Chapter 46 Second Food Skill

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The following morning dawned.

Qin Lang woke up amid occasional thuds from his chest.

With one hand he stilled Dan Bao's attempts to keep thudding and burst out both exasperated and amused, "Enough, enough, I'm awake."


Dan Bao cheered once, the small yolk head was filled with anticipation.

They were going for a picnic today!

"Be patient," Qin Lang sat up from the bed, pulling on clean clothes while explaining, "The focus of our picnic today is barbecue, but we also need to prepare some other foods for the picnic."

"Besides food, we also need things like picnic blankets, portable barbecues, and so on."

In the midst of their conversation, Qin Lang had changed and headed to the washroom to freshen up.

The next moment he poked his head out from the bathroom, looking at Dan Bao.

"Oh right."

"The issue of the barbecue's fire source, I'll leave it to you." Qin Lang gave a thumbs up, "I trust you!"

It wasn't because the barbecue stove was too heavy to carry.