1 Chapter 1

3rd Person POV:

In the morning, You can see a Good Looking young man running around the garden.

He is Alex. He is a 19-year-old teenager with a handsome face.

He is a trainee in an entertainment company. He is working very hard every day to find his way in the Entertainment Industry for the past three years.

He considered that if he didn't get any chance this year also, then he will quit his dream and will start finding a fixed job.

But his luck was good and he got his first role in a serial drama. This sudden offer inflamed his will to pursue his dream once again.


1st Person POV:

I am very happy today, I finally got my first role in a serial drama. Even though it is a minor one, It still has great importance to me.

Today is the first day of the shoot and I don't want to be late. I hurriedly made my breakfast and then finished the house chores and wore a good-looking T-shirt with trousers and I'm ready.

I took my Bicycle and started riding towards the Train Station.

I am currently listening to the latest song by BTS. It is my favorite group, I just like their songs very much.

I am motivated by them as they started as a small group, faced many struggles and now they are the most famous Boy-Group in the world.

I always think if I can meet them in real life but I know they are successful people and for me to meet them, Firstly, I will have to become successful like them.


3rd Person POV:

Alex was riding the bicycle while humming with the song, but then something happened that he would have never imagined in his whole life.

A truck suddenly appeared out of thin air, probably 100 meters before him, and started advancing towards him.

Alex was still in a daze by the sudden appearance of a truck and failed to notice the Truck advancing towards him.

But when he noticed, it was already too late. The truck hit Alex and disappeared magically as it appeared,

While Alex took his final breath, lying in a pool of his blood.

....{ TRUCK-KUN }....

In a Dark Void,

"Where am I?" Alex muttered to himself after getting his consciousness back. He observed his surroundings but all he could see was darkness.

Then he remembered the sudden appearance of the truck and how he got hit by that truck. Then he checked his body to look for the injuries but he was horrified by the thing he saw.

He didn't have legs, he was floating and his body was shining a little. After calming down, He concluded," I think I am dead, I am currently a ghost."

He was thinking about his dreams. How fate played with his life.

He finally got a chance to take the first step towards his dream but it was not written in his Destiny to become a Star.

He was on the verge of going crazy but suddenly he heard a Mechanical voice in his mind and an interface-like screen appeared in front of him. On the screen, some words were written.

[Congratulations, You got chosen by Prodigy System]

Alex was furious after reading the statement, He just died and this System shit was congratulating him.

He started cursing at the system until his mind calmed down.

After he calmed down, the mechanical voice again rang in his mind.

[ Hello Host, you can call me system, I am here to help you achieve your dreams]

[You will transmigrate in a parallel world similar to your world and with the help of the system, You are Destined to be a Prodigy]

[So, Do you want to merge with the system]

This time Alex calmly listened to this voice and after hearing that he will have a chance to achieve his dream once again, he became excited. But he was still unsure about some things.

"Hello System, Can you tell me Why am I chosen out of billions of people," Alex asked the system.

He knew that there was no free dinner in the world, you will have to pay for it.

So, he asked this question to know about what does this system wants from him in return for the second chance given to him.

[ Host, This system and second chance is given to you as a form of apology by my Creater, Your death was a mistake So, all of this is to compensate you]

Alex felt that it is a joke, but after getting no other response from the system. He believed what the system said.

He then agreed to merge with the system because he still hasn't achieved his dream and he felt an intuition that this will completely change his life.

[Merging 1%, 2%.....99%, 100%]

He felt a little pain in the head while the merging process was ongoing.

After some time, the process ended while Alex took a breath of relief.

[Merging Succesful]

[Hello Host, From now on my Primary Objective is to assist you and make you a Prodigy]

[Before transmigrating to the New World, You will have to follow some steps]

[Step 1 - I can assist you and make you a Prodigy in only Four fields.]

[Choose carefully from the given options below]

[Singer - Teacher - Engineer - Technology - Scientist - Chef - Actor - Martial Artist - Entrepreneur - Politician - Doctor - Writer - Athlete - E-sports - and many more]

Alex followed as the system said and selected Singer, Dancer, and Actor without any second thought but he was confused as he didn't have any Idea on choosing the last one.

"System Can you suggest to me, other than Singing, Dancing, and Acting, What other profession should I pick?" Alex asked the system as he remembered that it will assist him from now on.

[I think you should pick Martial Artists as your other profession]

[By learning Martial Arts you will be able to keep your body fit and you will also learn how to defend and attack which will help you become strong and will keep you safe and For your kind information, please don't misunderstand it with the martial arts from those novels and mangas. It is just simple martial arts of the modern time.]

Alex after listening to the system felt that this option will be the best choice.

He decided to go with System's suggestion and selected Martial Arts.

[Do you want to confirm]

"Yes," Alex replied.


[Step 2 - Choose your appearance and age. You can also name someone from your world and you will get his appearance.]

" I want to look like BTS V from my world and make my eyes light blue if you can. For my age, Make it 15 years old," Alex answered the system.

(Those who don't know BTS V. image here)

He always thought that what would It feel like to have a face similar to BTS V aka The Most handsome in the world.

And after listening to System that he can choose any appearance for the other world, he beamed with joy as his other small dream came true.

[Appearance of BTS V is selected.15 years is a good age, but you will have to complete your high school.]

[Step 3 - Choose the location you want to start from. You are going to transmigrate in a parallel world, So all the names and locations are the same as your previous world]

"Let's Go with Seoul, South Korea" Alex answered the system. Then a series of notifications started ringing in his mind.

[Starting Position confirmed - Seoul, South Korea]

[Your Information is saved]

[Your Body is undergoing construction]

[Your Fake information and Background is being made]

[Your New body is ready]

[Goodbye Host, You will be put to sleep during the Transmigration process]

Alex just heard the last words of the system and he lost his consciousness AND



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