538 Proper Motivation


Hestia sighed in contentment as she sank into the nearly boiling hot water.

Currently they had all retreated into the space-time orb for the night, which was Hestia's first time within along with Haruhime and Lili. And while Hestia had been excited and eager to see all of what Asora and the space-time orb had to offer, the duo were fairly burned out mentally after everything they experienced today.

They had been more than ready to take a bath and call it a night, only to find out that the baths in the space-time orb were large enough to fit hundreds of people all at one time, and were comprised of dozens of different types of baths to chose from.

They had just entered one of the basic baths, while Hestia quickly found and got in the hottest one she could.

Now she was completely and utterly relaxed, her hair drifting around her while her massive boobs bobbed on the surface of the water. All was right in the world.

Or not.

Opening her eyes, Hestia found two things wrong with the current picture. Firstly was that Freya was also here, despite being denied by Alex earlier.

Secondly, Alex himself was nowhere to be found.

In fact, as she looked around, Hestia couldn't help but to note that several women weren't present in the baths with them, mostly several of the so-called 'main wives'.

Their absence was made been more notable when the bathroom doors opened to admit several hundred women with dark skin tones, a few of which Hestia recognized on sight. The Amazons.

They were looking around the baths curiously and excitedly, with absolutely no sense of shame before all of the women they'd never met before that were already inside.

Everyone else already knew about the Amazons of course, they had gotten the notifications when they all joined the Chatroom. They also knew about Ais, who had arrived alongside the Amazons after she too was brought into Asora by Alex.

But, as she looked around, Hestia couldn't find her hubby anywhere amongst the throng of women. So, she rose from the boiling hot waters and approached one of the Amazons that sank into a nearby pool.

"Hey Aisha, where's Alex?" Hestia asked her curiously.

"Oh! Hello Hestia-Sama." Aisha greeted her goddess respectfully, before adopting a contemplative look as she answered, "I think he mentioned something about spending some time with his children."


In an instant a naked Hestia darted away from the baths, bee-lining straight for the baths used by Alex's children after asking for directions. She still hadn't been able to meet them, so there was no way she was going to let this chance pass.

Her desire to see more of Alex naked had absolutely nothing to do with her urgency. None at all.


Slamming the door to the children's baths open, Hestia was greeted with the sight of numerous eyes locking onto her with numerous naked bodies attached. And in the middle of them all was Alex, blinking as he looked at Hestia curiously even as he continued washing Mai's hair, a delicate process with her cat ears.

"What's up Hestia?" Alex asked her curiously.

"I heard you were here with your children, and I wanted to finally get to meet them for myself!" Hestia quickly exclaimed.

"Oh sure." Alex said while nodding in agreement. After all, Hestia had been most excited to see his family, and she wasn't a potential menace to them like Cara was, so Alex had no problem.

"Kids, this is the Hestia of this world. Hestia, this is Myuu, Videl, Kale, Edith, Mai, Alec, Anna, Regal, Lizzy, Yuki, Aurora, Ryuuto, Shuri, Lana, Nocta, Freydis, Aife, Andre, Saya, Rito, Mochi, Jade and Alice."

As Alex listed them he pointed out every single one of his children, including the ones he'd adopted throughout his travels.

"Oh, they're all so adorable!" Hestia declared excitedly.

"There are TWO miss Hestia?" Aurora asked cutely.

"Yes, there are." Alex told her as he began washing her hair this time, though he made sure to use the cold water.

"There are so many worlds out there, that there are lots of people with similar names and backgrounds. Hestia is a famous goddess, so there's bound to hundreds and hundreds of goddesses out there with the same name, or who go by the name Vesta."

As he rubbed the suds into her hair, Alex explained to her and the rest of his children about the goddesses of different worlds, which they all listened to attentively.

"Then, is THIS Hestia a goddess of fire and home too?" Regal asked curiously, even as he tried to dance away from Ravel's sponge.

"I can wash myself mom!" He declared defiantly, making Ravel giggle at him.

"That's right!" Hestia declared to his earlier question instead of Alex, making her bare chest bounce alluringly as she did so. "Back in Heaven, I'm even the keeper of the Sacred Flame!"

