Goddess of Ice: Corrupting Bleach

Oh no! Aizen's plan succeeded! Fortunately, Aizen succeeding with his plan was part of Yuna's plan all along. Unfortunately, Aizen succeeding being part of Yuna's plan was part of his plan all along. Fortunately, Aizen succeeding being... Anyway, Yuna (The OC from my previous fic) decides to send a clone to explore a mysterious portal; however, things turn out rather badly due to the interruption of a certain famous someone, and her adventure doesn't start how she wanted to... Oh well, at least she has her little brother and one of her wives with her. I will try to write this in a way that even people who don't know Naruto, Bleach, and my previous fic will understand what is going on, but they will undoubtedly not understand some jokes and references. Previous Book: https://www.webnovel.com/book/goddess-of-ice-reborn-as-naruto's-twin-sister-%5Bcompleted%5D_18923491906741805 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Maerry Discord: https://discord.gg/hSQQ9Ydthh

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A new World

Deep inside an ancient-looking ruin, a massive group of women and a single man stood in front of a big arch made out of unknown material. Inside the said arch, mysterious black energy was constantly spinning around.

A woman with long blue and red hair, that was smoothly flowing down her back, and piercing purple eyes looked at the construct in front of her with interest. She wore a white long-sleeved kimono with snowflakes printed on its seams and was currently pretending to stroke a long beard she didn't have.

"Karin, chair."

"Yes, Yuna-sama."

A young woman with long crimson hair and crimson eyes wearing a japanese-style maid outfit walked forward. One might reasonably expect her to place a chair behind the first woman who spoke, Yuna. Instead of doing so, she went on her hands and knees, allowing Yuna to sit down on her back, causing a few people to roll their eyes while two people looked at Karin with envy.

"Mhh, another one of these portals. Portals like this that allow you to reach realms with totally different rulesets didn't exist in my previous life, so I really wonder where these things came from."

While traveling around, Yuna and her little group occasionally found ancient ruins of unknown origins. All of them had different building styles, but they always had one thing in common. There would inevitably be a portal leading to another world deeply hidden underneath the ruins. Other worlds, where chakra could not be used, and one had to adapt to a different power system. Well, due to her previous life as a cultivator, absorbing the energy naturally generated from life itself was possible, so at least some form of cultivation was always an option. That was the case, at least in the worlds Yuna had visited so far.

A woman with almost water-like blue hair and white eyes with blue pupils filled with overlapping white flower patterns nodded her head in agreement. She wore tight-fitting black pants, a simple purple t-shirt with a blue, ten-tailed fox on it, and a blue open zipper jacket.

"Yeah, these things are really weird. I can only shudder when I remember the world where people drank breastmilk to power up."

Yuna couldn't help but chuckle in amusement when she heard the woman complains. That certainly had been an... intriguing place.

"Hehe, I didn't find that world to be too bad, Hinata."

[Of course, you didn't. After all, you are a degenerate.]

'That's probably part of the reason, yes. Besides that, what do you know about sucking a nice pair of tits, virgin Kurama?'

[What's the point of calling an asexual, strictly speaking, genderless creature a virgin?]

'Well, first of all, because you are. Second, if that bothers you, I can always turn you into a woman and let you join my harem.'

[F*cking furry.]

'*Urgh* I would obviously turn you into a human as well. Get your mind out of the gutter.'

[Turning me into a human? Eww, miss me with that.]

'Come on, Kurama. Be a little more open. You can even keep your ears and tails.'

[Seriously, do we need to have this conversation every few years?]


While Yuna was bickering with the giant fox that lived rent-free in her body, Hinata only rolled her eyes at Yuna's words and didn't comment any further. Yuna being a pervert wasn't exactly a rare occasion, so Hinata had long since become used to her antics. Meanwhile, another woman with crimson, almost fire-like hair and a huge snake loosely coiled around her body could only shake her head when she heard the duo's conversation. This woman wore a loose-fitting jacket with a tight mesh shirt underneath it and a pair of black trousers.

"Seriously, I can't understand why you two even bother with these different worlds. Isn't it extremely annoying to learn a new power system every time you arrive at a new place?"

