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Game Starts With The Scarecrow

Butterfly-shaped Nebula

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Player 1: "Is there something wrong with the scarecrow? Damn, it killed me within a second..." Player 2: "Is there anything wrong, why is the name of this wild monster more than 40 meters long? Player 3: "F*ck, that guy brought a group of bosses to siege the city again, can't they give us a chance to live?!" Mo Fan: "Kid, do you have a lot of questions?" ........................ After Mo Fan entered the game, he found that he had become a scarecrow next to the Beginner Village, a wild monster for players to kill and level up. Mo Fan, who had become a wild monster, began to continuously upgrade and level up; he underwent Star Ascension, fused with new bloodlines, and watched as his attributes soared! ........................ PS: The book is also known as "Evolving and Upgrading from a Scarecrow", "After Becoming a Scarecrow, I Became Self-Conceited", "Having a Sense of Superiority After Playing a Game", "I Can't Believe This Scarecrow Is so Powerful", "This Is Just a Wild Monster, How Is It so Strong?"


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