Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 52

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I wrenched my eyes wide open. The sound of my ravens waking me up, it probably was time to the coast, for when my ships arrived. I stared for a second at the black colored ceiling of my tent, really wishing I could sleep a few more seconds, but sadly I have kingly duties to attend to.

"Well, time to see the sore losers," Yesterday I had a drinking contest with my men, and I had drunk enough alcohol to kill two elephants, but because my body metabolism is so efficient in processing toxins and other stuff, my body rendered alcohol useless, I do get tipsy though, but it takes a while.

With a smile, I jumped off the bed, making sure Daenerys was sleeping soundly, and everyone but Neltharion stayed sleeping, for he notices that I'm leaving and climbs up to my shoulder, looking at me like I was about to betray him and leave.

"Let's go buddy," I chuckled while I petted the little Dragon on my shoulder as I walked out.

Outside, I could see my man walking by, eating and drinking, but I wasn't here to admire their basic routines, so with a deep breath of annoyance, mostly because the sunlight was hurting me, for not sleeping enough, I started to walk up to my raven.

*Caw! The ships are arriving at Pentos in Ten Days, we have to move, CAW!* My Raven informed me as soon as I was in front of him, it was time to start marching, but there was a chance Braavos would see an army that big marching towards Pentos as a threat and attack me preemptively .

To avoid ruining my plan I would have to separate my army to show them I was no threat to them, leaving a part with my Wife, at least while I got my ships, the ones coming and the ones I had left on the coast with Viserys.

Talking about Viserys, I wonder how is the little waste of cum is doing, I do hope he is wishing to die at this point.


[Viserys Targaryen POV]

Total and absolute disgrace, I had been forced into the most deplorable situation, but the day of my retribution would come, I would kill that bastard for what he had done, he would pay.

I knew sooner or later my allies would break me free, the sames that Illyrio said that had secret toasts on my name, they were soon to rescue me, I knew I could feel it.

I was their rightful king, and they loved me. It was simply a matter of time, to bring that treacherous snake down, and take what is mine, what belongs to me! My sister and my throne!


[Back to Ronard POV]

My army was composed of eighty thousand men or so, but to get my ship I would travel back with only five thousand men, right about the same amount I had before starting with gathering the Dothraki, it has been quite a while since I last saw Illyrio, I wonder if he still fears me.

I suppose there is only one way to find out if he still does.

"You are in charge of everyone here," I had informed all my men, that while I was gone her words were the law.

"Poor those who disobey their Queen," Daenerys giggled, "I'll be fine, be safe,"

"I will," I nodded, giving her a goodbye kiss.

She would be safe, she had an army few could even hope to match, and a pair of baby dragons ready to bite for her, Neltharion was coming with me, he didn't care for reason, he really imprinted in me, in a cute but obsessive way.

It would take me a couple weeks to reach Pentos, if we didn't encounter any problems, but considering I outnumbered any of the remaining Dothraki tribes, I was good if anyone wanted to raid me, in fact, I welcomed it. That way they would save me the time to go out and look for them, quite the trouble.

"Lets go," I ordered as we marched to Pentos.


[Ned Stark POV]

It has been quite a while since I escaped out of King's Landing thanks to Ronard, so far my merchant caravan had been moving slowly, but I was safe, after all, no one suspected the helper that was working with them, unloading the boxes and items, was actually the Lord everyone was looking for.

Almost three weeks of travelling, where I was on constant paranoia I would be captured, or something would happen, three weeks where I had to be completely alert, but after all that, I was finally here at Riverrun, the ancestral seat of House Tully.

I could feel a smile forming on my face as I saw the Castle as we descended, a few more miles and I would be reunited with my family, freedom within my grasp.

I had to give something to these merchants, they helped me, even though they didn't have too. They… no I had risked their lives for this very moment of peace and tranquility.

"I'm coming home," I muttered with an uncontrollable smile on my face.

This moment of happiness would end quite fast, the moment I arrived, I would be dragged into this war of schemes and backstabbing I have so desperately tried to avoid, I would have to support Stannis on his claim, he was the rightful heir, and yet I owe Ronard my life, I was bound by honor to Stannis, and by Gratitude to Ronard.

What can I do?


[Robb Stark]

Father had escaped a while ago and we had yet to find him, with him the north would be whole again, our family would be whole again, I have tried to be strong, to show I have no fear and will bring the justice the north deserves, but I was afraid, afraid I would lose everyone I loved in this war.

Stannis wanted us to bend the knee, but I had agreed with the Lords to wait for Father's answers, as he was the one who spoke for the North as a whole, but Stannis and the Lannisters aren't our only threat.

Ronard was a pretty prominent one, that was more and more dangerous everyday, he's been increasing his army and resources at an alarming speed, rumours say he already has an army big enough to take on the North and all its banners.

He didn't even take his time to get a new fiance, he was a power hungry man that needed to be taken down, quoting mother, and maybe she was right.

He killed Theon like a Dog, brutally punching him to the death, so maybe mother was right, maybe he was a monster, one that I would have to take care of. That's what I would want to say, but I've seen him fight, I know I can't best him in combat, but with Grey Wind, he stands no chance, no man is stronger than a Direwolf.

"Friend or Foe, If you take a wrong step, I will end you," I sighed, for I was a wolf that would go to hell and back to protect his pack.

*Hrmmm, an idiot he is, if in than Wolf depending he is, Yrrssss* Unbeknownst to him, a very wise raven with a Jedi cape was watching him carefully.


[Joffrey Baratheon POV]

Nothing, no results, nothing! How could they be so insolents to disobey their King, I said I wanted Lord Stark, and he is not here, they deserve to pay for this, yes. They do. They HAVE broken a royal order, and life is the only payment I will accept, their pain will clean them.

"I want all my Royal Guard dead, for their incompetence," I said with a wide smile, I knew Grandfather would support me, he understood how to rule correctly.

"You won't do such a thing," Tywin sighed, who the hell he thinks he is to deny a king of his wish.

"That was an ORDER!" I shouted, anger boiling in my core, as I gritted my teeth, but I was soon enough greeted by a slap.

"You'll do well to remember who is keeping you on that throne, boy." Tywin said, his cold eyes and demeanor were more…. Frightening, I was a King, he can't do this!

"You can't!" I was about to complain but a Glare from Tywin was more than enough to shut me up.

"I can and I will. Behave like a king and I will follow, until then, sit and let me keep you in the throne, am I clear?" Tywin asked with a condescending tone, "With Ronard on our back and Stannis on our front we need every able man, we can't throw resources we don't have… just because you want too, not now."

Ronard that coward, if he was such a threat he would be here feeling the taste of my blade, "Ronard is no threat, once the time comes, I will cut his head, and show him the power of a true King, maybe with a duel,"

"He is a threat, even bigger than Stannis, and his brother, he's been playing the game without losing so far, more than we can say, certainly better than you, so don't think for a second that pretty crown in your head will shrink the massive gap in skill between you and him, and always remember, Kings can always fall," Tywin said with a cold tone, he really thought that bastard was better than me, that he could best me in anything?! uNaCcEpTaBlE, I was superior to Ronard in every WaY!!!!.

"I am better---" I was about to rebut this ludicrous statement but grandfather stopped me.

"I have a kingdom to keep under you... so shut up and let me," Tywin said as he left the Throne Room, not before adding, "I don't have time to waste, especially not with your tantrums."