This question earned quite a few nods of agreement from the surrounding people, while Yuna couldn't help but chuckle in amusement. After all, being extremely powerful and suddenly returning to being weak again wasn't a nice feeling at all.

"Well, the feeling of slowly regaining your strength is certainly not for everyone, Anko. Especially the initial loss of power can feel really annoying~"

"Yeah, that's true, but I really like experiencing all the different ways to become stronger, no matter how bizarre some of them are."

"Hehe, aren't you just going with Yuna so you can prevent her from picking up too many women, Hinata?"

Hinata's face flushed a little as she glared at Anko. Although that wasn't the entire truth, it was undoubtedly part of it. She shuddered at the thought of Yuna traveling "unsupervised". Well, it's not like it was possible to restrain Yuna completely, but having someone by her side would at least prevent the situation from utterly escalating. That was at least Hinata's opinion.

Meanwhile, a tall woman with brownish-red hair and green eyes shook her head with a wry smile on her face. Her hair was styled into a top-knot while still flowing down her back and shoulders and covering a chunk of her face. She wore a long-sleeved, dark blue dress that fell just below the knees and didn't cover her shoulders.

"I'm with Anko on this one. I simply don't get the appeal. Besides, there always is a risk of dying, making the whole thing even less appealing."

Yuna simply shrugged her shoulders after hearing these words. Indeed, after suddenly being powerless, dying was quite the risk factor. However, Yuna certainly wouldn't willingly lose her power if there was a real chance of dying.

"Well, it's not like I'm entering it with my real body, Mei. I do agree that dying isn't a pleasant experience, even if it is just a split body, though. Well, it's not like I want to use a split body, but that I have to, as I'm pretty sure that portal would simply brake if I were to enter it with my real body. What do you think, Kaguya?"

A woman with long white hair, white skin, and three eyes stepped forward and eyed the portal. She wore a long-sleeved, white kimono that had black tomoe printed on it. The eye on her forehead glowed ominously, and after a few seconds, she nodded her head in agreement. Kaguya's third eye gave her ridiculous control over space, allowing her to teleport around easily and even create new dimensions instantly; her ability to analyze spatial phenomena surpassed even Yuna.

"Yes, if any of us were to step through this at our full strength, the portal would very likely shatter before it could transport us."

Yuna simply nodded her head in acknowledgment and started preparing for the journey.

Meanwhile, slightly away from Yuna's group, another discussion took place, as a young man with long blonde spiky hair and clear blue eyes wearing a black zipper jacket with orange sleeves and black trousers eyed the very same portal. Initially, Yuna's and his group were traveling independently, just like their children, but they coincidently heard rumors about the same ruin simultaneously, so they met here and teamed up.

"We found another one of these, huh? It's been a while."

"Urgh, I want nothing to do with this, Naruto. Let's just leave so Yuna can have her fun with this."

Naruto looked at the woman who had just spoken and thoughtfully rubbed his chin. The woman had long blonde hair styled into a ponytail and wore a tight-fitting blue dress that didn't cover her arms. Her eyes were light green and gave off a mysterious glow that seemed to suck out the soul of everybody looking for too long.

"Mhh, I think I might actually follow nee-san this time, Ino."

Ino squinted her eyes as she looked at Naruto, while a few other women in the surrounding did the same. All of them looked at Naruto with a mix of wariness and annoyance, immensely confusing Naruto. Moments later, a woman wearing a green haori with black hair and eyes and pale skin stepped forward.


Question marks popped up above Naruto's head when the woman spoke only a single word. He had no idea how he was supposed to interpret that number.

"Two? You need to say a little more for me to understand what you mean, Haku."

"Two is the maximum amount of additional women we allow you to pick up."

"*Cough* Huh!? W-What do you mean by that, Haku?! It's not like I'm picking up women left and right like... nee-san."

The more he talked, the quiet he became as the eyebrows of the women surrounding him rose more and more. He couldn't help but sheepishly scratch his head, as he had indeed become more and more prone to expanding his harem in the last few dozen years.

"*Cough* Okay, there might have been a few incidents where I might have accidentally seduced a woman or two. B-But I swear that was always nee-san's fault!"

