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This Fanfic has an overpowered MC so you if don't like an overpowered MC Please Be Aware before reading. Axel Woods was a man reborn into the World of Halo as a Genius. He was given no superpowers nor special abilities. Only through his intelligence would he strive for greatness and become the most powerful person in the Galaxy.

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Chapter 59

For Axel to undergo the Gene-seed surgery he would have to be absent for at least 6 Months. Installing all the organs and machines into his body would take a week. Then another week would be needed to let his body adjust to the new change.

After that was the recovery and growth period which would take up the remaining time. The recovery and growth period would be used for Axel's body to recover from being basically immobile for 2 weeks.

Next was the growth period which is when the gene-seed will start to change his body to that of superhuman. His body will grow to be 7ft,5in, his healing ability would be far superior to anything the Covenant has, and not to mention his amplified strength, which would surpass that of his previous Spartan enhancements.

The installation of mechanical augmentations such as ocular modifications and brain enhancements would further augment his already elevated abilities. He would become the pinnacle of human evolution and technological advancement combined.

Undergoing the Gene-seed surgery would be a demanding process, physically and mentally. And once done, he would not be the same man he once was. Not that it would change his mind, or the way he thinks. But he would essentially become a titan amongst mortals.

So, before he began the surgery Axel had to finish up some last minute things. He ordered multiple operations to take place over the course of the next months and ensured that the people whom he trusted would carry out their duties. ONI would continue hunting down Insurrectionists and preventing internal stability from dropping.

Admiral Ross was placed as temporary chairman and would be watched over and provided guidance by Omni whom Axel knew could make sure that if a problem arises that it is dealt with.

Next was the new Covenant fleet which has been causing problems in the outer Colonies. He couldn't just leave this fleet to harass the UNSC while he was gone, so he went to Trove, the Forerunner Shield world to get two of the Forerunner Dreadnoughts to take on the Covenant fleet.

Admiral Ross had people training on how to use the ships for 3 months now and they had become proficient in using the ship's system. Each Dreadnought had a crew of 100 people and was commanded by a Captain. Additionally, a complement of 2,000 MCUs and dropships were loaded onto each Dreadnought to be able to launch ground forces.

Axel had gone to Trove and took command of 2 of the dreadnoughts which he took into orbit above the planet. On the bridge of the ship, Axel had plugged in a small device into the AI core which would allow a direct connection between the AI and the ship.

Once he plugged the device in Omni had appeared in front of him. "I must say this ship is impressive" Commented Omni as he had just been plugged into the ship's systems. Despite that, it didn't take him long to see the difference in firepower between the Forerunner Dreadnought and the most powerful UNSC ship.

To compare the two would not even be fair for the UNSC as the Forerunner dreadnought outclassed it in everything.

"Well, they do belong to the Forerunners, so I would expect no less," said Axel.

"I agree" Replied Omni. "Anyway, I'm assuming we are hunting that Covenant fleet."

Axel nodded his head "Yes we are" Answered Axel. "The latest reports revealed that they were attacking the planet Alchiba in the Alpha Corvi system. This report was half an hour ago, so I suggest we get moving."

"Copy that Admiral plotting jump to the Alpha Corvi system," said Omni.

"Good," replied Axel, and with a determined expression, he added, "and Omni?"

"Yes Admiral?" Omni responded, his holographic form flickering slightly as he stood on top of the tactical display.

"Send word to Admiral Ross to initiate Operation: Sunburst, just in case we don't make it back in due time."

"As you command," Omni replied as he sent the message to Admiral Ross.

The Forerunner Dreadnought vibrated slightly as its slipstream-drive hummed into life. The cosmic fabric of space seemed to warp and weave around them as they made the jump to Alchiba. To an onlooker, it would look as if they had disappeared into thin air.

They arrived at the Alpha Corvi system within minutes, far faster than anything the UNSC could achieve. Emerging from slipspace, the twin Dreadnoughts were greeted by the sight of a Covenant fleet presiding over Alchiba.

Immediately Omni's holographic avatar appeared near Axel. "Admiral," he reported quickly, "scans show 15 Covenant ships surrounding Alchiba with some debris from a destroyed UNSC ship. It appears that they have yet to glass the planet."

