WARNING THIS IS NOT MY JUST Drop it here and there may be a lot of grammar error and terrible translate name if we reach every 50 power stone =upload 4 chapter This is a virtual world composed of various films and televisions. Everyone in the world is working hard to conquer each copy, hoping to obtain copy rewards and become stronger. Chen Ye, who came through, was pleasantly surprised to find that the copies that were difficult for everyone to pass were all the various film and television works he had seen in his previous life! ! Therefore, Chen Ye, who is familiar with the plots of these films and TV dramas, became super god… “Datang”: Reincarnations have turned to Li Chengqian, Li Ke, and Li Tai one after another. Chen Ye chose to teach Li Zhi and eventually became an emperor! “Martial Arts”: Everyone is thinking of ways to join the school to learn kung fu, only Chen Ye knows where the secrets are. “Marvel”: When most of the Samsaras were slammed by the Avengers, Chen Ye had already collected six infinite gems!

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Has completely disappeared

The evil spirit is anxious, and this kind of scene is unexpected.

According to the formal process, it can absorb the hate of the same level as love from Zhao Ziqiu, and then love and hate can be intertwined to make its practice completely complete in the true sense!

At that time, it will master the emotions of all mankind and become invincible.

Because any physical life in this world is better than Chen Ye, and it is impossible to have no emotions.

When faced with the treacherous, that kind of anger and hatred, and when faced with Zhao Ziqiu's pursuit, the emotion in my heart…

All these are his emotions.

Or in other words, all objects that can move will have their own emotions.

Even the mountains, grass, trees, and tall buildings all have their own emotions, but ordinary people can't see it.

But at this time Cthulhu did not expect that Zhao Ziqiu had no hatred for Chen Ye at all?

The body of the Cthulhu turned into a huge halo, covering it and Zhao Ziqiu at the same time.

At this time, Cthulhu was ready to kill Zhao Ziqiu!

"Girl, you don't have the slightest hatred for a man who hurt you. What's the point of staying in the world for someone like you?"

At the juncture of life and death, Zhao Ziqiu completely woke up.

She was in a halo, and her body gradually became transparent.

"Chen Ye, I won't hate you anyway."

"In the beginning I only hated myself, hate myself why I didn't accept your confession, until later I found out that I fell in love with you, it was too late.

Zhao Ziqiu seems to have felt that his life is coming to an end, slowly confiding his love for Chen Ye.

And all this is heard in Chen Ye's ears, and it is even more like a huge stimulus!

He suddenly roared: "Let her down!"

Chen Ye stepped forward, his figure disappeared into the night, and rushed into the dazzling light.

"Young man, you are really looking for death, you dare to take the initiative to enter my Cthulhu realm~,?"

At this moment, Chen Ye was in the aura of Cthulhu, and there was a fierce battle with the root of this world's chaos!

And Zhao Ziqiu's body had disappeared into the void unknowingly, the Cthulhu did not kill her, but placed her in another space domain.

At this moment, the battle between Chen Ye and Cthulhu has affected the entire city!

Everyone can clearly feel that a sun suddenly appeared above their heads!

Yes, this feeling is very ancient

It was already late at night, the stars were dim tonight, and the moon had only a shallow crescent, but somehow the sun hung high in the night sky, turning the whole night into daylight.

I finally don't know how long it took, the angry voice of the evil god came from the halo: "If this girl hadn't absorbed this girl's hatred, how could you end this seat's plan?"

There is endless regret and hatred in the voice of the evil god.

The plan to conquer the world was defeated by a match, and it was only a knock on the door, and it completely collapsed in its heart!

"If I don't have too much covetousness and want to fully integrate the two powers of love and hate, how can you be taken advantage of by you kid?"

The Cthulhu looked up to the sky and roared, bleeding and tears in his eyes.

At this moment, it reverted to the original fleshy fetus.

The huge fleshy fetus faced the sky, wanted to escape, and then looked for opportunities to make a comeback.

At the same time, facing Chen Ye's constant pursuit behind him, one after another evil babies flew out of the fleshy fetus.

"go to hell "

These evil babies, showing sharp teeth and devilish pupils, with miserable smiles, rushed towards Chen Ye.

However, Chen Ye's body was filled with an inextinguishable demon fire, and he directly ignored these evil babies and continued to go toward the evil god.

Chen Ye's speed was too fast, and flew all the way, burning countless evil babies like fireballs and falling to the ground.

"Look, there was a fireball rain!"

At this time the courageous man came to the window and looked up at the sky.

I found a ball of fireballs, and they fell crazily, just like the end of the day!

"Oh my God, is the end of the world coming?"

When people see this scene, they suddenly feel that they are so small

Human beings are really not worth mentioning to the whole world, such a devastating general Tianwei is enough to overthrow the whole world again, and then start again.

"No, look over there!"

Suddenly someone had sharp eyes, and saw a figure in the sky rushing towards the distance, seeming to be tracking something?

At this time, the Cthulhu's flesh fetus has already noticed that its speed is gradually not enough in front of Chen Ye, and the distance between the two sides is slowly getting closer.

"If you want to destroy me completely, then go to hell together!

Cthulhu suddenly turned around, and the flesh fetus body rushed towards Chen Ye.

However, at this moment, Chen Ye used that trick again!

He emits more than a dozen small light clusters, all the light clusters are extremely compressed and condensed together, and the space instantly collapses and cracks!


Cthulhu and Chen Ye collided with each other, and the entire sky instantly became dazzling!

The world seemed to stand still, time began to stagnate, and everyone's face looked up at the sky foolishly.

There is a vast white color before their eyes, and nothing is there anymore.

The sky, the bird, the stars and the mist in the air, etc., all turned into a still scene on a huge scroll

Then the picture scroll gradually cracked, falling one by one, and you saw a small marble falling silently to the ground.

Then Chen Ye's body also appeared. He stretched out his hand and gently sucked the marble into his palm.

There is a pattern on the inside of the marble. This pattern is vaguely like a human shape. If you look carefully, it will be easy to tell that this is a girl.

The whole world has resumed operation again, and people have the illusion that it is good (good money) like they have just been removed from this universe by powerful means.

The feeling of mental and physical confusion is still deep in everyone's memory. The feeling at this moment is as if the soul has returned to the body, and the cycle of reincarnation under the rules of the universe has begun again.

"Mr. Chen, is everything over?"

Someone walked onto the street and found Chen Ye standing alone on the street at this time.

And more and more people came to him without saying a word

Because they can deeply feel that Chen Ye's mood at this time is extremely low, and the depression makes people feel sad for him as well.

"Quiet, has completely disappeared from this world

Chen Ye said quietly.

After hearing Chen Ye's words, everyone unexpectedly did not make a carnival call.

Instead, he stood in front of him, looking at the marble in his hand.

Inside the marble, there is a human-shaped pattern gradually extending and expanding