Dragon Princess: Can She Survive in Her Own Book? Book

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Dragon Princess: Can She Survive in Her Own Book?


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Yang Xianyi ends her life to give payback to her 'Fiance', and her parents. With many regrets, Old Nana, the soul caretaker, sends her to the reincarnation cycle, but... Something went wrong, and she ended up in a cultivation world... A strange cultivation world. She becomes Long Mei Ling, and now she is a newborn baby. Certain Beast, the Realm's Overlord, notices her existence, and... Even though she finds the family love that she lacked in her previous life, the concerns of her new inheritance are heavy. Despite this new start in life, she wants to find genuine love. But what she didn't expect is that... *** Extract: "Oh, why is everything so familiar? Their names, the places, and even the way they behave?" "NO! I know where I'm... this is my book!!" "Then, can I find him? I made a carbon copy of him. I need to find him!" A twelve years old Xiao Ling: "Daddy, Brothers, I'm going to find my love! And Mommy, wait for me to bring your son-in-law. You will definitely love him!" With no time to speak, she left, leaving her family stunned for a long time. When they returned to their senses, she was already outside the city. Her brothers join the adventure to search for her... Let's join the journey of an author that reincarnates into her own book. What waits for her? Will she crash her own creation, her best-unfinished masterpiece? Or will she follow the normal route? **** Check out my other books: > Flame of Power > Our First Love is Everlasting! **** - Author notes: Hope you can enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing! The names of each character do not have an important meaning. While it's true that this is a book based on cultivation, the methods of cultivation are not normal. Disclaimer: The picture on the cover is not mine! If you're the artist, let me know, and I'll put it down. Until then, please let me enjoy it.


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