Chapter 19: Puzzled Salesperson and Special Training

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"Fu Guan, what are you up to?"

A voice brought Fu Guan back from his daydreams.

He glanced at the salesperson in the adjacent mutton area, "Old Tang, how were your sales today?"

"About the same as before." Tang You spread his hands and came over to sit next to Fu Guan. "Compared to beef, the cost of mutton is lower. I envy you for having such high daily sales."

The salespersons' earnings are tied to the sales, and the revenue of the beef area that Fu Guan was in charge of was among the highest in the whole food market, naturally making his cut the highest too.

It was dinner time, the market was relatively quiet, and the two salespersons started chatting.

In a good mood, Fu Guan began, "Guess what, a Spirit Chef came to the beef area to buy ingredients for a food fight today. Guess which part of the beef he bought?"