1 Fallen God of War

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"What? You want to borrow 50,000 yuan?! Dream on! Qin Pan, it's not that I want to criticize you, but now that you have lost your identity as the God of War of Country A and have crippled both your hands, you can't do any heavy work. You're even worse than an ordinary civilian. How are you going to pay me back in the future?"

"As for your mother's illness, the doctor said that there's not much hope for it to be cured, and the surgery fees are so high. You might as well bring her back to await her death. At least she won't have to suffer in the hospital!"

"Sigh, don't keep talking about how you gave us so many benefits when you were still the God of War… Humans have to return to reality!"


The cold metal door closed in front of Qin Pan.

She stood upright, dressed in the worst of coarse clothes. There was not much sadness on her beautiful face, but more of a wooden expression.

This was the seventh relative she had found. She had not managed to borrow a single cent throughout the day.

The doctor told her that as long as she could gather 500,000 yuan for the surgery, her mother's illness might still be cured.

But ever since she fought a losing battle and been labeled a traitor, her superiors had crippled her hands and demoted her to a civilian. These relatives who had tried to please her in the past now avoided her.

Qin Pan pursed her lips tightly with anger in her eyes. She wanted to tell everyone that she was not a traitor!

There was a mole in the army!

However, this anger only lasted for a moment before dissipating.

No one would believe what she knew.

The sky turned dark. Qin Pan had no choice but to walk slowly towards the last house.

Her fiancé, Cheng Gang's house.

Ever since Qin Pan was sent home, Cheng Gang had never come to look for her.

She didn't want to beg him, but she really had no choice.


Qin Pan had just opened the door with the key Cheng Gang gave her when she heard ambiguous moans coming from inside.

"Hiss… Brother Cheng Gang… be gentle… Why are you acting like you've never touched a woman before? Did my cousin Qin Pan not serve you well?"

"Don't talk about that blockhead woman! She's been fighting all day, so her body must be hard, unlike you, fragrant and soft… Mmm… relax, little demon, you're so tight!"

"Since you like me so much, when are you going to break off the engagement with Qin Pan and marry me?"

"Not now… When I got engaged to her, there were so many people watching. If I rush to break off the engagement now, wouldn't I be scolded by the public? Wait a little longer… Don't worry, I already hate her and only love you…"

"Mmm… You're so awesome… Hurry up… I, I'm almost there…"

The woman's screams and man's panting rose and fell, and the air was filled with the smell of lust.

Qin Pan felt as if she was drenched by a basin of cold water. All the blood in her body froze.

The two people on the sofa were clearly her fiancé, Cheng Gang, and her cousin, Qin Yajuan!

When did they get together?

Qin Pan took a step back in a daze and slammed into the vase on the porch.

The sound of breaking porcelain attracted the two of them. Qin Yajuan screamed, "Brother Cheng Gang… she, she's here!"

Cheng Gang turned his head and saw Qin Pan. He was instinctively afraid of her but when he thought of her current status, he became firm again. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

"Why are you here?" His tone was filled with indifference.

"I originally came to borrow money from you."

Qin Pan heard his cold voice. "Can you explain the situation to me?"

Cheng Gang scoffed. "Since you've already seen it, I won't hide it from you anymore. The person I like is Yajuan. I got engaged to you only because of your identity as the God of War!"

"You're a cripple now. It's already very benevolent of me not to break off the engagement with you immediately. Just be content and don't ask for more!"

Qin Pan's ears buzzed.

This was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…

Everything was fake!

Qin Pan smiled bitterly. Her smile was uglier than crying. She raised her phone. "Since that's the case, let's call off the engagement. I've already taken your photos. Give me 500,000 yuan and I won't expose it."

"What? You bitch!"

Cheng Gang was furious and stomped his feet. "You want to blackmail me? You want to blackmail me into treating your short-lived mother?! Let me tell you, if you dare to expose this, I'll immediately send someone to kill your mother and throw her to the back of the mountain to feed the wild dogs… Ah!"

A foot landed on his chest, sending him flying!

Qin Pan retracted her leg and panted heavily, "Try cursing my mom again!"

Her hands were crippled, but she still had legs!

She walked towards Cheng Gang step by step, her eyes red like a demon that had crawled out of hell. Cheng Gang was so scared that his face turned pale.


Qin Pan suddenly received a heavy blow at the back of her head.

She turned around slowly and saw Qin Yajuan's face filled with fear and viciousness. She was holding an inkstone in her hand and shouted, "Qin Pan, go to hell!"

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