2 Arrival


When I woke up I remembered my conversation with death and that I am now in a world of Game of Thrones. After getting up from bed I was hit with a flood of memories from this body.

'I am now Arthur Bloodborn, heir to the Bloodborn family. People of Skagos have a good opinion of my family since we make sure that everyone has enough food to survive winter. Skagos is sometimes raided by wildlings but they are unsuccessful because every village in Skagos is surrounded by a wooden palisade and has enough armed men to defend it.

The coffers of our house have 10000 gold dragons. Our family keeps is named Bloodfort and is a small wooden fort.

When my father was called for war he sailed with 1000 warriors, but he didn't take our ancestral valyrian sword.'

As I stopped thinking about my new memories, I started focusing on my magic and knowledge of my previous world. After a while, I could feel magic around me and remember every spell, shout, rune, how to make wards, and all my knowledge of my previous world.

'So I have all that knowledge, now how do I activate my system'

Then suddenly in front of my face appeared a blue screen.


[Summoning System]




-Special Summons


'Lets check summons first'



:(Middle Earth)

-Swordsman (Human) - 50 gold

-Cavalry (Human) - 100 gold

-Archer (Human) - 60 gold

-Heavy Infantry(Dwarf) - 50 gold

-Goat Riders(Dwarf) - 100 gold

-Engineers(Dwarf) - 2000 gold

-Smiths(Dwarf) - 2000 gold

-Dwarf - 10 gold

:(Assassins Creed)

-Assassin - 75 gold

-Grandmaster Assassin - 300 gold


-Mage - 150 gold

-Master Mage - 1000 gold



'Good now let's check special summons'


[Special Summons]


:(Middle Earth)

-Gandalf - 10000 gold

-Aragorn - 7500 gold

-Legolas - 7500 gold

-Thorin - 7500 gold

-Saruman - 8000 gold

:(Assassins Creed)

-Altair - 10000 gold

-Ezio Auditore - 10000 gold

-Edward Kenway - 9000 gold

-Eivor(male) - 6500 gold

:(Pirates of the Caribbean)

-Jack Sparrow - 8000 gold

:(Legend of King Arthur)

-King Arthur - 9000 gold

-Merlin - 10000 gold

:(The Witcher)

-Geralt - 10000 gold

-Vesemir - 10000 gold



'Ok now let's try to access my inventory'

I started concentrating on myself and then a ring appeared on my finger. After concentrating on my ring I could feel all my items, golden dragons, and my two dragon eggs in there. There are approximately 2 million in there.

'I can work with that'

As I stopped thinking about this the door to my room opened. In the door, I saw our Maester Marwyn and butler Armond. Then Maester Marwyn said.

Marvyn: "Young lord raven has arrived that your father Erik Bloodborn had died in a battle of Trident"

After those words tears started flowing down my cheeks, I didn't know why I am feeling sad maybe because I had memories of this body. I wiped my tears off my face and said.

MC: "When will my father arrive and how many men we lost in that battle"

Marvyn: "His body will arrive in one moon and we lost 200 men in the rebellion"

MC: "Armond we must tell people about this and prepare the funeral for my father and our soldiers."

Armond: "Of course young lord"

After that, they both leave.


(3rd person pov)

We see Maester Marvyn and Armond leaving the lord's room.

Marvyn: "Our young lord must be devastated by his father's death but he hides it because he knows he must be strong to rule Skagos. We must help with all we can "

Armond: "Yes, but I know he is strong and he will lead Skagos to a better future."

Marvyn: "Yes, now we must announce our lord's death to people and send messengers to all villages."

Armond: "I will immediately send messengers and announce this to the people of Skagos."


(MC pov)

'Now I must make plans for the future. After that with my magic, I will create a tunnel to the valleys that are inside our mountains, start building a city there and start mining for ores. We must implement rotational farming so our soil won't become barren and start fertilizing them with natural fertilizers. I will create some wards around newly created fields to enhance our harvest and make fields warmer. For now, it will suffice.'

Now I must prepare to inherit my house and speak to my people.



Should MC have multiple women or just one?

If one who should be his wife?


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