Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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102 Chs

Chapter 21

Tom spent his next few weeks focused on his research papers and getting rid of the criminals,though it seeemd like the schemes of kingpin worked in more ways then expected as the criminals of the underworld were filled with fright at the mention of Toms name

They gave him the moniker of

'give suggestions'

The streets of hells kitchen had never been so empty before,which worried and both relieved Tom to no end as he looked around for any source of GP

A part of him wanted more criminals to show up so he could get GP to prepare for the big fight while the other part was happy and content with how clean the streets were

Another thing was that he had no instant escape technique like the real wizards or spider man who could escape the persuit of cops so he had to lay low and get used to flying in some abandoned factory at night using the boot of hermes

His first couple of days ended up with him getting cuts and bruises,even a concussion at one point,though it only served to make him stronger as he started training the Hardening quirk given to him by the character card along with the boosted endurance and stamina from the character card,though due to the intensive training,he didn't spend as much time annoying the students with hard to approach theories which gave him lesser GP,though it was better as he didn't want to waste any of his abilities in favour of new ones.

Just like that,Tom divided his time into Training,Researching and laying low for a month,by the end of the month he gained a good enough understanding with the flying boots and was good enough to fly at a speed of 60km/hr

Although the speed wasnt much,but it was better then nothing,

"Just a little bit more and i will be able to pull ten gachas,lets do this,you guys" Tom talked to his shoes as he put on his mask that looked like Obito's orange spiral mask coupled with a new cloak as he fell down from the empire state building,free falling until again,he took to the skies

Rushing into the direction of a police car chase near him, the good thing about flying even at slow speeds was that it was easier to go into a straight line to catch a criminal car chase

Tom arrived besides the police car and gave a signal before he cut corners and arrived besides the criminals,there seemed to be a total of three criminals and one hostage who was crying his tears out

Upon closer look,he found out who it was,Flash thompson, a kid that likes to flaunt his parents money and influence

Tom immediately used the Body binding curse,the curse took effect as a streak of white light eacaped from Toms outstretche hands and impacted the car ,Stopping it aling with those inside into a stop as if time itself had stopped

Walking to the back door,Tom took out Flash and put him aside as he waited for the cops to come before he quickly fled the scene

The whole operation took less then three minutes as the boots of hermes helped him run out if sight

He stopped a couple more crimes ,once the clock struck past midnight,Tom finally gave it a break as he sat upon the new york square,watching the news reporting about a flying man running around and apprehending people that broke laws,Though it didn't take long for them to make connections between his current get up and his Hells kitchen persona

Tom didn't pay it any mind as he quickly flew back home after a few twists and turns in an effort to stop the Various high end organisations from spying on him

Finally Tom arrived at his home and sat down,the place was now as good as new,filled with pristine furniture and a beautiful new wallpaper as he had been earning quite well,he was now a chief scientist right under Dr.connors who thought highly of him