and heard but not many people listened to them, mainly because of the amount of trust that was lost between the UEG and the colonies before the Human-Covenant war started.

For now, Axel simply ignored these politicians but knew that soon enough he would have to deal with them.

In the meantime, he finished his preparations for his visit to Actium and was onboard a pelican heading towards the ship that would take him to Actium.

Once onboard, the ship jumped to Actium which took about an hour. After arriving in orbit of the planet Axel could still see the destruction from the Covenants orbital bombing of the planet. Still, it was better than getting glasses since that would have destroyed everything on the surface and made the planet uninhabitable for a few years.

Taking a Pelican to the surface, Axel had arrived within the main city of Actium. It was a city once filled with the vibrant energy of its citizens, but now it was bearing the scars of the Covenants invasion.

As the Pelican flew over the city, Axel could see the reconstruction of the city already beginning as people were walking around the streets below helping to clear debris, others constructing temporary shelters until they were provided a home.

There were even a few children playing amidst the debris, their laughter filling the air showing that children will always find some way to have fun despite how it looked around them.

Upon landing at the UNSC command center, he was immediately escorted by the detail of MCUs led by Cassandra-075 or Senior Chief Petty Officer Cassandra who is a Spartan-II that has already undergone the new Gene-seed augmentation. She stood towering over MCUs and walked next to Axel as he made his way towards the front of the building where almost a hundred thousand people had gathered to listen to watch his speech.

As he walked towards the front of the building the soldiers inside of the base saluted him as he passed them. He was after all the highest-ranking person within the entirety of the UNSC. Before he made it to the entrance, he was greeted by the commander of the command center Lieutenant General Hopkins.

"Welcome to Actium, sir," Hopkins said saluting. "We've been expecting you."

Axel returned the salute and shook Hopkins hand. "I hope everything is prepared General," said Axel.

"Yes, Sir, the crowd is much more than we expected, but with the Covenant defeated, we are able wo deploy more man to secure the area so there will be no problems during your speech. And if there is then we have a plan in place to ensure your safety" Stated Hopkins.

Not that Axel needed it, but it was always good to have a plan in place in case something happened. Hearing the response from General Hopkins, Axel chatted for a few more minutes before heading outside the front entrance of the command center where the massive crowd was waiting on him.

As soon as he emerged, a wave of cheers and shouts erupted from the crowd. Axel stepped up to the makeshift stage, set up in front of the command center. He raised a hand, and gradually, the cheers and shouts died down to a quite murmur.

"My fellow citizens," he began, the sound of his voice amplified by the comm system, and the cameras broadcasted the recording to other planets live. "I stand before you today as not as a symbol of victory, but as a representative of hope in the face of despair."

He took a moment to look out at the crowd, each face had the appearance of fatigue but was also filled with anticipation.

"The scars that mar this city are a testament to our perseverance in the face of the enemy that seeks our annihilation. They will be reminders of our resilience, our tenacity, and our strength. We will rebuild not just because we must, but because it is who we are."

He paused again, letting his words resonate in the silence.

"We've never been a species that shies away from adversity. We've never been a species that backs down in the face of a challenge. And this," he gestured at the surrounding cityscape, "this is just another challenge."

The crowd was silent now; not even the faintest whisper could be heard over Axel's words.

"But we do not face this challenge alone," he continued. "We stand united as a species. Today we begin rebuilding Actium, but our efforts will not stop here."

"We will rebuild every planet, every city that has been devastated by this war. Not just to restore them to their former glory, but to make them better, stronger. We are not simply surviving; we are thriving, growing, advancing."

A wave of agreement went through the crowd as he continued. "Our plan is not only to recover from the ravages of the war but to use it as a steppingstone to propel humanity into a new era of prosperity and technological advancement. The establishment of the new Civilian Research and Development department is proof of our unwavering determination."

"Underneath your very feet, even now, plans are being made and executed. Efforts are being coordinated to rebuild this once vibrant city brick by brick. The rubble around us isn't a symbol of defeat but a foundation for a more prosperous future."

"I've heard the complaints voiced by some politicians about our current military governance. They claim that the war is under control and that we don't need such measures anymore. To those people I say this; the peace you enjoy today is not merely a result of victory in battlefields but also because of this system."

He let his gaze sweep over the crowd, as his expression softened slightly.

"As your leader, it's my duty to ensure your safety and ensure our species' survival. I promise you this, the day we no longer need the military governance, I will be the first to propose its dissolution. But until then, we must remain vigilant and united under this system."

A murmur of agreement traveled through the crowd, as many nodded their heads in understanding.

"Some of you might feel that your freedom is being curtailed by military rule." He sighed heavily. "It's an understandable sentiment. However, our primary goal is to ensure the safety and survival of humanity. And for that, we need a united front and a stable government more than ever."

He paused momentarily, letting his words sink in. Then he continued.

"I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day! Today we stand united and strong; ready to face whatever challenge may come next."

The crowd erupted into loud cheers and applause that reverberated through the air.

"No matter what challenges or obstacles we may face in the future," he continued once the applause had died down, "we must always remember one thing: We are humanity; resilient, unyielding, and unbeatable."

"Above all", he said raising his voice for his final words, "We are not just survivors looking to endure another day. We are pioneers, lighting up the darkest corners of space with our unwavering spirit and indomitable will."

The crowd exploded into cheers once again, their voices echoing through the ruins of the city.

"We will move forward with resolve," he declared. "And it is my honor to lead you into this future." Again, there was applause from the crowd.

"To conclude this speech, let's take a moment of silence for those who could not stand with us today" said Axel as he closed his eyes and bowed his head. The crowd followed suit and gave the moment of silence for the fallen.

In this moment Axel had just delivered a speech that would forever be remember in History as the first of many to come. Following his speech Axel had informed the crowd and people about the changes involving travel between colonies and talking more about the newly established Civilian Research department offering more insights to various companies and corporations.



A/N: Upcoming will be a major change within the next 5-10 chapters evolving around the UNSC and UEG.

-Option 1 is Axel will establish a new elected position of Emperor that will replace the President of the UEG and officially put him power. The position will be until death where a new ruler will be elected. The parliamentary and such will still exist.

-Option 2 is Axel will allow the UEG to gain its original powers and authority back, while maintaining his current position within the UNSC as well as his influence and authority.

-Option 3 is Axel will use his popularity and control over the media to force a reorg of the UEG where he will establish a new government ruled with him as the Lord Protector or Emperor essentially at the center and integrating the UNSC into this new government. (Basically, the Emperor of Mankind route without claiming the title as the true Emperor of mankind might cross the multiverse to get rid of a false emperor of mankind)

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