From the doubting eyes staring at him, Naruto quickly realized that further arguing would be pointless, so his shoulders sagged as a wry smile appeared on his face.

"Fine, fine, I won't make it more than two, I swear."

The surrounding women nodded in satisfaction when they heard Naruto's promise. In their minds, it was inevitable that Naruto would get himself more women for his harem, so they would rather control that amount from the start before something outrageous could happen. Obviously, they could also ask him not to add anyone new, but they knew that Naruto's brain was wired a little strange in that regard. Additionally, he could spend a long time in whatever world he would reach, and him not having anyone to love felt kind of off to them. All of them knew that Naruto was very needy for love.

"Well, is Hinata the only one who wants to come with me, or does someone else have any interest?"

While Naruto was talking with his harem, Yuna finished the discussion with her own and decided to depart.

"Ah, wait a moment, nee-san, I'm coming with you this time."

"Oh? You want to come as well, Naruto? Alright, let's have some fun together."

As Yuna said these words, a mischievous grin appeared on her face that would send shivers through the spines of everyone who knew her better. After seeing Yuna's facial expression, Naruto couldn't help but mimic her expression, forming an almost equally terrifying facial expression, causing Hinata to facepalm.

'*Sigh* At least things won't get dull if I travel together with these two troublemakers. However, I can't help but feel a little sorry for the people of the world we are about to visit.'

"Well, your planning to plunge the world into chaos aside, shall we leave?"

Yuna and Naruto both nodded in agreement as they went through a segment of extremely complex hand signs, quickly followed by Hinata doing the same. Moments later, something small and ethereal flowed out of the trio's bodies and started forming into a human shape.

"Don't put too much of your soul in, or you might actually do severe damage to yourself."

Hinata and Naruto nodded at Yuna's reminder and continued what they were doing. Around five minutes later, copies of the trio stood in front of them, but unlike the real ones, these were transparent and barely visible.

"Kaguya, if you would?"

Yet again, the eye on Kaguya's forehead started glowing ominously as she pointed her palm at the ghostly figures of Yuna, Hinata, and Naruto.

"[Creation of All Things]"

[Creation of All Things] was a technique to create something from nothing. In this case, Kaguya used the ghostly figures of the trio's separated souls as a template to create a real body for them, allowing them to move independently.

Before anyone could say anything else, the two Hinata's light hit the two Yuna's on top of their heads and started speaking simultaneously.

""No, you are not having sex with your clone right now, Yuna.""

The two Yuna's pouted simultaneously, causing Naruto and the surrounding woman to chuckle in amusement. The clone Yuna smiled wryly while shaking her head before schooling her eyes on the portal in front of her.

"Anyway, my extremely sexy real self aside, let's depart."


The three clones stepped through the portal without any hesitation and were gone seconds later.

"I'm looking forwards to what kind of memories that clone will bring me."

Most of the people in the surroundings nodded their heads at that. They might not enjoy traveling to a different world, but they were undoubtedly curious about the stories of what Yuna and the others had experienced after they returned.

Yuna lazily got up from her... chair... and stretched her back. She scanned the room with her eyes, looking if there was anything else of interest before shrugging her shoulders and snaking her arms around Hinata and Anko's waists.

"Well, let's have another orgy."


'Can never have enough orgies~'

[Pretty sure you can.]


Yuna's words garnered a mixed reaction from her harem. While some women clearly had excitement and lust written all over their faces, a few simply rolled their eyes, chuckled in amusement, or showed hesitation.

"Well, if you wanna join, then join. If some of you are still exhausted from the last one, just sit this one out or join in later."

Most of Yuna's harem nodded in understanding, pretty much making up their mind whether to join or not instantly. Yuna saw that everyone seemed content and nodded her head.

"Well, then, let's go somewhere more comfortable. See you later, Naruto."

"Oh, see you later, nee-san, and don't overdo it."

Yuna simply waved Naruto's suggestion away with a wave of her hand and led her harem away, causing Naruto to chuckle in amusement. Moments later, a broad smile appeared on his face as his eyes wandered over the remaining women, while radiating lust.

