Halo Reborn

This Fanfic has an overpowered MC so you if don't like an overpowered MC Please Be Aware before reading. Axel Woods was a man reborn into the World of Halo as a Genius. He was given no superpowers nor special abilities. Only through his intelligence would he strive for greatness and become the most powerful person in the Galaxy.

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Chapter 1 Prologue

Before we delve into the new life of our main character, Axel Woods, let's reflect on the events that led to his current situation.

In the year 2030 on Earth, tensions were high as world powers engaged in conflicts that could have been avoided if not for the people in charge.

As a result, Axel Woods was conscripted into the military at a young age while he was still pursuing his Master's degree in Physics. This was just one aspect of his impressive journey; despite being born to low-income parents, he earned the title of "Prodigy of the 21st Century" with his academic achievements and hard work.

At only 16 years old, he had completed high school and received scholarships to pursue his desired field of study. His initial choice was biology, which he completed in just 2 years. This brought him recognition around the world, thanks to technology and social media.

From there, he delved into computer science as his next major. In the midst of studying this subject, he developed a personal AI that aided him in his plan of creating a universal cure for all diseases.

He was completely unaware of the gravity of the situation, and by the time he finished his work at the age of 20, it had already been stolen and destroyed. At the same time, he was conscripted into war.

You might be wondering why the Government didn't attempt to recruit him; well, the main reason was that his beliefs and values conflicted with what they wanted. He did not support the ongoing war and had no interest in contributing to the production of weapons or any other forms of support for the war effort.

His public statements in interviews made him unpopular with the Government. When the draft was initiated, he was forced to join the military as a Marine. Despite his intelligence, Axel was unable to avoid the draft and had no choice but to go and fight.

However, he excelled at officer school and quickly rose through the ranks, outshining all other officers.

The Government was determined to eliminate him because he posed a potential threat to their ideologies, considering his growing popularity. Their wish was granted when Axel was assigned a reconnaissance mission in enemy territory where he was ambushed and fatally injured.

However, before his death, his A.I. was programmed to send out all the information he gathered on Government officials and make it public for the world to see.

Axel was not a Hero or a Villain, but he refused to accept his death without some sort of compensation. He braced himself for the fiery depths of Hell, but instead, an Old man with a White beard appeared before him.

This man claimed to be God and offered Axel a single option: to be reborn into a new Universe where he could live freely and fulfill his desires.

Axel enthusiastically accepted the offer, and soon found himself reborn with the same name in the Halo universe. But before he left, God granted him a special gift: an enhanced intelligence that would make him unrivaled in the entire universe.

On January 21st, 2490, Axel Woods entered the world of Halo. However, his birth was not without its challenges. His mother, Aleena Woods, passed away during childbirth, while his father, Commander Joseph Gardner, fell victim to an attack by Insurrectionists amidst rising tensions within the Unified Earth Government's colonies.

Axel was left without parents or a guardian after the death of his mother and father. Despite efforts to locate any living relatives, none could be found by the Hospital. As a result, Axel was placed in an Orphanage where he spent the next 10 years of his childhood.

During this time, it became evident that Axel possessed exceptional intelligence and potential, prompting the Orphanage to enroll him in school. He excelled among his peers, catching the attention of Commander Preston Cole, a Naval Officer.

Commander Cole had read about the brilliance of this young child and wanted him to join the UNSC in the future once he is of age. Commander Cole was not doing this out of the kindness of his heart, no he was doing it because if he manages to get somebody like that in the UNSC and he thrives then he would be able to get Promoted fast.

On March 11th, 2500, Commander Cole officially adopted Axel Woods and decided to keep his name. As someone who was no stranger to the manipulative nature of politicians and those seeking power in the Military, Axel suspected that there was a hidden agenda behind the adoption.

However, he didn't plan on confronting Commander Cole about it just yet; instead, he would use this new alliance to his advantage for now.

On August 24th, 2500, Axel was transported to the colony of Circumstance, located in the Epsilon Eridani System and known for its prestigious universities and courts of justice.

Commander Cole had specially chosen Axel to attend these universities and continue his education in order to contribute to the ongoing Research and Developments of the UNSC.

