Game Lord's Cultivation System Book

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Game Lord's Cultivation System


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Important Notice: This book will be in Hiatus because I wish to focus on my other book, MMORPG: Crowd Control! Thank you for your understandings! What happens when one dies in real life while playing a virtual reality MMORPG game? Do they just die there? No, their life isn’t over as long as they’ve accomplished something that no one has ever done before. Witness the birth of the top number 1 player, Jiang Ming! He shall start afresh in the Northern Continent. With his sheer knowledge and proficiency in cultivation from the game, he shall become the most overpowered person. "Remember carefully, I'm Jiang Ming and not some nobody!" ------------------ Bonus Chapter Goal 300 Powerstones = 1 bonus chap 600 Powerstones = 2 bonus chap Discord: discord.gg/BtTB4fpunR