Guardian of the sea- One Piece Edition

Born with much larger wings and physique than normal, Michael in the world of one piece goes down into the wide blue sea.

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14 Chs

Chapter 2 First battle-2

Two days later Michael stood on a midsized formed cloud. Standing not too far in front of him was another person of similar age. It was quite obvious who that person was. It was Noira's chosen fighter and he must be their general's son.

The person stood about 6'0 which is a bit shorter than Michael. He had black hair with dark skin. The armor that he wore looked slightly different. In fact it didn't even look like he wore any armor. There were only armor from his elbows to his finger tips and his shoes. However, the armor at the finger tips were sharpened taking the shape a claw. There were small sharpened points on the forearm of the armor and lastly the shoes also hade a pointed edge. Other than these armor points, he wore light armor.

Michael wore thick arm gauntlets and leg armor. He had one short sword located on both his left and right side. Particularly on his elbows and the back of his shoes were jet dials that over the years, he has learned to master the extreme speed it brings. Combined with the strength of his wings, Michael's speed is near instantaneous. This was the reason why at a young age, Michael was already considered one of the strongest fighters on Astra and also the reason why despite hearing he mysterious and strong powers that his opponent possess, he was still confident.

On both of their respected side were according to both of their mutual agreement that only the leaders would be allowed to be there to avoid any ambushes on either side.

The king on Astra's side raised his voice once everyone was positioned and said, " Like what we agreed upon King Onano, the only people here are our generals and fighters. Our fighters will fight until either one gives up or surrender and the winning side will get the devil fruit."

King Onano " Of course, Both sides will honor the agreement. The fight will begin when both fighters are ready. "

Michael gave a military bow and introduced himself. " Michael."

The other side responded in kind. " Theo."

As Michael drew his two short sword, Theo also got ready as he pointed his fingers and kept it together. It then started spinning rapidly as if it were drills.

Michael, finally seeing the strange power in-person grew even more cautious as he tightened his grip on his short swords. He closed his eyes for a brief moment as he regains his composure and determination. He then heard a voice, "right shoulder. "

Hearing the voice, Michael already knew what to do and where this voice was coming from. Tilting his shoulders slight. As Michael did this, a drilling sound can be heard and in a few seconds, Theo's right hand had appeared piercing where his right shoulder was before.

Hearing a slight 'tch' Michael also made his move and swung towards Theo's neck. However, it was quickly blocked as Theo rotated his upper body allowing him to spin and block the short sword. With the two weapons colliding, Michael was bounced off due to the sheer force of the rotating upper body.

With a few meters of distance between them, Theo said grimly, " Looks like the rumors are true. You possess mantra. Not many people possess that ability."

Michael " Are you going to surrender now?"

Theo shook his head, " Although you read my moves, that will only matter if you can keep up with my movements."

Sure enough, Theo started moving at a faster speed then his initial move. He thrusted forward with the help of his jet dial. Michael quickly dodge to the side but Theo continued his attack with his spinning hands and quickly twisted his body to chase after Michael. Michael continued to dodge Theo's onslaught of attacks as he read his mind.

Learning how to fight as a soldier, there is always a pattern of attacks. Since Theo was also a trained soldier. There are basics honed into him that can't be shaken. For example, attacking the vitals areas like the head and heart for a quick victory.

Understanding that and reading Theo's attacks, Michael dodged each of Theo's instant kill attacks that came towards him within moments of his death. Michael also knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge forever so he leapt back and flew to the sky with his wings.

Theo " I have also heard of your flight prowess that none but you possess. I have also found a way to fight against that."

Theo quickly put on the gliding shoes with breath dials on and flew into the sky towards Michael. However, Michael smiled at the arrogance that Theo had for the counter against him. There is no way for someone who can't fly fight in the air as naturally as him, someone who can fly. Although fast, Theo's movements are even easier to read as one would have to constantly think of their every movement because one move could leave them with an opening. Furthermore, flying using dials will only give them straight movements and are not as nimble in the air.

