His Royal Highness Demonstrates His Power

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"It's the Peerless Battleaxe!" Xuanyuan Ze cried out in surprise.

The Peerless Battleaxe was Xuanyuan Kun's ultimate weapon, and the old man wouldn't use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

The battle hadn't started yet, and already the Old Master had taken out his ultimate battleaxe, which showed how highly he thought of Jun Linyuan.

Instantly, many people turned their eyes to Jun Linyuan.

The crown prince's face was breathtakingly beautiful, but right now, no one was paying attention to his good looks. All they could sense was his terrifying energy.

"Bring it on!"

Old Master Xuanyuan charged out furiously, and his battleaxe swept through the air!

Even in a deadly battle like this, the crown prince remained splendidly elegant. He didn't use any sort of weapon, for his weapon was his hands.

The Peerless Battleaxe swung at Jun Linyuan's face, moving as fast as a streak of lightning.