God-level Tycoon Chat Group Book

novel - Magical Realism

God-level Tycoon Chat Group

Shushu Xingxing

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A super-rich chat group suddenly appeared on Charsu's phone. He is actually the admin of this chat group for the super-rich! A hundred million yuan worth of assets is what the poorest one-star group member in the group has! A tycoon with 200 billion yuan worth of assets is only at the Black Iron level! The chat group's merchandise store has gene agents, advanced technological products, and all kinds of rare items… As the admin who manages hundreds of thousands of super-rich people, Charsu instantly welcomes peak success. Extraordinary cars, virtual reality corporations, new energy development groups, super smartphone companies, supergene genes corporations, the top five most valuable companies in the world all belong to Charsu! Just one word from the admin can cause the global stock market to plummet! The world's richest man, technology leader, the strongest man amongst seven billion people, and so on are all Charsu's titles. Charsu humbly says: I'm just an ordinary group's admin.