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Global Superstar : A Prodigy


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Check my Second Novel also - The Greatest Manager of All Time 4ch/ week (Bonus chapters can be posted if they achieve certain target in a week) ________________________ Alex an Idol trainee, died on a very important day in his life, but his soul got reincarnated in a parallel world with a Prodigy system. He found out that in this world many songs and movies are missing, many artists have also vanished. Packed up with knowledge about various famous songs and movies, He embarks on a road to becoming a shining star. "System wants me to become a Prodigy, What can I do?" NOTICE - 1.This Novel is participating in Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021, Your votes and reviews will be helpful. 2.This is a Fictional world, If there is any similarity, Don't mind it. 3. Cover Art is not Mine...........


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