Though none of them knew what Hestia was talking about, the children still looked at her with awe at her declaration. But then Aife, who liked Hestia the most as someone with strong fire attribute as well, asked her,

"Miss Hestia, do you know any good stories like the other miss Hestia?"

"Eh!?!" Hestia exclaimed at the sudden question.

"W-well..." She sputtered while trying to think.

Hestia had spent all of her existence in Heaven tending to the Sacred Flame without ever leaving her temple, earning her a reputation as the ultimate shut-in. Needless to say she didn't know very many stories from her world.

"Yeah! There is one!" Hestia declared as she recalled one of the few stories she did know.

She then began telling the story she recalled while all of the children gave their utmost attention, making things a lot easier for Alex and the mothers as they washed and rinsed all of the distracted children.


Later, after putting all of the children to bed, Alex was wandering the halls of the villa aimlessly.

He'd had a massive marathon with the Amazons just before entering the space-time orb, so Alex wasn't necessarily in too much of a hurry to the next 'battle'. Instead, he was just wandering around and checking in on the girls that were still up.

In one of the lounges though, Alex found Bestia snoozing by the fire place with several stacks of books around her.

"Shhh." Hestia said while putting her finger to her lips, though Alex noted she had a sly smile on them as she tended to her flames.

Curious, Alex took a look at some of the books that Bestia had been reading to see that they were a collection of story books from several of the world's they were connected to. Fairy tales, ballads, legends, epic sagas, every different type of story one could imagine was present.

"She wanted to make sure she had some proper stories to tell the kids next time." Hestia said with warmth in her voice as she watched over her counterpart.

Alex smiled warmly at the sleeping goddess even as he gently scooped her up into his arms, and laid her down properly on the couch after conjuring a comfy pillow under her head. He then conjured a blanket to lay over her, which Bestia readily snuggled into in her sleep.

Finishing with a light kiss to her brow, the smell of wood smoke filling his nose as he did so, Alex then gave the other Hestia a light kiss goodnight as well before leaving her to continue watching over both her flames, and her counterpart.

Alex then continued his wandering around the villa, mostly making sure all of their new residents were settling in properly.

Lili and Haruhime were both sound asleep in the room they were sharing, while almost every single Amazon that had joined them was still up as they discussed the day's events. They would be returning to Orario in the morning, so until then they were content to stay in the space-time orb to become better acquainted with Alex's wives and their new 'husband'.

For several the idea was still difficult to wrap their heads around since none of them considered they'd ever actually stay with a man after conceiving their child, which twenty of them were now doing as they continued brushing their bellies in a daze.

Alex had of course kept his words, and impregnated twenty of the oldest Amazons that had been trying, and failing, to find a mate for the longest time. For them, it was taking the longest for the current reality to set in.

Not everyone Alex met was currently staying in the space-time orb though, as Tsubaki was still in Orario despite Alex inviting her when he invited Ais. The half-dwarf though had stated she wanted to remain behind to put the two magics he had given her to the test.


And as if on cue, Alex received a notification through the Chatroom from Tsubaki that was a picture she sent of her latest, and greatest, project that she'd used Creation magic to make.

Smiling warmly at her, Alex sent back his opinion on the weapon she made, before a conversation started between her and Brigid since the goddess was still up as well.

Deciding to leave the two of them to it, Alex finally made his way to his room where the last of their newest residents was waiting for him.

Opening the door to his room, Alex found Ais sitting elegantly on the edge of his bed dressed in nothing but a white see-through nighty.

Though he knew she was waiting for him, Alex still cocked a brow curiously since he hadn't expected Ais to be the one to make the first move. But it made sense when she said with reddened cheeks, "I was wondering if we could update my Falna..."

"Of course." Alex replied as he approached her.

"First, let's see if I can update your Falna the old fashioned way." He said while reaching for her nighty, making Ais blush even more as he raised it up over her head.

Now completely naked, Ais laid down on her stomach while Alex straddled her butt and moved her hair out of the way. Under it, he saw golden lettering all across her back, topped by a the skeletal skull of a dragon that seemed to be staring into your soul.

