1 Red Eyes.

Goblins are a terrible race that is better off extinct. Some people see them as minor threats, but those who know just how bad these monsters make it their life mission to kill them all. One of them is Goblin Slayer who firsthand witnessed the carnage and depravity of these beasts.

The other has just been born from one of the many women who are taken into their nests. He was green like any goblin, but his eyes were a bright red. Many goblins gather around the newly born litter to look at the newborns, and his eyes draw attention.

Not to mention that he was bigger than normal goblin infants. He was about the size of a normal human child and his face did not look as grotesque as his fellow goblins. Goblins have yellow or green ugly eyes, but those red are different.

The shaman looked into them and speaks in the Goblin's disgusting language. They are discussing what to do with him as Goblins are not very smart. The poor woman who was his mother glanced at the ceiling of the cave with no life in her eyes. The hope had long since died, but there was still that sliver of hope.

The Shaman grabbed the red eyes goblin infant and dropped him on the woman. His decision to let him live was going to be one that would bring a calamity to Goblin kind. The other three baby goblins began to nurse from their unwilling mother while the red eyes one did not.

He glanced around his cave as well as he could and saw more signs of such a thing. Over 10 women had just given birth to more Goblins. The newest captives screamed and had to be tied up while the older ones had long since had their mind broken.

The screams were hard to listen to for red eyes so he tried to cover his ears. Tears left his eyes as he did not like those screams. His siblings were different as Goblins from birth were evil. They saw their mothers as nothing more than food providers.

Red Eyes was stronger than normal Goblin so he could stand already. He looked around his cave and saw that he was being ignored. The adult goblins were sleeping or patroling. Some of them even had some fun with the captives which just caused more screams.

Red eyes decided to not do anything yet. He wanted to help, he had a yearning to be good. However, it was not the time yet. He moved toward his mother and being stronger and bigger than his siblings he threw them away from her.

He needed her and he wanted to protect her. His siblings were weak unlike him so they tried to get the adults to help them. Instead, they were ignored as they thought red eyes would be a strong hob one day.

Red Eyes began to nurse as he would need to grow strong and protect his mother. He was seen as the future of the Hoard as his real father was the shaman. Red Eyes cared not for that as he wanted to grow and save his mother.

A day after his birth he saw a male goblin walking over to his mother to breed her again. Red Eyes stood in front of her with the determination to protect her, but even as a special Goblin he was just an infant. He was kicked away easily and forced to watch how his mother was raped once again.

Red Eyes began to hate Goblins. He wanted them all to die especially the one doing it right now He made sure to look at any features and saw a scar on the Goblin's shoulder. He memorized the scar for when he would do his job.

When the Goblin finished he laughed at Red Eyes and went away. Red Eyes crawled to his mother's face and saw she did not react. He placed his little hand on her face while tears fell from his eyes.

One of her eyes looked at Red Eyes, but there was no other reaction in her gaze. Red Eyes was only a few hours old, but he was far smarter than any of his pears already. He knew he would one day soon kill all of the Goblins in this hoard.

The days went by fast and Red Eyes grew bigger and stronger draining attention. After a week he was already as big as a normal Goblin so he no longer needed to nurse. Most goblins finished growing in a month so he was already preparing for his revenge.

He sat by his mother to protect her and now the other Goblins mostly left him to his own devices. They wanted to see if he was already a hob or something because he was different from other Goblins. He had more muscle mass than a goblin, but less than a hob.

His nose was not as pronounced as his kin's and looked more like humans. His face was more human-like as well and he was far smarter than all his kin. Even his father the Shaman was a babbling idiot for Red Eyes. He was dressed in a loincloth while a small dagger was next to him.

He ate some meat taken from a cow badger that the other goblins killed. He choose to sleep at night so he could be awake when the others were sleeping. He looked at Scar Shoulder who was sleeping without care and carefully walked toward him.

Scar Shoulder did not even feel danger, but Red Eyes was standing over him. In his hands was a fur of an animal full of stuffing. It was a makeshift pillow, so Red Eyes covered the face of Scar Shoulder and used his superior strength to smother him.

Scar Shoulder tried to struggle and scream or help, but Red Eyes kept his knee over his throat. None of the other Goblins even reacted in the least and finally, Scar Shoulder stopped struggling. Red Eyes kept the pillow over Scar Shoulder for another minute before he let up.

He picked up the body and took it outside of the cave. He walked a short distance away and dropped the body in a bush. He ran back inside to his mother's side ad made sure no one was awake. Everything was still quiet so he looked around for another unsuspecting Goblin.

He saw one small one that was away from the others and that one was his next target. He walked over quietly before he placed the pillow over his face. He made sure to plant his knee on his throat to quicken the process and once the Goblin died he picked it up and took it outside with Scar Shoulder.

When he went back he saw he was still in the clear, but he stopped. He had to play it smart and quiet if he wanted to kill them all. The next day the two bodies were discovered which made the Shaman think they were killed by an enemy.

He did not even suspect Red Eyes so he choose more patrols. Red Eyes took times when most of the Goblins were out to smother more Goblins while they slept. In the following week, he managed to kill 10 more Goblins which enraged the Shaman.

