Good or Bad, Does it matter? (Harry Potter Fanfic)[TN]

Grid, a normal guy who lost everything at the whim of someone powerful. He was broken and lost, with no goal in life but then he made REVENGE his goal, he reached the pinnacle of strength just so that he can get his revenge...... But now what? He's at the end of his life, dying......what will happen now? . . . MC will be reincarnated as Severus Snape. If you want to read extra chapters or support me, you can do so by joining my Patreon: patreon.com/lucifer09. I do not own anything. I do not own the cover, if it belongs to you and you want me to take it down, just comment or tell me in review. It is a translation, it belongs to Soma, and I have his permission.

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chapter 110

Severus thoughtfully watched the four-metre creature, with the body of a gorilla, the head of a tiger and bear paws, which was currently eating another animal, and this was not the first perversion of magic encountered by Severus.

It seemed to Snape that the territory of the chimaeras was a kind of training ground, where magic ran as crazy as one could, creating monsters so contradictory that it was a wonder how some could even live and survive.

But this creature looked even more or less decent, earlier he had a chance to see a real monster, from which, even Severus, who had seen a lot, twisted his face in disgust.

It was a hairless, grey-skinned creature that moved on six limbs and had three strange appendages in place of a scorpion-like tail. If it were just an animal, then the wizard would not have experienced any feelings, but the upper part of the body belonged to a man and the two front paws were incredibly long arms, on which there were three fingers with claws, and instead of a head, there was only a hole filled with teeth. Even for him it was hard to guess from which monsters this creature was assembled, and Severus would not really like to meet this monster again.

Therefore, he decided to quickly find the right ingredient and leave this crazy jungle, and Nagini was completely in solidarity with him, because their appearance caused some kind of depressive feeling, which she would like to get rid of as soon as possible.

Of course, in addition to the dark side, there was also a light side, like: a hare with a long, dark horn and a fox tail; a griffin having the body of a lion, wings and the head of an eagle; and the same lion, although it was a mixture of four animals, but at the same time it was especially beautiful.

Severus even thought about taking it with him if they had a chance to meet. But he did not plan to stay in this place for a long time, even for the sake of it, he did not plan, therefore, having again covered himself with a masking spell, Severus continued to move forward.

But, not having time to go even a hundred metres, Severus stopped again and stared with curiosity at a small magical creature with the body and legs of a lion, the head of a doe, a snake tail, wings and dragon horns, which at the moment was "fighting" with its and the tail was winning.

"Is it fate?"

"Maybe then we'll take this cub, and leave that colossus?" suggested Nagini, who knew that Snape wanted to take that lion with him.

The wizard did not answer, but only thoughtfully looked to the right, then to the left, and increasing his perception, the radius of which after crossing into the "forbidden" part of the forest had almost halved, he looked up and grinned. "So that's how it is…"


"Look for yourself," Severus answered mysteriously, pointing to the same monster with the body of a gorilla, which, after a hearty dinner, went to the kid, who was still playing with his tail.

The snake was a little surprised to see that monster and saw where he went. She experienced a bit of excitement, but the fact that "Severus" was still smiling calmed her a little.

The cub, who saw the approach of the chimera, to the surprise of Nagini, was not afraid at all, but on the contrary, he even cheered up a little and effortlessly began to growl in his direction.

Such a reaction alerted the creature, he abruptly stopped and began to look around, but not noticing anything strange, the monster proudly stuck out his chest and again headed towards him.

"Raar!" the cub "growled" in his direction.

The monster, as if mocking his actions, bared his teeth and threw a handful of earth at him, from which the baby was thrown back a meter, but he quickly jumped up and growled in his direction again, but in a much more displeased voice.

Chimera in response only narrowed its eyes rather and did not approach the cub directly, but began to turn circles, occasionally pretending that it was going to attack, and then quickly returning back.

Of course, this made the cub very angry and he himself headed towards the beast, which only amused the beast and it wondered what the cub would try to do.

And when they were already separated by a meter, the cub stopped and, opening his mouth, a powerful stream of flame escaped from it, at the sight of which, all the hairs on the body of the chimera stood on end, but it didn't even have time to squeak, as it was swallowed up by fire and the smell of burning spread throughout the area, the little deer proudly lifted his head up and after a few seconds the battle between the tail and the cub resumed, right next to the burning body, showing no signs of life ...

Watching this from the side, Nation could not contain her shock, because the cub, who was the size of an ordinary dog, was able to burn a monster four metres high and the monster did not even have time to evade this attack.

