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This Fanfic has an overpowered MC so you if don't like an overpowered MC Please Be Aware before reading. Axel Woods was a man reborn into the World of Halo as a Genius. He was given no superpowers nor special abilities. Only through his intelligence would he strive for greatness and become the most powerful person in the Galaxy.

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Chapter 60

A/N: This chapter is mainly about the Surgery which might be boring for most of you or interesting depending on how interested in the surgery you are. So, I will upload 2 chapters tomorrow, possibly 3 to make up for it.

Also, for the Surgery some things were taken out to better fit the story, so you won't be seeing acid spitting Spartans unfortunately or Spartans devouring an Elite.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the Chapter!!



After the battle, Axel returned to Algolis where he would undergo the Gene-seed surgery. The recent battle should keep the Covenant at bay for a while. All the projects would continue while he undergoes the surgery and operations against Insurrectionists would increase to establish a tight control over all planets.

He had given Admiral Ross permission to utilize the Forerunner Dreadnoughts to limit casualties and keep the Covenant at bay. Meanwhile Private companies began to roll out new military vehicles which were beginning to be utilized on the front lines.

Once he confirmed that everything was good, Axel had prepared for the surgery. As he laid down on the surgery bed, he was put into a semi-unconscious state as the medical professionals began the surgery. There was a total of 10 implants that would be installed into his body.

The first was the Secondary Heart or the Maintainer. It resembles a smaller version of the Human heart and is implanted in the chest cavity and connected to the rest of the circulatory and pulmonary systems near the original heart. Its function is to enhance the performance of a person by supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles by increasing blood flow well-beyond that capable for even the most fit normal Human being.

Second was the Ossmodula which is surgically placed alongside the persons pituitary gland at the base of the brain, thus becoming a part of their endocrine system and secretes a specially engineered form of Human growth hormone.

When the effects of this hormone are combined with a diet laced with microscopic ceramic-based minerals, they act to synthesize the rapid growth of the skeleto-muscular system which results in a development of superhuman strength and massive size compared to a baseline Human.

The Human skeleton will be larger and exponentially stronger than a normal Human's with growth having topped out at around 7-7.5 feet (2.1 - 2.3 meters) in height with an equivalent amount of skeleto-muscular mass.

Third was the Biscopea; It enhances a Humans physical combat ability and survivability to superhuman levels. The organ is implanted into the chest cavity. It is small, approximately spherical and, like the Ossmodula, its primary action is hormonal. The presence of the Biscopea stimulates muscle growth throughout the body, greatly increasing a Space Marine's physical strength.

Fourth is the Haemastamen. Once implanted into a main blood vessel like the aorta, femoral artery or the vena cava, the Haemastamen alters the blood's biochemical composition to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. The actions of the Haemastamen turns Human blood to a brighter shade of red than that of normal Humans because of its greatly increased oxygen-carrying capacity. It also acts to biochemically regulate the actions of the 2nd and 3rd gene-seed implants, the Ossmodula and Biscopea.

Fifth is the Healing Organ. Shaped like the Human liver but only the size of a golf ball, this gene-seed organ is placed within the chest cavity and manufactures the synthetic biological cells which serve to clot the blood lost from wounds, but act faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

When a person is wounded and incurs blood loss, the Cells are released by the circulatory system, attached to the body's normal leukocytes (white blood cells). At the site of the injury, they form scar tissue in a matter of seconds, effectively preventing massive blood loss and infection of the wound.

This Organ would basically make Spartans invincible as they wouldn't lose much blood from an open wound.

The Sixth Organ is the Catalepsean Node. This is implanted into the back of the cerebrum, just above the brain stem. When deprived of sleep for a long period of time, the Catalepsean Node "cuts in" upon detecting a rise in the person's stress and fatigue hormones. This allows the person to consciously "switch off" sections of the brain sequentially, while remaining awake and alert. This ability comes at a price, as prolonged use of this ability can be hazardous, possibly inducing hallucinations or even psychosis.

