78 Celebrate What?

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"Do you see what you've done? You're an embarrassment to our clan!" Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu and taunted her. "Did you think you could attract the crown prince by dressing up like this and putting on this virtuous girl act? That's just preposterous!"

After another contemptuous glance, Feng Liu quickly ran out of the courtyard.

Seeing that the bunch of people had left as quickly as they had arrived, Feng Wu was exhilarated!

She did it!

She had successfully fooled them all!

Which meant that no one had found out who Feng Xiaowu really was, nor did they know that she had taken the juice of that Immortal Spiritual Fruit. This was such great news!

Feng Wu made a fist in excitement!

Finally, she could start working on that Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill!

Just when Feng Wu was about to go into the refinery, her beautiful mother grabbed her hand with that pitiful look on her face again.

Feng Wu could turn her back on any sort of pleading, but when her mother looked at her in that way, saying "no" simply wasn't an option.

"What's wrong, mum?" Feng Wu asked in a lower and much softer voice.

The beautiful lady rubbed her flat belly and whined, "… Hungry."

Feng Wu was speechless.

"So hungry…" Her mother's eyes sparkled, which made her look even more delicate.

Feng Wu could hardly bear to look at her mother's pleading eyes, or listen to her imploring.

Was the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill important? Very!

But compared with her beautiful mother… Feng Wu sighed. That pill could wait, but her mother's empty stomach couldn't.

"So?" Feng Wu looked at her dear mother in resignation.

She sometimes even felt that she had switched roles with her mother. Why did it feel like she was the one raising a daughter, not the other way round? Feng Wu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Sister, Sister, are you cooking for us? Really?"

Feng Xiaoqi, who had been listening to their conversation, was over the moon. "Sister, it's been a while since you cooked for us!"

Looking from Feng Xiaoqi to her beautiful mother, both of whom stared at her expectantly, Feng Wu didn't know what to say. "… Is my cooking that good?"

"Yes!" Feng Xiaoqi held up a fist in excitement. "Sister, you have no idea! Your dishes are so delicious that I can practically swallow my tongue along with them!"

"Yes!" Even her beautiful mother, who usually looked so naive and innocent, looked excited now. Not only did she nod repeatedly, she wouldn't even let go of Feng Wu's hand.

Feng Xiaoqi went on singing Feng Wu's praises. "Plus, there's something so therapeutic about your dishes. They're just heartwarming!"

"Yes! Yes!" Looking at Feng Wu with her doe eyes, the beautiful lady nodded earnestly.

Prior to her reincarnation, apart from being a secret agent, Feng Wu had also been a gourmet chef. She had spent three years mastering Chinese cuisine, as well as the basic cooking styles of eight other major countries.

Feng Wu said in resignation, "Alright. If you really want, I'll cook us something to celebrate."

"Celebrate what?"

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