7 Alice’s Trade, Information About The Black Fog!

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However, a bag of fertilizer could only last for one day.


To Enoch, the time was too short.


"What was the name of that player? It seems to be Alice?"


Enoch recalled shortly.


This player should have more than one bag of fertilizer.


The description of the fertilizer was very clear. This item was produced in the Black Fog.


Players who could enter the Black Fog should not be worried about food. Since they would take out the fertilizer to trade with Enoch, it meant that they still had stock!


Otherwise, they could just keep it for themselves. There must be enough items to promote the growth of the Divine Tree.


Thinking of this, Enoch opened the system panel and requested to add Alice to his friend list in the world channel.


Even if she did not have any other stocks, he could still obtain some information from the Black Fog at the cost of an energy fruit.


After all, Enoch had not explored the Black Fog yet.


Not long after the friend request was sent, she approved it.


Enoch also went straight to the point.


He asked directly, "Do you have any extra fertilizer? I can exchange with my fruits."




At this moment, on another island, a beautiful girl with two ponytails was sitting on the grass in front of her cabin.


Looking at the message sent by Enoch, Alice was stunned.


There were fruits? Could this person have two fruit-type talents at the same time?


Just a few minutes ago, Alice received Enoch's friend request. Seeing that Enoch was the seller of [primary energy fruit], she agreed to the request.


She thought that Enoch wanted to make a long-term deal with him, so she casually accepted it.


What she didn't expect was that Enoch still had a fruit in his hands.


She had already gotten the fruit that Enoch had sold, but she hadn't eaten it. At the moment, it didn't seem like there was anything special about it.


However, if he could produce more fruits, it would be worthy of placing him on the attention list.


Thinking of this, Alice opened her friend list and sent a message to a player.


"Increase Enoch's rating by one level. He can harvest two fruits in one day. His talent strength might have reached C rank."




Seeing the his reply, Alice turned her attention back to Enoch.


"I don't have any other stocks now."


She replied simply.


In Alice's opinion, she might have been at a disadvantage in this transaction. She could have produced such a special ability fruit in a short time.


She had thought that Enoch's talent was at least S-class. However, after obtaining the fruit, she did not find anything outstanding.


Even if it was a class C, it was not worth Alice's attention.


Alice's talent was class S. Within a short day after entering the Divine Tree Space, she found a teammate with S-class talent through the world channel.


The two formed an intelligence alliance, intending to recruit some teammates with powerful talents to support each other.


And through intelligence exchange, they would explore the secret of the Black Fog together.


Alice's S-class talent allowed her to obtain the first fruit, and after consuming it, she obtained the fire ability.


Thus, Alice had classified Enoch's talent level to C-class.


On the other side, Enoch was not surprised when he saw Alice's reply.


After all, things like fertilizer could be considered a precious resource to him, and it was reasonable for her not to be willing to sell it.


Then he would just ask for some information about the Black Fog.


"I want to know something about the Black Fog. If the information is useful enough, I'm willing to pay an energy fruit as a reward."


After Alice saw Enoch's reply, she thought for a while.


This kind of transaction followed the verbal agreement between the two parties.


There was no fair trading platform at all. Even if he obtained information and then disappeared into thin air, Alice could not do anything about it.


However, Enoch had previously suggested that he could exchange another energy fruit for fertilizer.


It could prove that he had another fruit in his hands.


After all, there was a trading system for that kind of transaction.


She could try trading. After all, even Alice had only explored the Black Fog once.


The information she obtained was limited.


It was also possible to trade for a fruit.


Thinking of this, Alice opened the chat page and sent a message to Enoch.


"The information I have is limited, but I will tell you what I know about the Black Fog, but you must give me a fruit as a condition of the trade."


Enoch saw the reply and smiled lightly.


Fruit? I have plenty!


What Enoch needed the most now was the basic information about the Black Fog.


After the Fruit of Life hatched, Enoch could use his pet to explore the Black Fog.


Before that, it was necessary to know something about the Black Fog.




Seeing that Enoch agreed, Alice directly told Enoch about the information about the Black Fog.


After all, no matter how much she said, it was useless. It was just a verbal agreement.


"I entered the Black Fog yesterday afternoon."


"The visibility in the Black Fog is very low. There are all kinds of monsters."


"The place I explored was a farm. It was also in this farm that I got the fertilizer as a prop."


"The farm was about a thousand meters away from the island."


"After I got the fertilizer, I met some kind of zombie monsters on the way. However, the zombies I met were slow and didn't pose much danger on me."


"I also got some bread at the place where I got the fertilizer. After that, I returned to the island."


"This is all I know about the Black Fog."


After telling Enoch what she knew, Alice quietly waited for a reply.


Everything she said was true. After all, she had only entered the Black Fog once.


She didn't know much about the Black Fog, which was why she was able to tell Enoch everything.


At the same time, Enoch finished reading the message Alice sent to him.


To be honest, Alice didn't give him much useful information, but it was still helpful to Enoch.


First of all, the visibility in the Black Fog was very low, which was an important piece of information.


When the visibility was very low, the most important part of exploring the Black Fog was to leave a signature message.


In case they got lost.


Secondly, there were monsters. According to Alice, there were many monsters hidden in the Black Fog.


Although Alice had only encountered slow-moving zombies for the time being, when her line of sight was obstructed, zombies would pose a great threat.


Finally, there was a map in the Black Fog.


Alice was going to a farm, which was a piece of important landmark information.


He didn't expect Alice to reveal this information so straightforwardly.


She even added that it was about a kilometer away from her island.


Wasn't she afraid that Enoch would find her island and forcibly plunder it?


He shook his head. Enoch didn't delve into this issue. After all, she might not have told the truth about the location.


As for the rest of the information, there was no need to lie to Enoch.


Thinking of this, Enoch sent to Alice a trade request.


[Ding! Trade begins!]


[Trade item of the other party: grass * 1]


[Trade completed!]

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