Using his short sword to deflect the hand thrust to the side, he clasped his hands together and raised it above his head and swung down with all of his strength, causing Theo to fall down at an uncontrollable speed.

With a big crash and cloud dispersing, Theo laid there briefly stunned from the impact. Michael flew a bit higher before aiming his short swords in his hands at Theo and with another flap, flew down at Theo. Flying down like a falling star, His short swords began to heat up due to the friction of the speed. If Michael's attack hit Theo, then it will more than likely split him in half due to the sheer force of it.

However, the opponent knew better than just to sit still. Theo started to rotate his body to his limit. He knew that if he doesn't then even with his spinning prowess, it wouldn't be enough to block the incoming attack. The only thing that Theo couldn't rotate would be his head in battle, or else he will just get dizzy and disorientated.

As the two attacks collided, spark began to fly as fist and sword began to clash with each other. With the two constantly colliding, Michael noticed that his sword was reaching it's breaking point and had no choice but to stop his attack. Landing a few meters away, Michael looked down to his weapons and saw that there were cracks on them. If there was another long clash like that, there was no doubt that his swords would break. If his swords break and his opponent is not finished, then that would be the end of the battle.

Looking into the distance, Michael noticed something as Theo was starting to stand up. His hands and whole body seems to be trembling. Their battle was short but because of the effect it will have on their kingdom, they have been giving it all with every move that they made, not holding back in the slightest.

Michael " It looks like that power causes a strain on your body. Let's settle this in the next move."

Panting heavily and feeling the soreness in his body Theo replied, " Sounds good to me."

Michael crouched down low to the ground and was on all fours with the short swords still in his hands. He expanded his wings to their limits and getting him ready for one last send off before his last attack.

The other side also prepared accordingly, both of Theo's entire arms started to spin. Sounds of drills and wind blowing was coming from his arms and feet.

In the next instant, the two unleashed their ability at the same time and past each other in an instant with a metal clang sound resulting of their brief clash.

With this clash, both sides also stood up waiting to see who had won between the two. As the Michael and Theo stood up, Michael's short swords broke in apart and he fell to one knee.

Seeing the result the other side Noira's side didn't even rejoice because they had already knew what happen. Noira's general soon clenched his fist in frustration. The reason being is because Theo soon collapsed to the floor, as blood splurged outwards from his throat.

As the two collided, they did indeed clash, but as Michael adjusted very slightly his trajectory, the broken sword managed to cut his throat.

Michael " Be quick, with the state of my sword, I did not manage to cut that deep. If you make it in time, he can be saved."

Without wasting another moment, the Theo's father ran towards Theo, picked him up and ran back to their kingdom at full speed.

Seeing this, both king's gave a wry smile as even though he was a general whose duty was to protect their king, he saved his son without a second thought. If their side had any bad intentions then, their Noira's King could've been killed right then.

Noira's king " In honor of our agreement, your kingdom will be given the devil fruit." He then looked towards Michael, " Congratulations, young man."

He soon left and followed after his general and the wounded Theo.

King Onano walked up to the devil fruit and picked it out from its stem. The fruit had a bizarre pattern and color. The fruit it took form in was a grapefruit. However, it looked like it had a transparent covering on it like a shield and inside was so colorful that it made it look like it was moving.

Without hesitation he threw it to Michael and said, " Eat it, we won this battle because of you. You deserve this power more than anything. "

As Michael caught the fruit he hesitated slightly and looked towards his father. Seeing the slight nod and smile from his father, he took a large bite on the devil fruit as juice started to leak due to the bite.

As a colorful fruit, one would think that it would've tasted delicious or sweet because he thought that would be how it would feel like gaining new power, but his expectations were a let down. It was the more horrible fruit he has ever tasted and was about to throw it up, but knew that this would be a waste so he decided to endure the taste and swallowed the whole thing down and quickly finished the fruit.