Genius Military Doctor: Good Morning, Major General! Book

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Genius Military Doctor: Good Morning, Major General!

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Qin Pan, originally A country famous goddess of war, a genius military doctor! But she was betrayed by her comrades, resulting in defeat! With her hands wounded, she was demoted as a civilian. In order to cure her mother's illness, she had to put down her identity to beg for help. Relatives: "Get out! You want to borrow money, you deserve it?" Scum: "I Engaged with you just because of your status. But now you are a waste. We quit marriage!" Only that handsome man, holding her hand, "Don't be afraid, I will let you stand on the top again." Qin Pan looked at him, "Who are you?" "Your believer." Later, and Qin Pan acquired the miracle doctor system, which not only cured herself and her mother but also made her abilities even more terrifying. Relatives begged, while Qin sneered, "Get away! Do you deserve it?" The scum repent, Qin kicked him away, "Don't let me see you again! As for the man at home... After Qin Pan slept her, leaving a note." Wait for me three years, I will come back to marry you." Qin Pan returned to the army to beat all the people who framed her hard blow, but to her surprise, she met the man who was supposed to be waiting for her at home in the army. Xi Ce smile, "What a coincidence." Qin Pan: "..." The day Qin Pan was reinstated, the soldiers were shocked to see - their cold Major General Xi Ce, half kneeling in front of Qin Pan, kissing the back of her hand, said "My god, can now love your believer?" "Unfortunately, I am not your god, I am an evil spirit of hell, and come back only for revenge." Never mind. "Seize kissed her red lip." If you want to love, I will love the world with you. If you want to hate, I will help you destroy the world."


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