The Seventh Organ is the Preomnor. The Preomnor is essentially a second or "pre-stomach" spliced into the Human digestive system above the original stomach that allows a person to eat otherwise poisonous or completely indigestible materials. The Preomnor is capable of biochemically analyzing ingested materials and neutralizing most known biochemical and inorganic toxins, and many others that remain unknown save for their toxic effects. Deadly poisons are either neutralized or isolated from the digestive tract by the Preomnor. 

The eighth Organ is the Omophagea or Multi-lung. The multi-lung is a third lung implanted into a person's pulmonary and circulatory systems in the chest cavity that can absorb oxygen from environments usually too poor in oxygen to allow normal Human respiratory functioning. Breathing is accomplished through a sphincter implanted into the trachea, allowing all three lungs to be used at full capacity. In toxic environments, a similar muscle closes off the normal lungs, thus oxygen is absorbed exclusively by the multi-lung, which then filters out the poisonous or toxic elements.

The ninth Organ is the Interface. This neuroreactive, black organic fibrous material is implanted directly under the skin of the human torso. Points are then cut through the Carapace using surgical tools that allow a person to directly interface his central nervous system with his Armor's systems to allow for a better integration of the person and the armor.

The Tenth and last Organ is the age-deceleration Genetic sequence. This Genetic sequence would be implanted to a person's Genetic sequence and will become inactive until they reach the age of 25 where their aging process will slow down significantly allowing for a longer lifespan.

Obviously, Axel is over that age so the Genetic sequence will become active as soon as it is implanted into his genetic sequence.

Once the week had passed and the surgery was over, Axel had felt like complete shit. His body had been opened and new organs were installed into his body. All the organs were installed successfully and now Axel's body was beginning the recover process.

Over the next week, his body started integrating with the new organs and he started to be able to move his body once again. 

On the 6th day he was able to stand up and walk around without needing somebody to carry him and he could now eat by himself.

The food that he ate was based on his new diet which involved microscopic ceramic-based minerals which he ate daily. These Minerals would allow his body to grow healthy over the next few months and get him used to eating minerals which would become a part of his daily diet.

After the first week was over, Axel could do things on his own once again. The Medical specialists were extremely shocked at this transformation. He just had numerous powerful organs installed in his body yet just after a week he was moving around like he normally could.

By the second week, Axel had started to notice the first changes in his body brought on by the gene-seed enhancements. His strength was increasing at an incredible rate; he could lift weights that would have been impossible for him before the surgery without breaking a sweat. His heart pounded with much more force than before, pumping oxygen and nutrients throughout his newly enhanced body much more efficiently.

In terms of diet, it took some getting used to eating materials he had never considered as food before. The Preomnor had performed its job marvelously well, neutralizing any potential toxins before they could enter his system.

Axel spent most of his time in this period with medical specialists and physical trainers monitoring his progress. Besides, finding time for training sessions and briefings with the security council. He devoted his time solely to learning about and understanding his new body.

As the fourth month rolled around, Axel's superhuman transformation was almost complete, but there were still a few minor adjustments that needed to be made through the microscopic ceramic-based minerals in his diet. His height now towered over others at an impressive 7 feet and 2 inches (2.2 meters), and a hulking form accompanied it with a significant increase in muscle mass.

His physical enhancements became apparent in the rigorous training exercises he now took part in daily. With his Catalepsean Node kicking in whenever needed, Axel was able to train for extended periods of time with little to no rest, pushing his new body to its limits and then surpassing them. He was testing out just how much more damage he could take, and dish out compared to before.

The Omophagea gave him a unique advantage when it came to operations in hostile environments. He could now survive with ease where others would have choked or been poisoned on toxic gases or lack of oxygen. This came particularly handy during one simulation that had been set up in a low-oxygen environment, where Axel's performance had surprised even the seasoned trainers.

By the end of his fourth month post-enhancement, Axel had become completely accustomed to his new abilities and physical attributes. His swift recovery and rapid assimilation of these drastic changes were nothing short of miraculous, according to the medical specialists monitoring him.

And after spending nearly 6 months testing it out, he had other plans for the gene-seed such as a weaker version which could be for normal soldiers to use. A much smaller gene-seed that only required a genetic injection could allow him to give every single soldier a massive boost in their strength, effectively creating mini-super soldiers.

There was also room for improvement but that was for a much later date as of now the gene-seed project was a success.

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