3 Visit to Gringotts

''Hadrian.'' - Hadrian turned to face his grandfather, ''You don't have to worry about your coward of a father anymore, you'll be living with me and your grandmother from now on.'' Charlus said with finality in his voice.

Hadrian nodded and spoke for the first time - in a soft voice, ''Thank you, grandfather.''

Charlus and Dorea smiled fondly at the young boy.

As they made their way through the home, Dorea keyed Hadrian into the wards to allow him access inside - straight after, she removed James and Lily from the wards to prevent them from ever stepping foot into their home.

Inside the house was a house-elf waiting for the arrival of his masters, he noticed the small boy beside them and recognized him immediately. ''Master Potter, Mistress Black, Young Master Hadrian,''.

''Korby - go give Hadrian a tour around the mansion, get him familiar with it. He will be living here with us from now on.'', Charlus glanced at Hadrian and saw his hesitation - but it was dispelled quickly enough with a determined nod.

Seconds after they left, the aged couple let out a sigh.


-3 years later-

Hadrian had just turned seven years old. Since he began living with his grandparents, he adopted the attitude of an Heir of a Most Ancient and Noble House. He had perfected a variety of skills in the three years he was with his grandparents.

He had taken up Martial Arts and Running when he was five - his grandfather had said that it was of vital importance that he knew how to defend himself because he could always end up in a situation where he wouldn't have his wand with him, Hadrian agreed. He had taken up Martial Arts very well, he could often be seen sparring with children above his age and not breaking a sweat.

He was called a prodigy by all his peers and instructors - so much so that he was invited to a tournament for children aged 8-9 at the tender age of six. He won the tournament and made headlines in some local newspapers.

The other skills he had learned were: Calligraphy, Dancing, Armed Combat, Outdoor Survival, among others.

Hadrian was the one who had insisted on learning Calligraphy, he reasoned that it would help him learn the Potter Rune Arts much quicker.

Although, he need not have any worries about mastering any arts due to his eidetic memory. This, of course, helped him in his academic studies, but it also fuelled Hadrian to work harder; the memory of The Dark Lord's attack and the prophecy's prediction about his return remained as clear as day in his mind.

It was decided that he would keep the Potter name, but he often chose to go by the name of Hadrian Black. Hadrian had not seen his parents since the day he was abandoned - and he did not wish to either. He knew that his parents valued Arthur more because they thought he was the one that vanquished Voldemort.

The only ones who knew the truth of what happened that night were Hadrian and his Grandparents, he had decided to tell them on his 5th birthday. His grandparents were shocked but they believed Hadrian - he wasn't the type to lie. Moreover, they could feel the strength of his Magical Core, it was many times stronger and denser than children his age. And so, plans to make Hadrian as strong as possible were quickly put into action by his grandparents.

At times, Hadrian would get heated when he was sparring with the children, this brought on Dorea's suggestion of teaching Hadrian Occlumency - well at least the very early stages of it, meditation.

This allowed Hadrian to keep his emotions in check and allowed him to think more clearly - he wasn't allowed to move on with the more advanced Occlumency techniques due to his age, but it was safe to say he had mastered the state of entering meditation.

Hadrian looked into the mirror, his appearance had changed a lot - the Hadrian that first stepped foot into the manor and the Hadrian now were incomparable!

Hadrian now had longer hair, reaching just above his ears. His hair had become more wavy and full as well as incredibly luscious. His skin became a more golden-tanned color, very different from the paleness his face exhibited before. His eyes had become his most striking feature, they had now become a bright luminescent green that added to his overall charm.

He hadn't quite got bulging muscles but he had more defined muscles than most his age, this, of course, could be attributed to the strict physical demands of competitive martial arts and running.

''Hadrian!''- a shout brought Hadrian out of his reflection. It was the voice of his grandfather, Charlus.

Today was a very exciting day for Hadrian - he would be going to Gringotts to finally claim his heir rings and afterward, he would be receiving a special gift!

He ran down the stairs in anticipation of his grandparent's arms.

Charlus gave the young boy a brief hug and ruffled his hair with a smile.

''Ready?'', said Dorea. Hadrian nodded and before he knew it he was being apparated.

The feeling of separating was something that Hadrian had grown accustomed to, it was his grandparent's preferred mode of travel so he had no choice but to get used to it.

They found themselves in the Gringotts lobby and were met with stares from all the passing Goblins.

Hadrian was astounded, rows of goblins on high pedestals surrounded him.