"Well... it's been a while since we had our last orgy, no? How about we go somewhere comfortable and have some fun?"

Naruto pretty much got the same reaction Yuna got, causing him to chuckle in amusement. Ino, who was one of the people who rolled their eyes, approached Naruto, and hugged his arm, pressing it between her breasts.

"I don't mind having some fun with you and the other sisters, but you better keep that infertility seal activated. We had another middle-size faction complaining to us that our children were causing havoc in their territory."

"Isn't it fine? Children should be energetic, after all! Hahaha!"

However, Naruto's loud laughter quickly morphed into an awkward chuckle due to Ino's glare. Moments later, he simply shrugged his shoulders and looked at the rest of his harem.

"Well, you heard her. I'm fully aware that a few of you desire another child or two, but it seems like our children are causing a bit of trouble in the world, so let's wait a few years before making more. It's not like we are under any time pressure, after all."

Although some women were clearly unhappy about such an arrangement, they didn't mind too much in the end. As cultivators, just how long could they live? Waiting a dozen years or so meant very little.

Naruto's group also departed just like that, leaving the mysterious archway with spinning black energy behind.

Meanwhile, on the other side of said archway, three people were floating in an endless nothingness.

"Mah, this part is always really boring. I hope we don't have to wait too long before we arrive."

Naruto nodded his head at Hinata's words while in a cross-legged position with his arms crossed. He was currently silently spinning around with his eyes closed. A moment later, he opened his mouth and started speaking.

"Well, I hope getting an identity in the new world won't be too hard."

This time it was Yuna and Hinata's turn to nod their heads. In some places, getting an identity was as easy as paying some money to an adventures guild or something like that. In other places, getting a proper identity as an outsider was incredibly hard.

"Well, that usually depends on how technologically the world is advanced. The further a civilization is on their tech tree, the harder it will be to sneak in."

Naruto nodded in understanding when he heard his sister's words. Yuna had significantly more experience in stuff like this, so he trusted her words fully. While Naruto continued slowly spinning around, Hinata had a few more words to say.

"Well, worst case scenario, we can just steal some money and bribe some people to forge ourselves a proper identity."

Yuna and Naruto's heads both snapped towards Hinata when she finished speaking, causing her to roll her eyes. She might look like a soft, gentle woman, but she WAS known as one of the deadliest assassins of the realm, so a little bit of stealing naturally wouldn't faze her. Well, she wasn't exactly known to be that assassin, as that would kind of defeat the profession's purpose, so it was better to say that that was one of her identities.

"Don't look at me like that. All three of us have plenty of blood on our hands, so who cares about stealing a bit of money?"

The twins chuckled in amusement due to Hinata's defense. Indeed, neither of the three were innocent people. All of them had killed people. A lot of people. Despite that, neither of them considered themselves to be evil, as they at least tried to keep the death count as low as possible while trying to prevent innocent people from losing their lives.

"We aren't surprised about the suggestion itself; we were surprised that you were the one making it. After all, from the three of us, your moral compass is the most intact."

[Funny how you make it sound like yours isn't a piece of wood floating in a lake.]

'Now, now, that's rather harsh, no? I try to prevent civilian casualties, okay?'

[Oh? do you still remember the event from around 20 years ago?]

'Mhh? Twenty years ago? Ohh! *Cough* Hehe. Well~ That was an accident. Besides, wasn't it just a harmless prank.'

[People were crying.]

'W-Well, but some of them clearly enjoyed the cake.'


'Nah, I'm sure they just genuinely liked how good the cake tasted.'

[Sure, keep telling that to yourself.]

While Yuna was quarreling with her resident fox, Hinata rolled her eyes at Yuna's comment while not denying it, causing the twins to chuckle yet again. After a few minutes of silence, Yuna opened her mouth and resumed speaking.

"Honestly, I just hope that the world we are about to travel to doesn't have some kind of world guardian. If it does, this journey will end rather abruptly."

"World guardian? What's that?"

Unlike Yuna and Hinata, Naruto didn't have much experience with world travel, so he couldn't help but wonder about the unfamiliar term. Although he could more or less guess what it meant, he still wanted a full explanation.

