WARNING THIS IS NOT MY JUST Drop it here and there may be a lot of grammar error and terrible translate name if we reach every 50 power stone =upload 4 chapter This is a virtual world composed of various films and televisions. Everyone in the world is working hard to conquer each copy, hoping to obtain copy rewards and become stronger. Chen Ye, who came through, was pleasantly surprised to find that the copies that were difficult for everyone to pass were all the various film and television works he had seen in his previous life! ! Therefore, Chen Ye, who is familiar with the plots of these films and TV dramas, became super god… “Datang”: Reincarnations have turned to Li Chengqian, Li Ke, and Li Tai one after another. Chen Ye chose to teach Li Zhi and eventually became an emperor! “Martial Arts”: Everyone is thinking of ways to join the school to learn kung fu, only Chen Ye knows where the secrets are. “Marvel”: When most of the Samsaras were slammed by the Avengers, Chen Ye had already collected six infinite gems!

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The last moment of fate

Chen Ye has a terrifying aura, making Cthulhu scared to step backwards!

I saw the light on Chen Ye's body swaying everywhere

Armed look domineering, domineering look, unquenchable magic fire, Tathagata palm, special skills after another, or fighting skills, turned into small groups of light and floated out of his body.

Chen Ye seems to have entered an extremely illusory state, and he has sharply compressed all the terrifying abilities in his body!

"No, you are doing an extremely dangerous thing, stop your hands quickly, otherwise it is very likely to destroy the world!"

Cthulhu suddenly realized that it was extremely bad, and immediately shouted at Chen Ye.

But Chen Ye was already desperate at this time, and he didn't even see the evil god in his eyes.

What he thought in his mind was just to break all obstacles ahead and crush every enemy to pieces!

"This trick, I named it the final end!"

Chen Ye's voice was very flat, as if speaking to the heavens.

In his body, there are more than a dozen small light clusters hovering out, linking into a string of beads in mid-air.

In the end, under Chen Ye's control, these beads were squeezed toward the center!

For every 27-minute compressed, the air seems to collapse a large area, and the density of the space is shrinking sharply.

House tiles in the distance burst instantly, tall buildings, floor tiles on commercial streets, sewer manhole covers, shopping mall windows, etc…

Everything that can be seen is distorted and deformed. The space in which they are located seems to be undergoing drastic changes, making them no longer contained in this water bottle, and then they are broken one after another.

"Young man, are you crazy?"

The Cthulhu was finally a little scared, it could feel that the space it was in was on the path of destruction at this time, and it was going further and further!

"If you destroy this world, this girl will die with you."

Cthulhu suddenly woke up and prepared to use Zhao Ziqiu to threaten Chen Ye.

Chen Ye sighed leisurely, this was his only consideration.

However, until this time it was difficult to ride a tiger, this move has condensed a boundless aura, it is impossible to disintegrate it!

"That's it, let everything return to nothingness! The final score of the trial task depends on the condition!

Chen Ye said to himself silently in his heart.

It's just deep in my heart, but there is always a trace of sadness slowly lingering in his heart

Finally, these more than a dozen small light clusters have melted into a huge light cluster, except that the outline of the edge is not completely formed.

The moment it takes shape, that is, the moment Chen Ye completely sends out this blow!

But just now, the Cthulhu was already scared and screamed, and ran away quickly!

At this time, there was only a little residual sand from the hourglass overhead, and the time was about half a minute.

But even if it's half a minute, Cthulhu dare not stay here!

After all, Chen Ye's aura was too terrifying at this time, he seemed to be the center of a dense spider web.

And all the worlds beside him have begun to collapse and crack. It seems that the laws of the universe have been tampered with, and the whole world has to be reshaped.

This feeling is really horrible, unprecedented horror, subverting everything!

The Cthulhu who has reached Consummation, even if he knows that he will be invincible in half a minute, he still feels his scalp numb at this time.

I don't have any thoughts, I just know how to run away!

It is very tragic that Zhao Ziqiu, standing on the main road at this time, once again fell into a state of confusion.

She was suddenly awakened, suddenly lost, and in a very unstable state.

Chen Ye glanced at Zhao Ziqiu, showing a warm smile

"Don't worry! After the trial mission is over, I will definitely come back to this space to find you again!"

Chen Ye said softly.

Then he finally compressed and formed this light ball, and shot it towards the evil god in the distance!


The world is spinning around, like the end of the world, unimaginable power bursts out!

The houses collapsed one by one, and they couldn't hold up even one breath.

The streets on the ground collapsed, and there was a huge gutter, starting from the tip of Chen Ye's toes, spreading towards the distance in an instant.

Then, in almost three breaths or so, the entire human city was divided into two!

At this time, the people hiding in the house are trembling!

They could feel that the world was shaking violently, gravel bricks and tiles were constantly falling from the ceiling, and the ground began to shake violently.

And they can still smell the bloody breath, gradually eroding and devouring the world!

But at this time they were even more afraid to leave the door, they could only hold the last hope like a snail hiding in the shell, and gradually fell into despair.

The evil god in the distance let out an unwilling roar and scream, and his voice gradually weakened

When everything returned to nothingness, Chen Ye slowly opened his eyes and looked at the devastated world in front of him.

He said to himself: "Did you succeed?"

However, the next moment, he looked at the Cthulhu in front of him unbelievably, standing in front of him, looking straight at him with calm eyes.

The hourglass above my head is completely empty, and time has come to an end

"Young man, I was almost killed by you. As the greatest respect for you, I also want to use the strongest trick against you!"

Cthulhu stretched out a palm and sucked the protected Zhao Ziqiu into his palm.

"This girl gave you the most sincere love, but you ruined her, so love produces hatred at this time, and the hatred in her heart will be as strong as love!"

833 Cthulhu's meal made Chen Ye feel uncomfortable.

"When the same hatred and love are intertwined with each other, what a terrible power it will achieve, I really look forward to it!"

Cthulhu said with excitement.

Then with a light movement of his palm, Zhao Ziqiu woke up immediately!

"Give me your hatred"

Cthulhu, as if manipulating a machine, ordered Zhao Ziqiu.

Then Zhao Ziqiu's eyes were lost, and his whole body trembled slightly!

However, after a long time, Cthulhu was a little surprised.

"Well, why can't I absorb the power of hatred in her heart?"

Cthulhu felt a little strange, and continued to absorb the power of hate.

However, after a quarter of an hour, Cthulhu was completely stunned.

"What's the matter, this girl doesn't even hate you at all in her heart, how is this possible?"

And Chen Ye in the distance just watched all this in silence, frowning slightly.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible! In human emotions, love and hate are produced at the same time, where there is love, there is hate, and how strong the love is, how strong the hate is!"

Cthulhu became emotional, and the words of seven emotions and six desires crazily revolved around him.

Finally, the evil god is desperate!

"Ah, it's impossible! This girl has no hatred for you? I'm going to kill her!"