Though he hadn't VOLUNTARILY created a Falna before, Alex had a general idea after Hestia told the rest of his goddess wives about them. So, without further ado, he pricked the tip of one of his fingers with one of his vampiric incisors to draw blood.

When he pressed the bloodied finger into the skin of her back though, nothing happened.


Alex cocked his head in confusion as he ran his finger down Ais' back, leaving a smeared trail of blood, but no changes to her Falna.

"Is it....working?" Ais asked curiously. Though it didn't feel like her Falna was being updated like usual, Alex's Falna wasn't usual.

"No. It's not." Alex finally said, healing his finger and cleaning the blood from Ais' back. "Guess we're doing this the fun way."

As he said that Alex moved down so that he wasn't straddling Ais' butt, but her ankles as his hands reached for her pale cheeks.

"U-um..." Ais uttered embarrassedly.

"What's wrong Ais?" Alex asked her curiously.

For a moment the Sword Princess didn't answer as she rubbed her feet together anxiously, before reaching back and parting her butt cheeks with her hands.

"Please... Only my butt..."

Alex cocked a brow at Ais' request before smiling widely as he whispered in her ear, "is my lovely little Ais becoming a pervert?"

"I'm not a pervert..." Ais stated with a pout as her ears became completely red.

"Tiona says you're going to make them moms. I don't want to be a mom yet..." Ais explained, making Alex realize she was just being her usual air headed self.

"You know Ais..." Alex began as he planted a kiss on her shoulder. "I can control wether or not you get pregnant from sex, so there's no need to worry about it."


"But..." He added while moving his face down towards her butt. "If that's what you truly want, then I'll be more than happy to give it to you."


Ais had to practically bite her tongue to keep from leaking any noise as Alex buried his face between her asscheeks.

The next few hours were a blur to Ais as Alex lovingly and thoroughly violated her butt, first with his tongue, then with his thing.

This wasn't the first time with him in her butt, but Ais still couldn't believe how GOOD it felt. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt like it was supposed to hurt, but that was never the case.

Instead she only felt pleasure from Alex's actions, even as he filled her ass with his seed repeatedly.

And while she tried to say that maybe that was good enough, Alex would just continue pounding away at her backside, and Ais was powerless to make him stop.

It was only many, MANY, hours later that they finally came to a stop, with Ais sitting in Alex's lap with his thing still buried in her butt as she leaned back into his chest.

Even as strong as she was, Ais was still completely unused to such activities, so she was exhausted. But, even as she felt as if she were about to doze off at any second, Ais still became alert when she heard something rustling.

"Here's your new status Ais." Alex said as he held out a piece of paper for her to see, which contained all of the changes made to her Falna after defeating the OEBD.

She still couldn't believe she was level one again, despite how strong she actually was. But even defeating the OEBD hadn't been enough to make her jump to level two with Alex's Falna, making her wonder what would be a 'heroic' enough act to do so.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Alex lightly pinched one of her nipples to get her attention as he said to her,

"Don't worry about the standards of Orario. You'll soon learn there is a whole universe out there thats bigger and greater than any of your gods could have even comprehended."

Ais was silent as she thought on what Alex said.

Her entire life had revolved around the Dungeon and the monsters within, so the idea of bigger and greater things out there was completely alien to her. But now that she had so completely overwhelmed even the OEBD, Ais felt as if she'd have no choice if she wanted to continue growing stronger.

"Well, you can just think on it tomorrow. You'll have plenty of time after all." Alex said suddenly, disrupting Ais' thoughts as he hugged her and rolled backwards.

Ais' cheeks turned even redder as Alex then rolled her onto her side, so that he was spooning her from behind even as he was still up her butt.

"Goodnight Ais." Alex whispered into her ear.

"Goodnight..." Ais breathed back, her heart hammering in her chest.

Even if this was their second time having sex, the last time had been more of a rush afterwards to face the OEBD. So this was the first time she was actually 'sleeping' with Alex.

For some reason, this was making her just as nervous as having sex.