"Yup, some worlds have powerful entities guarding them. Something like the Sage of the Six Paths but with actual power over the world and the ability to reject people that try to enter their world or even their universe. Depending on the other person's attitude, we might be straight up killed instantly by such an entity."

An ugly expression appeared on Naruto's face when he heard Yuna's explanation. Getting killed before the adventure could even start was rather undesirable. Naturally, Yuna saw the worry on his face, so she continued talking.

"Mah, no need to worry, Naruto. Guys like that are rare, and even if we meet one, the chance that he is hostile isn't high either. It's not like the current us hold some incredible power. With our present bodies, we are at best slightly stronger than an average human, so I doubt that such an entity would bother us."

Naruto nodded his head in understanding while relief washed over him. However, before he could fully relax, he noticed that Yuna made a grave expression.

"Is something wrong, nee-san?"

At first, Yuna didn't answer him as her gaze was directed in a certain direction. Hinata and Naruto followed her gaze but could see anything. A few seconds later, the trio heard some noise coming from where Yuna was currently staring, confusing Hinata and Naruto.

"You have got to be kidding me. Why is he here?"

Yuna's voice was colored in surprise, annoyance, and, to Hinata and Naruto's surprise, helplessness.

"W-What's wrong, Yuna? Are we in danger?"

Hearing the tinge of fear in Hinata's voice, Yuna's facial muscles relaxed as a bitter expression appeared on her face.

"Well, being in danger is relative. Will we die? Yes. Is this the end of this adventure? No."

Question marks popped up above Hinata and Naruto's heads. They had no clue what Yuna's words meant. They would die, but they could continue traveling to another world? What did that mean?

"Well, what can I say? It seems an acquaintance from my first life is here. A rather annoying acquaintance."

Naturally, Hinata and NAruto were shocked by that revelation. Yuna had claimed multiple times that there was no connection between this world and the one from her previous life and that it was a complete mystery to her how she even got here.

"B-But didn't you say that was impossible, nee-san?"

"Well, I thought that would be the case, but the acquaintance I'm talking about was always a little... different. Honestly, I'm not even surprised that he somehow managed to make it here."


A loud honking sound echoed over the trio, confirming Yuna's guess about who will be appearing soon. On the other hand, Hinata and Naruto could only look at each other in confusion.

"Was that..."

"... a car's signal-horn?"

Yuna sighed deeply as a weird-looking silhouette slowly appeared in the distance, making Yuna sigh deeply. Although she expected it to be her acquaintance, she genuinely hoped it wasn't since that would make things really annoying for them.

"*Sigh* I present to you the weirdest weirdo that has ever weirded weirdly: The God of Reincarnation..."


"What the f*ck?"

"A pervert!?"

"... *sigh* he wants people to call him: Truck-kun."


By now, the approaching man had closed quite a bit of distance, so Hinata and Naruto could see what he looked like properly now. What they saw startled and confused them.

An almost naked bald man was running towards them. The only thing he wore was a white speedo, and, in addition to that, he had multiple metal parts strapped all over his body and two flashlights strapped to his head.

He was running weirdly, with his arms and legs at a perfect 90-degree angle. His left arm and right leg were moving simultaneously, while his right arm and left leg were doing the same, resulting in a weird artificially-looking running style. Additionally, every time he opened his mouth, a loud honking sound could be heard. Hinata and Naruto didn't even dare to guess how long that person needed to train before he could produce such an authentic sounding signal-horn sound.

Before Hinata and Naruto could fully digest what was currently happening, Yuna decided to act.

"As the God of Reincarnation, you should know who I am, don't you."


"Heee~ You know this venerable one's identity and still dare to make a move against me?"


"Why can I understand your words? Pah, who do you think this ancestor is? When you were still eating mud, I was already at the peak of the realm. Naturally, I can understand your words."

While Yuna was having a rather weird conversation with an even weirder person, Hinata and Naruto couldn't help but roll their eyes due to Yuna slipping into her old ancestor ego. Although it was a rare occurrence for that to happen, she sometime simply couldn't help herself. Well, she occasionally did it on purpose as well, but that was mostly to joke around.


