Global Transmigration: Receiving God-like Talents! Book

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Global Transmigration: Receiving God-like Talents!

Sand Storm

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Seemingly as if they were waking up from deep slumber, billions of people transmigrated to the Divine Tree Realm. They now had to plant Divine Trees and produce divine fruits to awaken their supernatural abilities? So that they could fend against the Netherworld invasion!? Every Divine Tree Master would randomly choose three talents. Enoch discovered that he could see hidden talent information. [Hundred Times Amplification (Class: SSS)]: Sunlight Absorption x100, Growth Speed x100, Production Speed x100... [Fruit of 10,000 Worlds (Class: SSS)]: Your trees could bear Demon Fruits, Cultivation Method Fruits, Life Fruits... [Spring Rejuvenation (Class: SSS)]: When you produce fruits, you can bury them to grow additional fruit trees. The fruit harvest during the spring season of the following year will be x100! Choose three ultimate SSS-class talents, and start from zero to grow little saplings into the trees of the world! Devour the fruits of the world, and become the Supreme Overlord! Command an army of millions and conquer the entire Netherworld! Everyone would soon realize that Enoch seemed to be playing a different game from them!


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