176 An Alternative Battle

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"Did you miss me!"

A magnetic and sweet voice came from behind Chu Zhou.

A pair of frosty arms slowly hugged his waist tightly.

Chu Zhou could even smell a faint fragrance of her hair.

Chu Zhou took a deep breath and held his other pair of snow-white hands with both hands. He slowly pried them open and suddenly turned around.

Instantly, the delicate body that was pressed against his back fell into his arms and continued to press against his body again.

Moreover, the snowy arm that was hugging his waist was wrapped around Chu Zhou's neck.

An exquisite and bewitching face entered his vision.

This scene was inexplicably familiar, making Chu Zhou subconsciously recall his experience in the Washington Hotel.

"Are you reminiscing about the first time we met?"

The woman giggled. Her lips, which were covered in black lipstick, suddenly pressed against Chu Zhou.

Chu Zhou's gaze froze.


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