"I respect that you want to follow your dao stubbornly without straying from your path, but if you think I won't resist, then you are very wrong! Come, junior, show me what you have!"


Hinata and Naruto couldn't help but sigh in relief when they heard that Yuna wouldn't go down without a fight. Surely, she had a plan to repel the weirdo charging at them, right? However, Yuna's following words quickly crushed that hope.

"I'll mark him with a seal, so my real body can hunt him down. That will teach him what it means to mess with me."

"Huh? T-That is all you can do, nee-san?"

Yuna could only roll her eyes when she heard Naruto's words.

"What else do you want me to do? With my current strength, being able to mark him is already outrageous."

The duo's shoulders sagged as Yuna prepared to make her move and raised her arms.


Truck-run jumped towards them, and in mid-air, he activated the two flashlights on his head while moving his body in a specific manner, so the metal parts he had strapped to himself would look like the front of a truck.



Moments later, Truck-kun collided with Yuna, and as he did so, Yuna's hand briefly glowed white before she was harshly flung away, dying as soon as her body hit the ground. Just before she could breathe her last breath, she said her last words.

"Y-You are courting death."

Hinata and Naruto probably would have shown at least some sadness due to the scene that just happened, but with that kind of last words, they couldn't help themselves but smile wryly.

Unfortunately, since Yuna couldn't resist, neither could either of them, so their fates quickly followed Yuna's: Death due to a weirdo in truck cosplay crushing into your body.

An unknown time later, Yuna regained her consciousness and couldn't help but sigh deeply at the familiar feeling of floating in a comfortable liquid while barely being able to move her body.

'*Sigh* Yet again, I'm a fetus in someone's womb. I'm really not looking forward to going through another birth. The last time it happened, it felt absolutely disgusting, and I have no doubt it will be the same this time. Oh well, for I need to try to gather as much information as possible and look at the state of my mindscape.'

[Ding! Congratulations to host: Yuna Uzumaki, for awakening the Gamer System. Please start the tutorial for further instructions.]

'Oh? It's been a while since you made a system joke, Kurama.'

[I know, right? This just felt like the perfect opportunity to sneak one in.]

Yuna inwardly chuckled in amusement as she concentrated on entering her mindscape, her inner world. As soon as she managed to enter it, she couldn't help but be slightly surprised, as it looked exactly like it did before she was forcefully reincarnated.

"Ohh? The last time I reincarnated, this place turned into a sewer somehow. Why didn't it change this time? And it seems my soul somehow retained some of his age as well."

Due to being inside her mindscape, Yuna's figure took the form best-fitting to her soul. Her current soul had the strength of an average human's soul around the age of twenty, so that is the current form she had. As for why it was the age of twenty, Yuna decided to put that amount of power into it when she previously split her soul to create a split body. While she was thinking, someone else started speaking within Yuna's mindscape.

"Probably has something to do with how this world handles mindscapes, no?"

Yuna turned around towards the speaker and couldn't help but chuckle when she saw a one-meter tall, blue and white fox with ten tails and huge round eyes. Apparently, Yuna wasn't the only one who had regressed in age.

"You are adorable, Kurama."


While Kurama's glare in his adult form could probably cause a full-grown adult to shit their pants in fear in his current state, it made him only more adorable, resulting in another chuckle from Yuna.

"Well, that matter aside, what exactly are you currently? I doubt you are still a chakra construct, right?"

Hearing Yuna's question, Kurama restrained his anger and tilted his head in confusion. He moved his hands and feet around and gave his whole body a closer look before shrugging his shoulders.

"No clue. I don't feel any different from before. Just weaker and smaller."

Yuna hummed and nodded her head while also giving Kurama a closer look. However, no matter how she looked at him, he still gave her the same feeling as before.

"There is no way this world has chakra as well, is there? Now that I think about it, chakra is the combination of physical and spiritual energy, so I guess as long as both energies are present, explaining your current state isn't too weird. This will need more testing after I am born, but I think the difference will be that you and I will have to utilize your power differently than we previously did."

Kurama hummed in acknowledgment, not really too interested in finding out more. He was just a lazy fox, and as long as he could lazy around, he cared very little about other stuff.

