14 Electric Arc Star, Universal Kitchen Tool!

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Enoch operated this electric arc star and made some difficult movements between several fruit trees from time to time.


The sky had already darkened unknowingly.


However, the electric arc star was constantly Flashing with fine purple lightning. In addition to Enoch's excellent eyesight, it didn't have much of an effect.


Moreover, the electric arc star had a spiritual connection with Enoch, so he could roughly sense the direction of the electric arc star.


"Ding! The berserk rat fruit tree has matured!"


"Ding! The Thunder Fruit Tree has matured!"


The sound of the Divine Tree Space rang out.


Enoch then recalled the electric arc star and walked towards the two fruit trees.


After Enoch collected the fruits, the leaves on the two fruit trees instantly fell, and the moisture in the tree trunk was also rapidly flowing away.


"It can only produce fruit once, that's what it means."


The two fruit trees withered in front of Enoch.


Enoch walked up and tried to pull the dried tree trunk.


The dried root trunk was easily pulled up by Enoch.


It weighed about 200 kilograms.


Enoch weighed it casually. Under the effect of the Source-Heart Physique, his Physique had long surpassed that of an ordinary person.


The slight fat on his body had disappeared and was replaced by firm but not thick muscles.


The Source-Heart Physique was improving Enoch's body little by little. In the past, even if this tree trunk was completely dry, he probably wouldn't be able to pull it out.


Enoch didn't waste the wood. Instead, he used the electric arc star to cut off the extra branches of the wood and finally dragged it into the wooden house to store it.




A few moments later, Enoch took out the ninety-nine berserk rat life fruits from the warehouse and placed them on the grass beside the Divine Tree.


[Berserk rat fruit]


[Do you choose to hatch? Yes/No]


Enoch left a fruit in the warehouse as a backup. Enoch planned to hatch all the remaining 99 berserk rats.


[Starting to hatch (remaining time: 2 hours)]


During his spare time of playing electric arc star, Enoch also exchanged some useful items through the elementary energy fruit.


For example, items similar to fertilizer.




[Type: basic item]


[Description: produced from the Black Fog. It can promote the growth of the Divine Tree.]


There were also some other items, but the harvest was not great.


After all, it was only the third day. Even if everyone had good items, they might not necessarily take them out to trade.


"It's a pity that fertilizer is useless for the life fruit during the incubation process."


They were all fruits. Why couldn't they grow well under the nourishment of fertilizer?


Enoch sighed with regret.


What a pity.


It was not too late. Enoch did not feel sleepy. He simply lay on the lawn at the side and waited for the berserk rats to hatch.


Enoch took out a thunder ability fruit from the warehouse.


[Thunder ability fruit]


[Type: ability fruit]


[Description: obtain thunder special ability after eating]


[Hint: The Divine Tree Master has a Source-Heart Physique. The Thunder Ability Fruit has no effect on the Divine Tree Master.]


Seeing the hint, Enoch was stunned. He had planned to eat the Thunder Ability Fruit, but it seemed that it was unnecessary now.


The Thunder fruit should be a body-transforming ability fruit. That was why Enoch couldn't obtain the Thunder ability when he already had a Source-Heart Physique.


Moreover, the quality of the Thunder fruit couldn't compare to the Source-Heart fruit at all. This wasn't hard to see from the uniqueness of the Source-Heart fruit.


Therefore, Enoch didn't feel regretful.


It just so happened that this thunder fruit was thrown into the warehouse as a backup.


The remaining 99 thunder fruits were just left for these 99 berserk rats to use.


Enoch lay on the lawn, thinking about his plan to explore the Black Fog.


Suddenly, Enoch's gaze swept over the pile of branches cut from the fruit tree.


It seemed a bit wasteful to just stack them like this.


What could the branches do?


Enoch's eyes moved.


After coming to the Divine Tree Space, because the energy fruits were too delicious, he had forgotten to try some cooked food!


Before, there was no wood or fire source.


Now, these branches that had lost all their moisture were just ready-made firewood?


As for the source of the fire, couldn't the electric arc star be used as a lighter?


With the power of lightning on the electric arc star, it shouldn't be difficult to light a fire.


Moreover, even if I didn't eat cooked food, I could boil some rainwater and drink it!


No matter how delicious the energy fruit was, it should be changed from time to time.


With this thought in mind, Enoch did as he was told.


Enoch first took out the wooden bucket that was buried in the soil to collect dew. After two days, he didn't collect much dew.


He simply didn't use this method. After all, the water inside the energy fruit was enough for his daily needs.


Without ready-made utensils, Enoch could only use this bucket as a pot to cook soup.


Enoch dug a big hole in the grass, put in the firewood, and made a suggested earthen stove. Finally, he set the bucket on top of the big hole and poured in half a bucket of rainwater.


The thickness of the wooden barrel was not bad. It should not be burned through easily. It was enough to simply boil some soup and drink it.


Enoch used the electric arc star to cut a few energy fruits into small pieces and threw them into the barrel. He did not plan to add the rest of the ingredients. Even if he did, he did not have them now.


It was already good enough to boil a fruit soup!


As Enoch lit the firewood, the temperature in the wooden barrel slowly rose. Not long after, there were traces of steam coming out.


It had been a long time since he had eaten hot food. Enoch was a little excited just thinking about it!


As time slowly passed, an hour later, the fruit soup was finally ready.


The main reason was that the pot used to hold the ingredients was the wooden barrel. It was too slow to cook and took a lot of time.


While waiting, Enoch used the tree trunk that he had stored in the house to make a small wooden bowl. Now that he had so many ingredients on hand, he could not make anything better.


Although the small bowl was crooked which was cut by Enoch, it could still be used.


Enoch didn't care about the high temperature in the wooden barrel. Relying on his strengthened body, he directly scooped a bowl of steaming hot fruit soup out of the small bowl.


He casually blew at the steaming hot air above and impatiently drank a mouthful.


The fruit fragrance was rich and had a different flavor.


Moreover, after drinking the hot soup, the warm feeling was incomparable to other foods!


"Unfortunately, after making into the soup, the effect of the energy fruit seems to have weakened."


Enoch muttered. He could sense that after making the energy fruit into a fruit soup, a lot of the energy in the fruit had dissipated.


However, Enoch was originally intended to eat the steaming hot food. So it didn't matter how effective it was.


If the other players knew that Enoch had wasted the fruit of the Divine Tree, they would definitely beat their chests and stomp their feet.


Wasn't this person wasting resources?!


Even fire element lists wouldn't have such thoughts now.


The fruit of the Divine Tree wasn't enough for their own use, and they actually wanted to make soup!


Just as Enoch was tasting the thick soup...


A berserk rat fruit next to him trembled slightly and caught his attention.


"The hatching is finally complete!"

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