5 Chapter – 5 Returned

"Humanity will fight and die for control over a couple of stones. We will never be free of their burden. So I gave each stone a soul of its own. They will lead their own individual lives. Write their own destinies. Years ago the Soul Gem gave me a soul. Now I think I know why. It's so that I could give that same gift now. These souls will protect themselves or die trying. And if they do, we will be right back here again. In the same story."

—Adam Warlock

As I sit in my hotel room, I reflect on my recent adventure in I want to eat your pancreas world. I check the camera recording, hoping to find some evidence of the dazzling lights and colors that accompanied my journey. But to my surprise, there is nothing, no shining body, no vibrant lights. It's look like that not a single second has passed.

I turn to the Gacha System, seeking answers. With a mix of excitement, I ask if I truly transported with my physical body or if it was merely my consciousness, and it creates a new body for me in that world. The system confirms that I indeed traveled with my body, but it warns me of the risk involved. If I were to meet my end in another world, it would mean real-life consequences.

The revelation leaves me with a mix of awe and caution. While the prospect of becoming an ultimate life form in different worlds is enticing, the dangers that come with it are real.

Well that's a side it's about time that I got my second gotcha.

[Gacha Points = 10]



1 Goblin Slayer – Level 4: A renowned adventurer specialized in goblin slaying, unmatched in the art of taking down these formidable foes.

2 Weakness Removal x4: These valuable items offer you the ability to eliminate weaknesses that may hinder your progress, allowing you to face challenges with a clearer advantage. It can also be use on summons.

3 Power Boost Card x3: With this card, you can enhance your own abilities, becoming even stronger and more capable in your adventures.

4 Background Customization Card x05: Background customization card help you to customize the background suitable for you whenever you travel to different world, or it can be used for the summons.

5 Akira Hayama – Level 3: Meet Akira Hayama, a master of spices with an incredible sense of smell and mastery of aroma.

6 Skill Card: Master Detective – whoever used this card will gain access to the expertise of a master-level detective. No mystery is too complex for you to unravel. Whether you're investigating an affair, searching for someone's true identity, or delving into any enigma, this card provides you with unmatched deductive skills and investigative prowess.

7 Mystery Setting Travel Ticket (Low-Tier/ Seven day): This ticket grants you the opportunity to experience a different reality for one day. It could be a momentary escape or a chance to gather valuable insights from another world.

8 Weakness Removal x2: These valuable items offer you the ability to eliminate weaknesses that may hinder your progress, allowing you to face challenges with a clearer advantage. It can also be use on summons.

9 Power Boost Card x1: With this card, you can enhance your own abilities, becoming even stronger and more capable in your adventures.

10 wooded jackets : While seemingly ordinary, a leather jacket provides a sense of style and protection against cold. This will come in handy during your adventures.

Hey, system, enough with the jackets. Save my gacha points for something useful,Well, I guess I can always use them as currency in the store.

As for the Skill Card, I think I'm good without it. I don't really need to know anything new in this world. I already possess plenty of secrets and knowledge.

Hey system, can you tell me what benefits I'll get from this Goblin Slayer card? There aren't any goblins in this world, so it seems rather irrelevant.

[ Goblin slayer skills :

Trained Combatant: Goblin Slayer is relatively skilled in most weapons that he can get his hands on, using them effectively enough to kill goblins. He is also capable of combating other kinds of monsters, as well as other adventurers.

Marksmanship: Goblin Slayer is a proficient archer; he can accurately shoot down goblins from a distance. With a thrown javelin, he was able to fatally injure a goblin shaman with little effort. Even with melee weapons such as swords, Goblin Slayer is able to throw them as a last ditch resort (or in some cases, as a sneak attack) with high accuracy at an enemy's head.

Strategy: Goblin Slayer is an excellent strategist, specializing in ambush and guerrilla warfare. He comes up with extraordinary plans to trap large numbers of goblins, eliminating them with efficiency. He's been known to be quick to take up the strategic role in any party he joins, even when the likes of non-goblins are involved.

Goblin Knowledge: Goblin Slayer has devoted himself to all matters related to goblins, ranging from their habits to their mindsets. This makes him the frontier's foremost expert when it comes to dealing with goblins, a specialist without peer in matters relating to them sought out by High Elf Archer and Sword Maiden. His renown became widespread enough to earn his own nicknames from many fellow adventurers, as well as from the societies of both the Dwarves and the high elves.

Lock Picking: Goblin Slayer possesses basic lock picking skills being able to unlock chests and to check for traps by using lock picking tools, though he mentions not to expect too much from his abilities as his class is not a thief.

Physical Conditioning: Goblin Slayer has rigorously trained his body, granting him exceptional physical abilities.

Endurance: He possesses an incredible amount of endurance and pain tolerance, and has been capable of fighting after having broken multiple bones. Goblin Slayer is well acclimated to snowy mountains and cold temperatures, as he received his training in such environments.

Senses: Goblin Slayer is constantly aware of his surroundings, especially when it concerns goblins.

Espionage: Through many years of on-the-field trainings and experiences, Goblin Slayer possesses many of the master spy abilities such as stealth intuition, surveillance intuition, alertness sense, opportunity sense, etc. He is exceptionally skilled in infiltration and silent assassination.

Fate-less: For unknown reasons, Goblin Slayer is capable of interfering with the dice roll of the gods. He is not aware of this phenomenon and thus does not do it by choice.]

So, if I understand correctly, a Level 4 card will grant me all the skills that the character possesses, and a Level 5 card will also include all the equipment they have. Interesting.

I'm amazed by his skills. Being fateless is incredible; he can change the course of events without any constraints. I'm sure he'll go back to goblin slaying, even if he knows about this ability. Without any delay, I absorb the Goblin Slayer card. Having such a fateless power is rare, and I can't help but wonder if it's connected to the change I made in the "I Want to Eat Your Pancreas" world. If that's the case, then obtaining this ability might be just a matter of time.

As for the Akira Hayama card, I can't wait to absorb it. I'm tired of eating experimented food, and with his mastery of spices and aromas, I'm sure my meals will be delightful from now on. I wonder my clothes will explode from now on when I eat food.

As I lay on my bed, the drowsiness takes over me once again, just like when I absorbed the Luther and Nightwing cards. I don't want to waste any more time, so I surrender to sleep, knowing that tomorrow will bring new adventures and possibilities.

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