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General Dark-Lucas


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The General of the Dark Army has always kept his identity hidden.Who is he? That is the question that everyone in the Dark Army has been asking. Rumors say that he is a cruel man with mysterious powers,and that he will appear only during War and yet no one has seen him except for his higher commanders. Lucas Thorne the Second in Command of the Dark Army, has always been right hand of the General ,known to be merciless, fearless and ruthless he would kill any enemy or anyone who meant harm to the General. Noone is an exception. Jenna Fox a journalist of the World Times whose job is on the line, has decided to find out the truth about the General. That is the scoop she needs in order to save her job. But before findng the General she will have to meet Lucas Thorne the Second in command. To what extent is she willing to go in order to discover the identity of the General.