In that time, Red Eyes grew even larger to the size of a 10-year-old boy. His muscle mass also grew which made him the biggest Goblin in the hoard. The shaman was happy that he had such a strong follower, which Red Eyes let him believe.

Red Eyes was allowed to take some equipment they claimed from adventures so he choose a short sword. He knew that a cave was not a good place to use a long sword so he left it behind. As for his mother she had not been touched in that time as he always fed her and protected her.

None of the other goblins even dared near her as Red Eyes protected her fiercely. He wanted to reach his peak before he took care of all of the other Goblins. He sat next to his mother who he covered with some fur while he opened a small pouch and pulled out some dark purple berries.

He saw how some animals died after eating them and knew they were useful. He also had some regular blueberries that he started to eat. He made it look like they were delicious and how he was so happy to eat them. Some Goblins looked at him with jealousy so he offered them the poisonous Nightshade berries in his hands.

He was careful to not confuse them, but only he could tell the difference. 10 Goblins took berries and began to eat them with joy. They preferred meat, but if Red Eyes was offering they had to look like they enjoyed it.

Nightshade tasted almost indistinguishable from blueberries and he watched with sick joy how each goblin ate 10 berries. They all walked away happy but soon began to feel sick almost instantly. They started to hallucinate and they fell to the ground.

Red Eyes chuckled as he watched them suffer, so he popped blueberries into his mouth. Other Goblins laughed at the 10 that were vomiting. Just 2 or 3 would kill a child and 10 to 20 would kill an adult human.

They knew herbs could be poisonous, but Red Eyes was eating them without an issue. Something else must have done it so they watched the 10 goblins die. Red Eyes grabbed his dagger and scratched the rock to make a tally for each Goblin he killed.

That was the 30th one, but it felt pointless. More would be born unless he killed every single one. He stopped killing Goblins as this time it was going to draw attention. Another week went by where he did not kill any Goblins, but a Hob joined the hoard.

Red Eyes knew his job got harder, but he was already as big as a teenage human. He was dressed in some leather armor taken from adventures and had his short sword at his side along with his dagger.

He had dressed his mother up in some of the clothes that they had from the other women, but he knew it was pointless. She had given up on life and the only thing keeping her going was his attachment to her.

He held her hand as he moved some of the hair from her eyes. They were hollow like always, but he still liked to just look at her face. He wanted to memorize it before the inevitable happened.

Red Eyes closed his eyes at the unfairness of it all. He opened his eyes and looked at his reflection in his dagger. His red eyes that gave him his name stare right back.

'No, not good enough.'

Just as he was about to forsake his planning and kill everything around him he noticed something. The other Goblins all left toward the wind in the cave. That by itself was not odd, but there was no raid planned.

'They are setting up an ambush.'

He reached out and grabbed a small goblin by its throat and lifted it up to his eye level.

He spoke in Goblin, which he hated to do.

"Where they go?"

The small Goblin did not dare hesitate and answered in the disgusting goblin language.


He looked around and saw that the numbers had thinned out. He could use the most when the Goblins were distracted to start killing them. He pulled out his short sword and stabbed the goblin in the throat killing it. The few that stayed behind were shocked he would kill a fellow Goblin, but he did not stop there.

He drew his dagger and charged at the other Goblins around and started a massacre. His larger size and strength let him cut through Goblins like they were paper. They screamed and charged at him with their weapons to kill him, but he avoided every one of their blows.

He took a deep breath and swung his sword in an arc taking the heads of 5 Goblins. Blood sprayed everywhere covering Red Eyes, but that was good. He killed the ones that tried to flee and grabbed a club. .

Goblin blood stuck to weapons badly, he needed something more useful. He also grabbed a spear and looked at his mother. He hid her well as he knew if they found her things would end badly for her.

He walked toward the bone throne of his father the shaman. More women were here, but he was allowed access. When the Shaman saw his bloody state he knew something was wrong, but a spear was launched into his chest and heart before he could react. He was alone at the moment, but Red Eyes made sure to kill him.

He walked toward the body and raise his club and smashed his head in. He was not done as he had more Goblins to kill. He moved behind the bone throne and discovered more child goblins.

'Die you pests.'

He raised the club and smashed every single one into a bloody paste. Once they were all dead he got up and rushed back to his mother's side. He saw that she was just fine. He heard in the distance screams that meant the other Goblins got a female.


Just as he was about to pick up his mother to hide her, he smelled the scent of two females. One was wounded and the other smelled of fear. He picked up his mother and took her into the dark part to hide her.

He held her hand to reassure her before he stood up. When he saw them he saw the smell of the blood was the red-haired one.


He looked at the blonde and smelled fear in her.

'Pitiful. I should help'

He saw two weaker Goblins following behind them and one knocked an arrow to fire. He threw his spear into its chest killing it and making Priestess look behind her. She saw Red Eyes look at her before he charged at the second Goblin and smashed its head in.

He walked toward the Priestess and smelled her piss herself. She was praying for mercy, but he was not going to kill her. He stood up and was about to leave her to kill more Goblins, but in the distance, he saw the light of a torch.

He saw the figure of a man approaching him. He backed away behind Priestess as something told him that man was dangerous. Very dangerous. He drew his shortsword and heard the man speak.

"A Goblin."

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