Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 17

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Balon had given me one hundred loyal ravens to serve me, poor man, if only he knew that every time he tries to send a message, a cry for help, he is only making me stronger.

During the first few days in the iron islands, I stabilized a camp in the coast, making sure to

kill all opposition, with one Kraken nearby to defend it should any trying to sail away.

So after quite a significant amount of planning it was time to move forward, it was time to claim the salt throne for me, and I would take immense satisfaction in doing so.

It would be the ultimate poetic justice for what his people had done, they took everything from others, and now I would take everything from them.

My raven squad were still on their rampage killing man by man, they really have earned their corn by this point, the screams of pain filling and thundering inside the island, bringing terror and despair to my enemies and allies alike, mostly because my allies didn't know those screams were a product of my own making.

It was time to take what was mine.

In the end I had resolved to not kill all the ironborn in the iron islands, just the Greyjoy's the ruling house and those who follow them but I would allow the other houses to kneel and pledge their life to me, or die.

I knew this blind loyalty I wanted from them was not easy to obtain, so I had a plan to make them follow me.

When faced against crazy psychopaths that kill steal and rapé for a living, that also happen to be incredibly religious, there is only one option, make them believe you are the chosen one by their god.

And with my Krakens I would make them believe their God chose me.

If I played my cards correctly and they were as stupid as I thought I would get around fifteen thousand soldiers, loyal ones.

There was always the case they didn't fall in line or didn't stay loyal, in that case killing them would be easy, in the sea I was a force to be reckoned with, my krakens made me the best in this battle environment, so if they ever betrayed me, I would drown their men and families under my thumb.

"The castle is right ahead, my lord,"

"I see, start your formation," I ordered them.

My bears divided between my three squadrons, attacking from all directions making a triangle, while thinning my army, would usually be bad, with this I would

"Let's show these krakens why you don't mess with the bears!" I shouted, rallying my men up.

"AYE!" My men shouted in agreement; morale was high thanks to how much we were crushing them.


[Ned Stark POV]

I arrived at Bear island with Cat and some of my men, we wanted to take Sansa with us, in case the worse came to happen but we found a problem.

"I apologize, father but I won't leave," Sansa didn't want to leave, she wanted to stay.

"Sansa, we are doing this for your own good!" Cat countered angrily, "you are not married yet, this is not up for discussion,"

"I know he will come back…" Sansa said, trailing off, was my little she-wolf in love?

"The last Raven we got from him said they took control over the coast," Maege offered, in disbelief, like her I couldn't understand how he was winning.

"He is winning?" Cat inquired, as if she was just lied to.

"It seems," Maege nodded.

"Sansa, if something were to happen to him, he would want for you to be safe," I said, I honestly believed he would, he started this war with the Greyjoy's for her.

"Sansa, this is not up for discussion, you will come!" Cat added she was worried, worried about what would happen once the young bear died.

"Fine, can you keep me posted?" Sansa agreed glaring at Cat; I never saw her this challenging, as she asked the she-bear to keep her up to date.

We could've forced her to come with us, she was still my daughter, my responsibility, but I didn't want her to resent me should he die. I didn't expect she would fall for him so soon, while it makes me happy, this situation makes it hard, especially since Cat was to break the engagement whether he survives or not, she doesn't consider him a good match anymore.


[Back to Ronard POV - A week later]

Pyke was the stronghold and seat of House Greyjoy, which was happen to be located on an island of the same name, quite creative if you ask me.

It took quite a while to reach within their walls and enter the castle; after all, the castle is an ancient stronghold with outstanding defenses.

But anything can be broken with enough force.

So far, I had taken control of one of the towers that make the castle, but the coward delayed his imminent defeat by cutting my path to the other tower and for this, he would die slowly and painfully.

The towers were connected by swaying rope bridges, and the old bastard cut them, making it nearly impossible to cross.

So I had to improvise.

I put some of my men to make wood bridges with the wood we had collected in the first tower to cross the breach, while my Raven Swarm killed any men stepping out to shoot arrows at us.

*Message! Lady Stark wants to break the engagement, Lord Stark does not,* One of my ravens in Winterfell came, so it seems they took Sansa.

Taking a deep breath I took a piece of paper and wrote.

~Lord and Lady Stark, I must apologize if I had by any means make your life and those around me go in danger, it has come to my attention that Sansa is no longer in bear island, while I understand why you took her, I must ask you to not break my betrothal with her, I know what I did may seem a bit reckless, but it was a long time coming, and I will come back victorious, so rest assured I will win, and I will honor my word to protect and care Sansa and be a good husband like I know you will honor yours by uniting our families.~

~Lord Mormont~

Well, with that and appealing to his idiotic honor side, he would keep his word and would put a stop to his wife, seriously that woman is despicable.

"Sir, we have one of the bridges ready," One of my men entered the room.

"Be sure to check it; it needs to be able to withstand many bears and men; if I fall, I will climb back just to kill you," I joked, but the poor guy took it to heart and ran away to test the bridge.

"Oh yeah, as a lord everything I said is in a literal sense," I chuckled

If my calculations were corrected, the old Kraken had around five hundred men inside the other tower.

I still had above sixty percent of my army, including my bears and ravens.

"The bridge is solid, the bears are walking back and forth," The same man said again.

"Very well, I will go first," I nodded as I approached where the bridge should be, the breach between towers was large, and the fall was big.

"I still haven't put the bridge, my lord," The man said.

"I don't need it, but be sure to put it," I smiled as I took off running at full speed, using all my super soldier juice to jump to the other side, landing on one knee on the other side.

"Holy…" the man said in awe.

"Stop staring at me and put on the damn bridge!" I commanded as I entered the other tower.

"Aye!" The man nodded.