But surprisingly, Ais soon felt her body begin to relax as she grew accustomed to the steady rhythm of Alex's breathing, the warmth of his body against hers, and the feeling of his arms and legs entangled in her own.

Soon she too was slumbering within Alex's embrace, during which she'd find she'd have the best sleep of her life.



Alex roared with fury as green aura exploded from his body, his hair taking on a similar hue as it too exploded outwards in individual strands, and his entire body bulked up beyond what even his SSJ4 form was capable of.

Three figures appeared around Alex after he transformed, two of which were the blue-skinned Angels given to him by the Grand Priest, while the third was Elaine.

Turning his now pure white eyes towards one of the Angels, Kusu, several copies of Alex appeared as he moved so fast that he'd left hundred of after images in his wake before appearing right behind her.

While Kusu had already been in the process of defending herself with her scepter when Alex tried to punch her, thanks to Ultra Instinct, the force of Alex's punch was enough to send even her flying while several cracks appeared along the length of it.

In the same moment both Elaine and Marcarita appeared on either side of Alex, to deliver swift chops to his neck, only for him to narrowly avoid both by shifting his upper body. He then retaliated by hitting the two of them with such force, they were blown away as well.

"The power of the LSSJ is truly amazing..." Kusu uttered as she rejoined the other two and repaired the damage done to her scepter.

"I believe the way Alex put it was, 'they radiate pure fuck you and whatever galaxy you're in energy'." Elaine responded as she and Marcarita righted themselves.

"Indeed. Though his heart and mind is not calm, our lord's own current reaction time and physical capabilities allow him to mimic UI to a frightening degree." Marcarita added.

"That's mostly his Observation Haki." Elaine told them, even as Alex turned towards the three of them.

Meanwhile, as her sisters and Elaine battled with the LSSJ Alex, Vados was once again trying to help Kale attain the SSJ transformation herself.

The only problem was that SSJ transformation wasn't something that could be 'taught', and Kale's own subdued nature was fighting her progress. She was simply unable to muster the intense drive and emotion needed to make the transformation.

Even now, all Kale was able to do was watch Alex's battle with the other three in awe, the only thoughts of her own progress were that she would never be able to reach the same level as him.

Vados watched her from the side, even as she too spectated the fight taking place.

There was to be no magic or energy use in this fight, only raw strength and physical skill. And in the former, Alex now surpassed all three of his opponents by great margins, though they all surpassed him in the latter by even greater strides.

But her biggest concern at the moment Kale, and how to get her to make the SSJ transformation. And if Kale could not do it on her own, then Vados would have to think of a way to trick or goad her into it.

One idea she had involved even using Spirit magic to try and force her to make the transformation. But of course, Vados would consult with Alex before going to such extreme lengths.

For the moment though, the duo watched the battle taking place before them with interest. After a time though...


The sound of a bell chiming filled the space they were in, and Alex's fist halted right before he punched Elaine, a look of frustration and irritation on his face.

"D-damn it..." Alex groaned, before he forcefully canceled the transformation and reverted to his base state.

"Haaa.... I thought I might actually control it that time..." Alex complained as he returned to the villa alongside Elaine, Kusu and Marcarita.

"I don't know what's worse to imagine, you actually being able to control your LSSJ transformation, or how skilled you are WITHOUT controlling yourself..." Elaine said dryly.

"Well, if I can control it, then I might also be able to use the Boosted Gear with it as well. Like I can with the SSj4." Alex said thoughtfully.

"Are you trying to recreate the Big Bang or something?" Elaine asked irritably.

"I KNOW I will someday, but when I do it then I'll be purposely creating a new universe, not just exploding from too much power." Alex stated as a matter of factly.

<I say you should go ahead and give it a try after studying those realms of Oblivion you've gotten recently partner. Could be an interesting experience.>

Though Alex did consider Ddraig's idea for a moment, he decided that he should focus on getting a proper handle on the rest of the realms of Oblivion in order first. His main plan was to style them into a form of different afterlives for the denizens of Asora, but there needed to be quite a bit of restructuring before that happened.