While the duo was chatting with each other, Yuna felt someone tucking on her mind, trying to enter her mindscape. She was briefly surprised why someone would try that on an unborn, but after feeling who it was, she couldn't help but chuckle in amusement and let the person in.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that."

Moments later, a young teenager around the age of 12 appeared in Yuna's mindscape. He had short, blonde, spiky hair, blue eyes, and a broad grin on his face.

"Yo, fancy meeting you here, nee-san."

"Hehe, good to see you, Naruto. Twins again, I assume?"

"Yup, took a little trip to our mother's mindscape to get some surface thoughts. As you know, it's hard to get more than a jumbled mess if you don't want to deal any damage, but I got a few good pieces of info."

Yuna nodded in approval as she materialized two comfortable couches for her and Naruto to sit on. This was her mindscape, after all. She could change this place however she wanted. Naturally, Naruto was aware of that, so he casually sat down in front of Yuna and started talking.

"First of all, we are in a relatively modern setting, with cars and stuff. From what I could pierce together, there are no wars. Well, at least not where we are about to be born. Our mother is pretty well off moneywise, but there seems to be no father. Not sure if she simply didn't think about him while I was peeking or if he is gone for good. As far as I could see, our mother is not aware of anything supernatural existing."

Yuna hummed in acknowledgment as she digested the information she had just received. She was somewhat satisfied with the conditions she would be born with. She couldn't care less about not having a father, and being born in a well-off household in a country that wasn't at war with decent technology were all good things. The only thing that troubled her a little was the last part. Nothing supernatural. Surely, this wasn't just a plain boring world that had nothing exciting going for it, right?

"Well, that's quite a good chunk of information. Good job, Naruto. I guess you are also worried about the last part, but I wouldn't think about that too much for now. Just because she doesn't know about it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Maybe there is some kind of secret society or hidden world or something like that. If it exists, I will dig it up, so there is no need to worry for now."

After digesting Yuna's words, Naruto gave her a nod as he sighed in relief. He really hoped there would be some exciting stuff in this world, and Yuna's assurance calmed and relieved him quite a bit.

'Right, it's nee-san after all. Nothing can stay hidden from her. As for this actually being just a plain boring world... I'll just not think about it.'

Moments later, Naruto got up from his seat, glanced at Kurama, and stretched his back. He gave Kurama another glance and snickered a little, greatly irritating the adorable fox.

"What are you laughing for, brat?"

"Hehe, nothing, nothing. Anyway, I'm leaving, nee-san. An adorable fox is waiting for me to tease him inside my mindscape."

"Sure, have fun."

"Naruto, you bastard, I'll kick your ass!"

However, before Kurama could pounce on Naruto, he was already gone from Yuna's mindscape, leaving a furious fox and a laughing Yuna behind.

"Mah, you lose if you mind it, Kurama."

Kurama sent her a seething glare that made her almost have a heart attack due to how cute he looked and then huffed in annoyance.

"Not everyone can be as shameless as you."

"True, how could someone be as amazing as I am? That's just ridiculous."

Kurama answered that by simply rolling his eyes and walking away towards the nearby beach, leaving Yuna behind. He had a completely different balance now, so he had to relearn how to stand on a surfboat.

Yuna chuckled in amusement as a cup of tea appeared in her hand. She took a sip before placing the cup on a small side desk that had appeared next to her and leaned back on the couch while closing her eyes.

'Another new start, huh? Urgh, another childhood, huh? I would rather not. *Sigh* I wasn't even born yet, and I'm already missing the transformation jutsu from my previous life. I hope I find something similar as soon as possible, so I can turn into an adult and act independently.'

Yuna couldn't only smile wryly when she imagined her "mother" fussing over her like she was a child. One might think that she would be interested in the experience due to not having experienced it in her first and second life, but she had reached a point where she couldn't care less. She was old. She was a mother, a grandmother, a grand grandmother, and even more. By now, having a mother felt simply alien to her and not the slightest bit appealing.

'Should Naruto and I run away the first chance we get?'