The Government covered Axel's tuition costs as they believed in investing in his potential. And so, Axel embarked on a new life at the University on Circumstance.

Axel was determined to make the most of this opportunity, knowing that he needed to stay one step ahead of those who sought to manipulate him. As he settled into his studies, he quickly realized that he was surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the galaxy.

The university was a melting pot of talent, with students from various backgrounds and disciplines coming together to push the boundaries of knowledge. Axel found himself drawn to the fields of astrophysics and artificial intelligence, recognizing their potential for revolutionizing humanity's understanding of the universe.

Under the guidance of renowned professors, Axel's intellect soared to new heights. His enhanced intelligence allowed him to grasp complex concepts effortlessly, and his insatiable curiosity drove him to explore beyond the confines of his coursework.

In his spare time, Axel immersed himself in the study of Forerunner technology, fascinated by their advanced civilization and mysterious artifacts scattered throughout the galaxy. He spent hours pouring over ancient texts and deciphering intricate symbols, unraveling secrets that had eluded even the most renowned researchers and archeologists.

As Axel delved deeper into the study of Forerunner technology, he began to notice patterns and connections that others had missed. He unearthed a hidden language within the ancient texts, a code that revealed the true purpose and power of Forerunner artifacts.

Word of Axel's breakthrough discoveries spread like wildfire through the academic community. Professors and fellow students alike were astounded by his insights and begged to collaborate with him on research projects. But Axel, ever wary of being used for someone else's gain, decided to keep his findings to himself, at least for now.

He continued his solitary exploration, pouring over every scrap of information he could find about the Forerunners. He discovered that their technology was not just advanced, but otherworldly. It seemed as if they possessed knowledge that surpassed anything humanity had ever dreamed of.

With each new revelation, Axel's ambition grew. He couldn't help but dream of harnessing the power of the Forerunners for his own achievements.

But throughout this time Axel had caught the attention of another bright Student at the University who was interested in him. Her name was Catherine Halsey

and she was a prodigious scientist specializing in the field of genetics and bioengineering. Catherine had heard rumors of Axel's unparalleled intelligence and his groundbreaking discoveries in Forerunner technology. Intrigued, she sought him out to discuss a potential collaboration.

Their first meeting was filled with intellectual sparks, as they delved into the depths of their respective fields. Catherine was fascinated by Axel's understanding of Forerunner artifacts and saw immense potential in combining his knowledge with her expertise in genetics.

As they continued to work together, their connection deepened not only on an intellectual level but also on a personal one. Axel admired Catherine's determination and drive, while Catherine was captivated by Axel's unconventional thinking and fearlessness in pursuing forbidden knowledge.

Their collaboration led to groundbreaking breakthroughs in both Forerunner technology and genetic engineering. Together, they unlocked the secrets of the Forerunners' ancient artifacts, discovering how they could be harnessed to enhance human capabilities.

They become known as the Two prodigies of the University by the year 2507. Axel and Halsey was both 17 years of age at this time and there relationship had developed over the 7 years that they have spent with each other.

Halsey was obsessed with Axel and his knowledge. She was also attracted to his looks as he had Black Hair, Brown eyes with a well toned body since he worked out almost everyday to maintain a fit body. He also stood at a height of 6ft 6in.

But she didn't make any moves on him because she was too scared to get rejected.

And for her that was a mistake as Axel was given a special assignment by the UNSC which would put him through the Naval Academy where he would become an Officer so that he can be able to advance in the UNSC to help better develop it.

And unlike other Officers Axel started off at the rank of Lieutenant at the Naval Academy because of his achievements and the Government wanted him to rank up faster. After he got done with Officer school he would be given another special assignment to work with ONI.

Prior to departing from the University, he had pursued and earned degrees in various scientific fields, ranging from Bioengineering and Genetics to Robotics.

Meanwhile Halsey was left to her studies alone sad that Axel had left her alone on the planet. But she still continued her studies and had posted multiple thesis papers.

Halsey thought about Axel everyday that he was gone and couldn't wait until she could see him again.

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