12 Hidden Mission

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"Oh? You completed the mission so quickly?!"

In the apocalypse merchant camp, Big Beardy was surprised to see Fang Heng return so soon.

"Very good, young survivor. You have done very well! Your performance has impressed me."

[Hint: You have completed the mission to clear the lumberyard camp. You have received the praise of the apocalypse merchant Vettel.]

[Hint: You have received 4,167 survival points.]

[Hint: Your friendship with Vettel has increased.]

[Hint: Because you completed the mission in a very short period, your friendship with the apocalypse merchant has increased significantly.]

"It's rare to see such an outstanding young man like you. Recently, a few of my friends are looking for someone like you. Have you heard of the Dark Knights?"

Dark Knights?!

It was a hidden mission!

Fang Heng was both surprised and happy.

His hidden score had reached the Dark Knights so quickly!

In the memories of this body, the Dark Knights were related to the main storyline mission of the game world. Only players with a hidden score higher than a certain level in the King of Gods' game were qualified to obtain it, moreover, there were quite harsh hidden trigger conditions.

In the past, Fang Heng even heard rumours in the gaming club that the Dark Knights were related to clearing the zombie apocalypse world.

"It seems that you've heard about it. The Dark Knights are an organization that was established after the disaster. They've been looking for ways to save the entire human race."

"An old friend of mine is a member of the Dark Knights. If you're interested, I can recommend you to join the Dark Knights."

"I'm very interested!"

"Very good. The Dark Knights need strong survivors, so you need to make some achievements to prove your capabilities."

"What do you need me to do?"

"There's a small town 200 kilometres away from here. There's a T-virus serum in the director's office on the third floor of the town's Community Hospital. I hope you can find it and bring it back safely to me."

"After completing the mission, I will take you to find the guide of the Dark Knights."

[Hint: Player has triggered the mission - find the T-virus serum.]

Mission name: Find the T-virus serum.

Mission description: Find the T-virus serum and hand it over to the apocalypse merchant Vettel (you can find the T-virus serum in the director's office on the third floor of the Community Hospital in Hope Town. You can also find the T-virus serum through other means).

Hint: As time passes, the anti-virus serum in Hope Town may be taken away or destroyed by the survivors ahead of time.

Mission time limit: 60 days

"The difficulty has increased so much all of a sudden?"

Fang Heng frowned and muttered to himself in a low voice.

During the apocalypse, there were a lot of zombies in the city. The probability of encountering mutated zombies in the city was also higher, and the danger was greatly increased.

In his original plan, the exploration of the city would at least be considered after the construction of the shelter was completed.

Fortunately, this mission gave him a full 60 days to complete. In theory, he only needed to find the serum before the other players.

This was the best chance for him to come into contact with the main storyline mission of the game world!

Fang Heng analyzed briefly and immediately chose to accept the mission.

There was no penalty for failure anyway!

"I will help you get the serum."

"I admire your confidence, survivor. I wish you success." Big Beardy nodded in approval. "Another suggestion, take advantage of the fact that the anti-virus serum has not been destroyed. The sooner you get it, the better."

Fang Heng understood that Big Beardy was hinting at him. The faster he completed the mission, the higher the reward provided by the game.


He really couldn't complete the mission in such a short time!!

"Thank you." Fang Heng smiled bitterly and continued, "Also, I want to exchange for some materials."

After completing the mission, the 4,167 survival points reward was added to his account. Together with the 1,300 points which he obtained from clearing the zombies, Fang Heng now had a huge sum of 5,520 survival points!

The New World had just opened two days ago. Even an advanced gaming guild would not be able to raise such a huge sum of money.

"Of course, you can. The materials here are cheap and good. In addition, you've just helped me a lot. I can give you a friendship price."

"Thank you."

Fang Heng knew that this was the benefit of increasing his favorability. He could enjoy a small discount when he exchanged for materials.

Big Beardy waved his hand and an exchange list appeared in front of Fang Heng's eyes.

Fang Heng quickly browsed through the sales catalogue.

The apocalypse merchant provided a variety of materials in the exchange list. In addition to food, there were also some sophisticated high-grade materials, and even guns and ammunition were available for sale.

However, the price of guns was just as shocking.

Originally, Fang Heng only wanted to buy a few furnaces. However, when he saw the modified motorcycles on the list, he immediately hesitated.

The modified motorcycles had a detachable two-wheeled rack behind them, which could store a large number of materials.

The modified motorcycles were excellent tools for both travelling alone and transporting supplies!

The only drawback was that they burned oil! But he had just found two tanks of oil from the lumberyard camp...

Fang Heng was in a dilemma.

He wanted both of them!

However, in terms of price, he could only buy three furnaces or a modified motorcycle.

If only he had a little more survival points.

"What? You don't like these things?"

Seeing Fang Heng's distressed expression, Vettel thought that he was not satisfied, so he waved his hand with a smile and opened another exchange column in front of Fang Heng.

"Then take a look at this place. These are my private collections, and they are generally not open to the public. In addition, you can only exchange the materials here at the original price, and you are not allowed to have discounts."

Fang Heng's eyes lit up.

The apocalypse merchant had a hidden exchange column? This was the first time he had heard of it.

Big Beardy! He hid it quite well!

Seeing the goods provided by the apocalypse merchant in the hidden exchange list, Fang Heng's breathing became a little hurried for a moment.

There was a skill book for sale!!

What motorcycle! What forged furnace! Their combined value could not even be compared to this skill book!

Fang Heng reached out his hand and tapped on a skill manual. He looked at Vettel excitedly, "Uncle, I want this."

Item: Apocalypse survival - strength training

Type: Skill book (player has not mastered this skill)

Description: After learning this skill, you will be able to master the skill - strength training. Each level will increase the player's basic strength points by 0.2 points. This skill can be upgraded to level 20 (the skill level does not exceed the current player's level).

"Of course, you can. It's a very smart choice. You only need 1500 points to buy this skill book. It can help you to provide a decent fighting strength in your quest for survival."

Vettel shrugged. "What's better than investing in yourself?"

In the King of Gods' game, players could not obtain any attribute gains just by levelling up.

Therefore, a skill book like this had already been sold for millions in the real world!

Fang Heng licked his lips and pointed at the remaining two skill books in the exchange list. "And these two, physical training and agility training. I'll take these two books as well."

"Okay, a total of 4,600 survival points."

[Hint: You have spent 4,600 survival points to purchase the following skill books on strength training, physical training and agility training.]

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