Yuna could only smile wryly when that thought popped up in her mind. The morally questionable nature of that idea aside, it wasn't a good plan on the practical side either. Young children might be able to buy some simple things from a little shop, but something like renting an apartment was obviously impossible. Obviously, she and Naruto could easily survive on the streets, but Yuna was unwilling to do so. She took another sip of tea and sighed deeply.

'Oh well, let's see how it goes for now. It's not like I can do anything about our situation before I am even born. Mhh~ I wonder how Hinata is doing? I hope she isn't born too far away from us so we can meet early.'

Meanwhile, back in Yuna's previous world, things were getting somewhat chaotic.



A young woman holding a colossal screwdriver was currently chasing after a weirdo wearing white speedos that had metal parts strapped to his body.








On that day, many people witnessed the disturbing scene of a young woman with a giant screwdriver chasing after a weirdo in white speedos, causing quite a bit of mental damage to some people. At the same time, others internally added yet another fetish to the endlessly growing list of Yuna's preferences, causing the rumor mill to spring to action again.

A few months later, it was finally time for Yuna and Naruto to be born, and the experience was as disturbing as Yuna remembered it to be. It was a good thing that normal babies couldn't remember what was happening while they were born. Messy stuff.

'Yep, this still feels disgusting~'

[Despite that, you seem relatively carefree.]

'Mah, I've been through worse.'

[Guh, now that I think about it, you have.]

'I know, right? Do you still remember that one time on that planet were...'


'Ehh, but wasn't that...'

[I said: don't.]

'Hehe, fine, fine, I'll stop. Anyway, there better be nobody to toss me around and teleport with me directly after being born, or I'm going to get really pissy.'

It took a while longer for the whole procedure to be over. Obviously, Yuna came out first, reclaiming the position as the big sister. If she had to be born again, she would at least not allow anyone to call her something like nee-chan. Dignified older sister all the way.

[Dignified? I'm honestly surprised you know what that word means.]

'What are you talking about, Kurama? Obviously, I know what that means. It means acting like a big shot no matter your current position. Basically, acting like a young master cracked up to eleven.'

[Good, it seems like my doubt wasn't misplaced.]

'Why are you acting all smug after I proved you wrong? You are acting highly irrational... I'm proud of you, Kurama.'

[F*ck, why did that sound so sincere!?]

'Because it was?'

[Urgh, I give up.]

'Only by continuously fighting the heavens can you reach the apex of your dao.'

[Pretty sure I have heard that one before.]

'Shit, you have!? It seems like I'm getting rusty.'

Meanwhile, while Yuna was being born, inside a murky room filled with monitors, a kind-looking man with black glasses, brown eyes, and black hair was looking at one of the screens with a calm smile. The monitor showed a heavily pregnant woman hugging a buff man.

"Hoo~? A child between a Shinigami and a Quincy; now that is interesting. He should be the perfect subject for my research."

However, a shiver suddenly went through his spine while cold sweat started flowing down his back. Despite that, the man stayed calm and patiently let his eyes wander through the room and the other monitors.

'Why do I suddenly feel like something horrible just happened?'

A deep frown appeared on his as a feeling of dread slowly crept up on him. He tried to find the source of it, but no matter how wide he spread his sense, he couldn't find anything.

'What is happening?'

A few days later, a young woman could be seen carrying a basket containing what appeared to be two cloth bundles. She frantically looked around before placing the basket in front of the door of a large house, before ringing the doorbell and running away, leaving the basket behind.

Inside the basket, the two cloth bundles moved, and two small faces were revealed after a few seconds.

The two babies' gazes met, and despite being too young to speak, it appeared as if they were talking with their eyes alone. Moments later, something rather unnatural happened as both babies did something no baby had ever done before. They both sighed a sigh filled with nothing but annoyance while thinking the same thing at the same time.

' '*Sigh* Yet again, an orphan.' '

Moments later, a young woman opened the door. At first, she was somewhat confused that no one was there, but moments later, she noticed the basket on the ground. As soon as she saw the two babies, a mixture between sadness and tenderness appeared on her face. She quickly picked it up and reentered the building.

"Don't worry, you two. We will safely bring you up in this orphanage."

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