"We've arrived just in time then," said Axel, he was focused on the holographic display showing the entire system. "All hands, prepare to engage the Covenant."

Immediately all the crew started to focus on their assigned tasks. Omni had begun preparations as his avatar disappeared as he was fully committed to managing the ships' systems.

The Sojourner-class dreadnought was equipped with 28 Converging beam cannons, 300 Light mass fusillade cannon, and millions of autonomous Despair-class fighters which would be controlled by Omni as an AI was the only one capable of controlling that many autonomous fighters.

Omni had created a dozen subordinate AI programs which would control a portion of fighters, while he would direct them and organize them into groups to coordinate their attack.

The Covenant had noticed them and had turned to face them. Onboard his capital ship, the Arbiter was wondering what type of ship this was in front him. It didn't look like it belonged to the UNSC, but then why would it appear within this exact system above a human world?

"Arbiter they are launching fighters" alerted one of the covenant crewmembers.

Arbiter turned towards the one who spoke with a disgruntled face "Well launch our own fighters" he said as he turned back to see even more fighters emerging from the 2 ships.

Back on the bridge of one of the Forerunner dreadnoughts, Axel had watched the Covenant movements to see what they were going to do. But so far, they had done nothing, most likely they were confused as they had never seen a ship like this before.

That's what he thought until a few minutes later when the Covenant fired their Plasma torpedoes at them.

"Fire all weapons" Ordered Axel.

"The Converging Beam Cannons are firing," Omni reported, "Light Mass Fusillade Cannons are currently targeting enemy ships."

The AI programs Omni had created began controlling the autonomous Despair-class fighters, launching them in coordinated attacks against the Covenant fleet.

The first volley of Converging Beam Cannons hit their intended targets, obliterating two vessels instantly and crippling several others. The Light Mass Fusillade Cannons followed suit, releasing barrages of energy that traced lines of destruction across space.

On the bridge of his capital ship, the Arbiter watched in stunned disbelief as his fleet crumbled under the fire of just two ships. He barked orders to his crew to return fire and launch all fighters, but it seemed like a desperate struggle against a superior foe.

"Report!" Axel demanded from Omni. His gaze remained locked on the holographic display, watching as a few Covenant ships disappeared from the display.

"The Covenant fleet is scattering," Omni replied, "Seven have been destroyed entirely and five others are crippled."

Axel nodded upon hearing the report. The Dreadnoughts completely overwhelmed the Covenant fleet.

"Full speed ahead," ordered Axel, keeping his eyes on the crumbling Covenant fleet. "Take us right through the heart of their formation."

"Copy that, Admiral," said Omni as the two dreadnoughts increased speed.

The twin dreadnoughts swooped through the Covenant's scattered and shattered formation. Converging Beam Cannons continued to release deadly salvos of destruction while their Light Mass Fusillade Cannons shredded through any Covenant ship unlucky enough to be in their path.

The Despair-class fighters swarmed like a furious cloud of locusts over the enemy fleet, their relentless attacks causing havoc among the already disoriented Covenant forces.

On the Arbiter's ship, he didn't want to lose his fleet once again. So, he ordered the retreat. "All ships retreat"

Axel who had noticed this wanted to toy with the Arbiter who had been causing so much trouble for him in the outer colonies "Omni, target all the Covenant ships except for the Arbiter's ship".

Omni acknowledged as the dreadnought's weapons started targeting every Covenant ship except for the Arbiters. Axel knew that if the Arbiter returned with a destroyed fleet, then he would not be trusted anymore.

Once the battle was over, only 3 Covenant ships managed to escape while the others were annihilated by the dreadnoughts.

"Message Admiral Cole and tell him to get some ground troops on Alchiba to deal with the covenant ground troops. In the meantime, we will send down the MCUs to help them" Ordered Axel as Omni carried out his orders.

The Covenant fleet was destroyed, and the Arbiter was dealt with. He may not be dead, but he would surely not remain in command of his fleet once the High Prophet of Regret found out about his failure yet again.

In the meantime, Axel could begin his Gene-seed Surgery and not have to worry too much about the Covenant as they would start to be cautious going forward.

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