The inside of Gringotts looked very lavish, nearly everything was decorated with marble and gold.

Hadrian followed his grandparents to one of the goblins that seemed to be waiting for their arrival.

'' Balgrott, old friend!'', Charlus exclaimed, '' How are you?''. The goblin shook Charlus's out-stretched hand and opened his mouth to reveal a toothy grin.

''Charlus. May your vaults be bountiful and your enemies blood flow in battle,''

''And may your harvests stay rich and the death of your enemies be swift,'' said Charlus in appreciation of Balgrott's respectful greeting.

Balgrott guided us to his room and offered us seats.

''I trust you have told the boy what's to come?'' said Balgrott knowingly.

Charlus nodded his head.

''Well boy, I am Balgrott - the Black family's account manager as well as the Potter's. Yes - I know who you are so spare the introductions.'' Hadrian nodded, confused as to why he didn't show the same courtesy towards him that he showed to his grandfather.

Balgrott stood up and walked into the room behind him to bring a small mahogany box and knife. He opened the box to reveal two plain rings, one black - one red, sat upon red silk. He placed the knife beside the box.

'' one drop of blood on each ring, no more - no less. This will tell us if you are worthy of being heir to House Potter or House Black.'', came the straightforward explanation from Balgrott.

Hadrian did as he was told, he cut his index finger and allowed his blood to drip onto the rings. Soon after - the rings glowed red and black respectively. Hadrian glanced at his grandparents and saw looks of pride.

''Put them on Hadrian, dear,'' said Dorea. Hadrian put them on. He felt his magic pouring into the rings at an alarming rate and began to feel light-headed. The rings ceased consuming Hadrian's magic and Hadrian noted that the ring's appearances changed.

The Black family ring now had two wolves in the center facing away from each other and the words, 'Toujours Pur' at the bottom. The ring was now a deeper, obsidian black color.

The Potter ring, which was a plain red before, became scarlet red and now had a golden star - which Hadrian knew to be a Rune - in the center and the words 'Toujours debout' at the bottom.

Hadrian felt magic slowly pour into his core. '' I've never seen the rings react like this before - you are a complete heir Hadrian!'', was the dumbfounded proclamation that came from Charlus.

'' A complete heir is someone that embodies the family values and the qualities of the original creator of the ring - or in your case - rings. The Black family ring will allow you to learn spells easier while the Potter family ring will allow you to learn Transfiguration easier as well as Rune magic,'' explained Dorea, seeing the perplexed face that Hadrian was making.

Hadrian seemed satisfied by that and flushed with pride.

''Would you like Hadrian to participate in a Heritage test to see if there are any other vaults he could claim?'' said Balgrott with a greedy smirk visible on his face.

''No thank you, we will come back for that test as well as the others when Hadrian is due to start his first year in Hogwarts,'' Charlus said dismissively.

Balgrott huffed and walked off. Charlus just shook his head and chuckled as he watched his goblin friend go back to his stations.

Hadrian and his grandparents decided to leave Gringotts and made their way to the exit.

Hadrian followed them but just as they were leaving, he turned around in the direction of Balgrott and gave a bow in front of all the goblins.

This show of respect and humility did not go unnoticed by the goblins, their faces showed shock and a trace of respect. Balgrott smirked and thought, 'What an interesting boy..'

Hadrian swiftly caught up to his grandparents - who had no idea of the exchange that just occurred.

''Hadrian.'' said Charlus

''Yes grandfather?'' responded Hadrian

'' I remember telling you that you would be getting a surprise gift - why we are on our way to fetch it right now, ''

Hadrian's thoughts began racing, he had been thinking about this for the whole day. He expected a broom or maybe even a new pet but was still unsure.

Hadrian was quickly brought out of his thoughts by the sudden halt of his grandparents.

Hadrian looked up to see why they had stopped at this specific store - as far as he knew, the broom store and the emporium were further down the street.

He looked up to an old sign that read, 'Ollivanders - Makers Of Fine Wands Since 382 BC'.

Hadrian's mouth dropped, he was going to be getting a wand!

'I thought only first years are allowed wands?' thought Hadrian confused at the gift he assumed he would be getting.

''Yes, you will be getting your first wand - you will need it to attend Aunriton, Academy Of The Arcane. The Wizarding Primary School in America,'' said Charlus, trying to suppress a smile at Hadrian's reaction.

Hadrian, thrilled at the news - rushed into the shop.

Charlus and Dorea laughed heartily at Hadrian's enthusiasm.

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