Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 18

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————————————————————The men inside the other tower were scattered, but it didn't matter much, I was on an assassination mission, the old Kraken would be mine, and I would end this, once and for all.

"Someone go—-" They never learn, shouting before getting their weapon out is a bad idea.

I continued running through the castle, killing men and avoiding large groups that could have a chance to overwhelm me as I advanced to Balon's chambers.

In front of the door leading to the hallway that led to the man I wanted to kill, there were two a couple of guards, defending the old rat.

There was no avoiding this, so I stood out of the shadows and whistled at them, getting their attention.

"So you guys wanna die now, or when my army crosses to this tower?" I asked, expecting my men to be getting over here any time soon.

My question wasn't as humorous to them as it was for me, and soon enough, I had every single one of them attacking me.

I cut the first man's throat with a longclaw while I brutally bashed another man's head against the wall, splattering his brain matter all over the wall, I jumped doing a flip in the air dodging a spear going for heart and decapitated the guy.

Killing the three guards, defending the door.

"You know, I think this world has seriously messed me up," I chuckled, killing was just a part of my life these days, I was so numb to this shit.

I opened the door leading to the hallway that would guide me to the old bastard in the castle; on the other side, I immediately noticed there were around a dozen soldiers patrolling a single entrance.

If my raven were correct, the old bastard was there, so with nothing else to do, I charged out into them.

Killing the fist ironborn in my way before he could even react, stabbing him in the heart with Longclaw.

He yelled out in pain, coughing blood as he fell to the floor dead.

"Bastard!" An angry ironborn tries to attack me.

But I dodged the attack taking a single step to the side, and with one quick swing of my blade, I severed his head effortlessly from his body, splattering his blood on the castle walls.

The next three soldiers rushed to attack me, but I duck under the first attack, dodging it and pushed my sword through his neck, killing him.

I blocked the next attack with my shield and using the momentum I bashed the next man head to the wall with enough force to pop it like a water balloon, with him done for I turner to kill the last of the guy in front of me, but a crossbow bolt flies into the back of my leg stopping me, making me flinch in mild pain.

I grunt in pain as I turn around to see the future dead guy with a crossbow reloading his weapon.

Taking this chance, the ironborn close to me tried to attack me with his spear, but even with a crossbow bolt on my leg, I outmaneuver him, disarming him and killing him with his own weapon.

The guy with the crossbow started to panic, trying to load his weapon as fast as he could while I pulled the spear out of his comrade's dead body and threw the spear at him.

"Wait! I—-" He was probably trying to surrender as if I was going to let him leave, but regardless of that, the spear impaled his chest before he could even finish his last words soon after he dropped his crossbow and died.

"Motherfucker, that hurt," I grunted as I took the bolt out, "That's gonna be an inconvenience for about two hours."

I immediately turned my attention to the shaking remaining soldiers, who were too afraid to approach.

I dashed towards the remaining ironborn protecting the old Kraken and cut one of them in the throat. He falls to the floor dead, not wanting to waste any more time. I push up, killing two more before they can even react.

Not wanting to lose any more time, I spun around using the momentum to swing my blade and cut through all of them, decapitating five soldiers in one motion.

I pull my sword out the last man neck, as the last iron tries to kill me, but I cut his arm and shoved my sword through his mouth, piercing his skull in the process.

"Well, the wound didn't make me any less efficient," I said stretching my leg, "But I need to be more careful, one of these days the bolt will go a little bit higher,"

Finally, after all this shit, there I was in front of the door where the salt throne was patiently waiting for me, with a sigh, I kicked the door wide open, as I entered.



I entered the throne room, trying to make an epic yet threatening entrance, but I was greeted by Balon shooting his crossbow at me.

I simply dodged the bolts as I approached him, "Do you really think that's going to work, if so this is sad,"

"Fucking brat!" Balon shouted, grabbing his sword, and running towards me, or trying to; he was struggling to move fast.

I bashed my shield against his arm, breaking it and making him drop his blade, "You lost," I sighed, "My men should be entering the tower right now, killing your remaining forces, I won,"

"Fuck—-" Balon tried to insult me, but I slapped him so hard he lost haft of his teeth.

"I guess this is where Asha gets her potty mouth," I chuckled as I pulled out longclaw, "Normally, I would love to talk more… but I have better things than to waste my time with a piece of shit, so goodbye," I said as I stabbed him in the kidney area, to ensure his last moments to be as painful as possible.

"Ahhrggh!" Balon shouted in agony, as I left him there, walking to his throne, sitting, waiting for my men to arrive.


It took my men roughly five hours to arrive at the salt throne, whereby that moment, Balon had already died.

"We have killed every soldier in the castle, my lord," One of my men said.

"Good, stabilize the bridges connecting the towers and bring Asha," I ordered them.

*We have eliminated all the scouts and archers! What else do you need oh great cornbringer?* A raven flew into my lap, eying curiously.

"One last mission, I want every you guys to deliver some messages, to every house in the iron islands, it's time to take control of this shitty place," I smiled petting the raven.