She was even afraid to imagine how strong his parents were then.

"Interesting kid," smiling, Severus jumped down from the tree, which immediately attracted the attention of the cub.

"S-Severus… maybe you should leave him? You already recruited beasts from the two previous zones…"

"If you leave this forest, then only with good souvenirs," and as if understanding what he said, the magical creature squinted displeased and growled in his direction, "Lion's roar from the head of a doe, apparently, I was wrong in assuming that you consist only of certain parts of the body of different animals, apparently your organs may belong to different creatures."

This time, baby, he didn't just wait for the person to take the first step, but instead he ran at Severus and without hesitation, he again released a flame from his mouth, which, like before completely swallowed up Severus, but…

"Not bad" a cheerful, male voice sounded directly from the huge fireball, and in the next moment the flame simply dissipated, which really shocked the doe.

And in the same second, an angry lion's roar resounded throughout the district, from which the nearby chimaeras experienced animal horror in front of a monster an order of magnitude higher and ran away at full speed, as far as possible.

And a red-haired whirlwind dived from the sky, landing right in front of Snape and shielding the cub. It was a huge lion, almost thirteen metres high, and with the exception of the head, it looked exactly like a doe.

"Human! Leave this place!" a loud, human voice rang out from the monster's mouth and two red eyes dug into the figure of Severus, who, under powerful mental and magical pressure, did not even move, but still stood calmly and looked at the monster with a smile.

Although the beast wanted to tear the pitiful little man apart, his calmness caused him some strange bad feeling, and there was a cub behind him, so he decided to try to negotiate.

"Listen, have you thought about moving?" As soon as Severus said this, a huge paw rushed in his direction, and the wizard's smile grew into a grin …



In a rather spacious room with three windows and a couple of mannequins, a young man with dark hair was lying on the floor, his shirt was completely soaked with sweat, and his chest rose and fell in time with uneven breathing.

He gripped the wand tightly and tried to get up again, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

"That's enough for today, you did a good job," a pleasant, feminine voice sounded in the room.

"Cousin, give me five minutes, I can still…"

"I said, "that's enough for today," she added firmly, narrowing her eyes, which made the wizard's already pale face even whiter.

"Yes, cousin!" releasing his wand, he finally relaxed, "Listen, was there no news from "him"? he asked cautiously, rising and leaning on his hands.

"Hmph! It will be just wonderful if he never comes back."

Hearing her answer, the young man couldn't help but grin, while deep down wondering how Snape could fall in love with this crazy woman.

"Mom said that you should come to her today, it is somehow connected with the Lestranges, I saw their house-elf with a letter …"

"And why are you telling me this?" Bella asked him indifferently, without even turning around and calmly heading towards the exit, "Tomorrow at the same time."

"Yes, cousin…" and as soon as she left the room, Regulus tightly clenched his fist and bared his teeth, "Two more years and I can join the Dark Lord… although I'm still far from her, even with those spells…" wearily sighing, he got to his feet and swayed as he headed for the exit.


Having reached her room and closing the door behind her, the woman went to the bed and fell face down into the pillow, and then rolled over onto her back, out of the corner of her eye, she caught on a golden mirror decorated with roses, lying on the nightstand: "... I'll try to contact you more often, if I can, of course, in that place, but if something serious happens, just break it and I'll know right away ..." - remembering the words " Severus" before leaving, Bella felt herself starting to get angry again.

"Crap!" she pulled out her wand, waved it and the yellow beam rushed towards the bedside table, towards the gift from Severus, but at the last moment, it deviated to the right and hit the vase, which in a moment shattered to smithereens, and the mirror remained completely unharmed… "Why! Why can't I do this?!" Hitting the wall with her fist, she tossed her wand aside.

"WHY??!" sullenly rising from the bed, she went to the gift and grabbed it, she waved sharply and… her hand froze, "If I do this, then he can terminate all relations with the master… yes… I shouldn't do this…" swallowing, she placed the mirror back on the nightstand, "That's right…"

Although deep down, she understood that these were just excuses, but to admit to herself, the woman simply could not ... And just at that moment an old house elf appeared in the room in a torn rag covering her nakedness.

"Missy, the Mistress is calling you…"

"Tell me that I'll come right now," returning the aloofness on her face, she looked at him indifferently, "And remove all the fragments."

"Y-yes!" the elf snapped his fingers and the vase quickly gathered back, at the same time, Bella had already left the room and headed down the stairs …




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