15 Chapter 15: I am Breaking My Promise Mother!

'So speed is your weakness? Haha~~. Now that I know your weakness, you are dead.'

However, what he perceived as Long Tian's full speed was nothing but a deceiving facade. Long Tian knew he needed to show weakness so that the boy would not give up in the middle of their fight.

As they drew closer, Long Tian increased his speed in an instant. His sudden increase in speed caught Lin Feng off-guard.

Lin Feng's eyes widened as he found himself unable to evade Long Tian's approach, and he could not gather his momentum to attack on time.

As he saw the boy appear in front of him in an instant, he froze in fear. Long Tian's hand approached Lin Feng's chest at an astonishing speed. Lin Feng could hear his heart beating in his ears.

The elders got tense as they saw the next scene! They were ready to move. Their Qi circulated and waited for the moment if they had to intervene in between.

Long Tian rested his fingers on Lin Feng's chest as if placing an aim. This scene shocked everyone, wondering what the boy was attempting to do. Lin Feng broke out of his reverie and attempted to make a move.

Before he could move his body, Long Tian put his fingers an inch back and punched forward with full force.


A sharp, cracking sound echoed through the arena as the impact resounded, and Lin Feng was sent hurtling backward. He stumbled on the ground.

The power behind the punch was evident as Lin Feng felt a searing pain radiate from the point of impact, leaving him both shocked and in pain. The place of impact was now a little dented, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

It was a one-inch Punch!

Long Tian came across this in his previous life and decided to perform it to perfection when he did not get any techniques from the family to practice.

Ruo'er, who was ready to move, was now visibly relaxed. She even let out a sigh of relief seeing her worries were for naught.

Lin Feng was now angry; his rationality went down the drain as he saw his own blood. He turned to look at the cause of this, with his killing intent fully unleashed. He rushed at him blindly as he attacked in a frenzy.

He kept attacking him without any care of defense, and Long Tian still calmly parried attacks while evading some of them. Lin Feng used all of his body parts to attack, his fists and kicks hurled at Long Tian.

Despite the force behind Lin Feng's attacks, Long Tian seemed to effortlessly deflect them, each motion precise and calculated.

'He is deflecting the direction of the force behind the attacks with such ease and precision.'

Elders of the sect looked at the scene with an evaluating gaze. They were shocked to see the level of battle experience Long Tian had.

'It's a good thing this boy doesn't have talent for cultivation.'

As Lin Feng's onslaught continued, Long Tian's expression displayed a mix of feigned struggle and exhaustion, as if he was gradually getting tired.

'He is not that much of an idiot enough to fall for it again, right?'

Elder Tang thought, seeing through Long Tian's plan, but Lin Feng decided to prove him wrong as a grin appeared on his face.

Long Tian was planning to give Lin Feng a false sense of confidence. With every parried attack, Long Tian subtly let his guard down just enough to make Lin Feng keep wasting his energy.

Long Tian's calculated movements and deliberately slowing speed only boosted Lin Feng's confidence, making him believe that victory was finally within his grasp.

Lin Feng's smug smirk intensified, but he failed to see the calmness in Long Tian's eyes and the absence of any sweat or signs of exhaustion on his face.

As they closed in on each other, the tension in the arena was palpable. Both Long Tian and Lin Feng had the same thought.

'It's the end.'

Everyone without any battle experience thought Long Tian was about to lose. As their fight came closer to an end, the audience held their breaths, waiting to witness the climax of the duel.

Long Tian once again punched him at full speed while looking at the elders from the corner of his eyes.

'They seem ready to intervene if I go any further.'

Looking at the same attack, Lin Feng was a little startled, but he did not freeze like the previous time.

Lin Feng put all of his focus on the punch as he concentrated his mind to evade it.

It may at first seem they both were on the same level, but it was far away from the truth. While Lin Feng's body was riddled with wounds, Long Tian did not even have a speck of dirt on his body.

While the punch was about to connect with Lin Feng's body, it suddenly lost its strength.

'If I want to do this, I only have a single chance. I need to take the gamble.'

He needed a miracle to pull off what he was about to do. He started to remember what his mother told him about Cultivation.


Xin Yan looked at her son who was looking at her with an emotionless gaze. She tried to not let that gaze hurt her, but no matter how she looked at it, it was always painful how Long Tian looked at her.

Taking a deep breath, she continued her lesson.

"Now that you know about cultivation realms, you should know that there are two ways to start cultivating, which means entering the Qi gathering realm. What you are doing right now is tempering your body to sustain and store Qi inside of it."

She looked at the attentive gaze of her son and continued.

"First is the conventional way of using cultivation technique to tap into your dantian, where the Qi is stored and starts cultivation." Her aura grew serious as she demanded.

"Before I tell you, I want you to promise me something."

Looking at the change in aura and seriousness of the situation, Long Tian nodded in agreement. Seeing him nod, a smile graced her face as she continued with a serious tone.

"Second and the most dangerous method to cultivate is emotions."

Seeing the confused look of her, she elaborated.

"Cultivation is the act of becoming one with nature, and Qi is the link that connects us with nature. Qi is also sensitive to our emotions, which means when we experience strong emotions, our qi awakens."

A look of understanding appeared on his face along with a question in his mind.

"So why should we not use this method?"

To satisfy the curiosity of her son, Xin Yan replied.

"Because… "

[Flashback Ends]

'Sorry mother, I am breaking a promise I made to you. I hope you forgive me.'

Shifting his attack from a punch, he charged his leg while thinking of all the things he went through during the time period he spent in this world. All of the pain, suffering, hate, and affection, he received flashed through his mind.

All of his feelings let loose, and he felt something like a glass breaking inside of him. All the Qi that had been inside of his locked dantian was let loose, and it rushed outside. With all of his willpower, he directed it towards his legs.

A gush of aura escaped his body, alarming the elders and the rest of the cultivators present there.

'He used the second method!'

This exclamation rang inside everyone's mind, and the elders came out of their initial shock and launched towards them to stop the boy.


 words of his mother still echoed inside Long Tian's mind. "Because if you use this method, The Qi trapped inside your body will rush out like water rushing from a broken dam, and it will damage your meridians, which will make your body injured, and you will need a whole month to recover from that. That is when you use many rare herbs and the pain you will experience during that time is something no one wants to experience."

Long Tian knew he could not kill Lin Feng; he did the only thing he could to take his revenge.

He aimed his leg towards the space in between Lin Feng's legs. With Qi fueling his strength, the speed of his attacks increased by many folds.

Lin Feng's face lost its color in horror as he watched in horror a leg approaching his precious jewels, and he could not do a thing about it.

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