That was a plan for the future though, and right now Alex needed to focus on training.

By this point the four of them returned to the villa where Kale and Vados were doing their own training.

"Any progress?" Alex asked as soon as they landed before the two of them.

"Perhaps not 'progress' in the traditional sense of the word." Vados said with a smile, making Kale look down in shame from not making any progress whatsoever.

Alex frowned when he heard that, not in disappointment from the lack of progress, but in concern for Kale's development. The last thing he wanted for Kale to accidentally make the transformation on her own, and possibly go berserk if the tattoos weren't enough to contain her power.

"My lord. If I may..." Vados began, before whispering her idea into Alex's ear so Kale couldn't hear.

Basically she was wanting to know if Kale might succeed if they could somehow trick or give her a push in the right direction. Even using Spirit magic if necessary.

"It's worth a shot..." Alex answered in contemplation, even as he glanced at Kale and wondered how to best do just that.

They couldn't trick her, as if she did break the seals Alex placed on her and go LSSJ, then it would cause infinitely more harm than good. And using Spirit magic would be a last resort if they couldn't figure something else out.

That left pushing her in the direction they wanted. But the question was how?

Kale's personality made it to where she had never pursued anything outside of the bare minimum of what she personally needed, all of which was now being provided to her. She didn't even have any major dreams or ambitions to use to motivate her.


Alex fought back a groan as an idea did occur to him, one he definitely did NOT want too try, but it was probably their only real chance for success where Kale was concerned.

Using every bit of willpower at his disposal to not let his reluctance show on his face, Alex approached Kale so suddenly that she appeared nervous.

"Kale..." Alex began when he was right in front of her.

"Y-yes!" Kale exclaimed worriedly, scared that she had disappointed or angered Alex with her lack of progress.

"I won't make you my 'bitch' just yet, but if you manage to make the SSJ transformation within the next hour..." At that point Alex surprised them all by lowering his waistband, and allowing his cock to flop out freely. "...then I'll let you suck me off."


No one knew what to say to that.

Elaine wanted to smack Alex upside the head for his idea, while the three sister-Angels were torn between amusement and bewilderment.

What none of them expected though, was for Kale's power to suddenly spike as the most eager look any of them had ever seen on her appeared on her face.

"YES!" Kale cried out enthusiastically, before her power began to spike even higher and higher.

Alex almost felt like crying as they got more success with her just then than they had with all her training so far. He also couldn't help but wonder what was worse, Kale being motivated to succeed so she could blow him, or Issei when he was motivated entirely by tits in the original DXD timeline.

Even as he wondered that though, lightning began to arc around Kale as her energy became increasingly concentrated, before it began to take on a golden hue.

"I really should not have let her meet Caulifla..." Alex muttered to himself as they all watched the transformation, knowing it was her fault Kale wanted to become his 'bitch' in the first place.

'Let's be honest here. She would've been corrupted regardless of if she'd met Caulifla or not.' Lauren stated in the back of Alex's mind dryly, to which he had to admit after a moment of thought. Myuu would've seen to that if nothing else.

They all watched as the golden aura surrounding Kale grew steadily more intense, with her hair also becoming spiked and golden in color while the tattoos on her body began to glow brightly. Thankfully they managed to keep the power of the LSSJ in check as no green appeared in Kale's aura, even as she finished the transformation.

"HAAAAAAAAAAA!" Kale roared as he energy began to level out, a fierce look on her face that no one would've imagined from her.

"Vados." Alex said calmly.

"Understood." Vados declared with a smile, as she shot forward to start sparring with Kale in order to make the most of this first transformation.

Alex watched the fight taking place alongside his other three Angels as Kale fought in a way completely unlike her usual self, showing the increased aggression that was normally present in newly transformed SSJs. But she thankfully never lost herself or went berserk, so this was a major plus.

But, just as Alex was mentally adjusting her training regimens...


A notification on the Chatroom caught his attention, surprising him when he read what was on it.

"Marcarita, go and get Cara for me." Alex ordered as he understood what was happening.

"Of course, my lord." Marcarita answered before departing to do his bidding.

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